Ancient Mystics Trilogy

The Ancient Mystics is about Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Faes, Elves, and Immortals and all of them trying to find a way to live with humans. While’s Raven’s Shadow focuses mainly on Elian who thinks he’s human. There are elements of the other races as the book goes on. Elian’s eyes get opened to a whole new world and his place in it.

Book 1

Raven's Shadow Cover

Raven’s Shadow

Book Summary:

Elian has always had vivid dreams. He dreams of trees that are burnt and still living. He dreams of a woman covered in blood and carrying an arm. He dreams of running through the woods on all fours. His parents tried to fix him when he was younger but they were unable. The dreams stay with him to this day.

Now he is starting to have visual and auditory hallucinations that are getting worse. He feels that the world is expanding and getting smaller at the same time. He doesn’t know what to do to save himself.

Book 2

Elian's Awakening Cover

Elian’s Awakening

Book Summary:

Elian tries to fit into his new role in life. He’s a werewolf who didn’t even know that any race other than human existed a year ago.  The town of Belpre is being overrun by Mystics as Raven calls them and Elian isn’t sure that he likes it.

Being the only Darkan alive has a target painted on Elian’s back and the only person he can trust is Raven who is doing secret things that Elian knows nothing about.

Leaving the his life for three months only pushed him behind where he needs to be. Then the bomb is dropped that his mother’s family is not all dead and that they want what they think in theirs, including Elian’s hide.

Book 2.5

Arctic’s Heir

Books Summary:

Thandi has always been different. As an Elf, she was gifted with long life but as a female she was scorned in the Hunters. Still, she followed through with what magic wanted of her and now she is on her own path, separate from the rest of the Hunters. A missive sends on a hunt to save someone? The only problem? She looks the ones trying to kill the girl.

Elena has been the pampered youngest child of the leader of the Arctic Fae. On the day she turned two hundred, her entire family was murdered. She’s never been out in the human world alone and she has never traveled anywhere alone. Now she has to get to where her father told her go with his dying breath. Can she make it?

Book 3

Darkan's Legacy Cover

Darkan’s Legacy

Book Summary:

Elian thought his life would be better now. Raven was with him and they are in love but it seems that secrets are still the thing that will be his undoing.

Raven tries to hide her sickness and it fails. She doesn’t know what is wrong and she can’t fix it. Elian figures out the sickness but he can do nothing. He has to stand and watch Raven get sicker every single day and it’s killing him.

Then Elian starts to see shadows in his dreams and sees shadows in the corner of his eye. He’s afraid of what it means given his track with his dreams before.

Raven and his pasts start to catch up with them both and it could mean the loss of everything they have together.

Book 4

Mystic’s Heart
{Working Title}

Book Summary:



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