Arctic’s Heir

Title:  Arctic’s Heir
Author: Mara Alten
Series: Ancient Mystics #2.5
Year: 2015
Genre: Fantasy, Adult, Supernatural,
Ratings: MA: Suitable for 18+
Pairings: Elana/Thandi,

Thandi has always been different. As an Elf, she was gifted with long life but as a female she was scorned in the Hunters. Still, she followed through with what magic wanted of her and now she is on her own path, separate from the rest of the Hunters. A missive sends on a hunt to save someone? The only problem? She looks the ones trying to kill the girl.

Elena has been the pampered youngest child of the leader of the Arctic Fae. On the day she turned two hundred, her entire family was murdered. She’s never been out in the human world alone and she has never traveled anywhere alone. Now she has to get to where her father told her go with his dying breath. Can she make it?

Notes: Book 1-Raven’s Shadow can be read here. Book 2-Elian’s Awakening can be read here (Link Coming).
Warnings: There will be graphic depictions of violence as well as death in this short story.

Arctic’s Heir
(Story to Come When Finished)


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