This is a YA book about what to do when the world isn’t ready for the alien invasion. What chance does  a small group of teens have against the coming hordes of aliens?

Book Summary:

When they came, the world wasn’t ready.

They came in space faring attack ships, we had nautical ships.

They had pulse and ray weapons, we had bullet guns.

They had suits of metal armor, we had Kevlar

The invasion started in New York, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, and several other big cities. That was a given, those cities were the most populated and the most powerful. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard, and all other military bases the world over were the next targets.

Just twenty-four hours after the first ship entered atmosphere, most the ships left the big cities and moved to West Virginia. More specifically the city of Parkersburg. No one knows why.

A force field like barrier was erected around the city just minutes after all the ships converged there and no one has gotten out alive since that time. There is no signal coming from there of any kind.

The world watches while the aliens focus on one small city.

What draws them there and why are they so scared?

More Information to follow as I work on the book. Title is subject to change.


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