Raven’s Shadow

Raven’s Shadow

Author: Mara Alten
Genre: Fantasy, Adult, Supernatural,
Ratings: MA : Suitable for 18+
Elian has always had vivid dreams. He dreams of trees that are burnt and still living. He dreams of a woman covered in blood and carrying an arm. He dreams of running through the woods on all fours. His parents tried to fix him when he was younger but they were unable. The dreams stay with him to this day.

Now he is starting to have visual and auditory hallucinations that are getting worse. He feels that the world is expanding and getting smaller at the same time. He doesn’t know what to do to save himself.

Notes: This is a story of vampires and werewolves.
Warnings: There will be graphic violence and graphic depictions of death. There will also be sex by way of a love potion of sorts, so that would be a consent issue.


Chapter One-Dreams

Chapter Two-Journal

Chapter Three-Meeting

Chapter Four-Work

Chapter Five-Marie

Chapter Six-Scent

Chapter Seven-Love

Chapter Eight-Rage

Chapter Nine-Change

Chapter Ten-Feral

Chapter Eleven-Death

Chapter Twelve-Lineage



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