Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Twelve-Unburned

26 Oct
Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Twelve-Unburned

Raven looked around the small room that was the entryway into the building. There was a triangular shaped table with six chairs placed around it. Raven sat down in one of the chairs and pulled out a tablet. She booted it up and tapped around to find the app she needed. It was a direct link to the satellite that she had in the air. Right now that satellite was focused here where she was. She was tracking the Court members’ phones as they made their way up the hill to the top. It would take them twenty minutes to make it up there.

The kettle on the fire started to whistle and Raven moved over to grab it off and pour it into her cup of tea leaves. The smell of the rose petals in the water wafted around the room and Raven was able to relax. After three minutes, she pulled the strainer with the leaves and petals out and set it aside on a small plate to catch the drips. She used a spoon to mix in about two teaspoons of sugar before she took a hesitant sip. It tasted wonderful. She placed the kettle back and pulled it a little back from the fire, so that it stayed warm but didn’t continually whistle.

Raven took her seat again and this time she brought up a book to read on her tablet. She knew roughly when they would be getting there. She was ready for them. She had never felt so nervous as she did at that moment. This was a project that her mother had thought would kill her when she started to tell Raven about it. That it hadn’t been the reason she was dead was ironic to Raven but it wasn’t something that even to this day she could laugh about. She was still looking for the reason that the Matians killed her and her husband. That was better left for another day though.

The minutes passed when Raven was sure it would only be a few minutes until the Court arrived, she powered off her tablet and leaned back in her chair to watch the doorway. She had sent out an invitation from the head of the Shadow family inviting them to a meeting that would impact the whole of the Mystics and then had given them the coordinates to this exact spot which if they looked it up, they would only see an empty forest on a hill.

Madeleine was the first inside the door with Ralph following behind. No one else was entering and Raven laughed at that. Ralph was the first to step up to Raven but he stopped when Raven stood up.

“Still employing tricks?” Madeleine asked as she looked down at the cup of tea. “I can smell the rose petals from here.”

“No, I just love my tea like this. Why are the other three not inside? I know the five of you came, without guards exactly like I asked.” Raven moved forward and kissed Ralph’s cheek before moving to give Madeleine a curt hug. It was the proper greeting for a head of a family line to anyone under them. Madeleine’s eyes opened wide when the ritual of it all dawned on her.

Ralph only looked her up and down before moving back to the door and opening it. Alexis, Bryar, and Jasmyn walked in. The two guys hung back while Jasmyn walked up and hugged Raven, pulling her close and kissing her cheek before letting her go.

“Why have you called us back here to this backwoods town again? We have only been gone a month.” Madeleine looked around the room and saw the seats. She picked one opposite Raven and sat down. Ralph set beside her. Bryar and Alexis took the other side’s seats and Jasmyn sat in the chair beside where Raven had been sitting. Once they were seated, Raven grabbed a few sheets of paper and dropped them in the middle of the table. No one reached for them.

Raven sat down and started up her tablet again. Instead of the view where they could where she was tracking their phones, she just opened the satellite view she had taken a while back before any structures had been erected. There was a hard line around the edge of all the property that she had bought and a soft line that showed where there was more property that she had bought.

“What are we looking at?”

“The hard line is where the warded wall is that you passed through.” Raven pointed at it on the screen and traced it all the way around. “The softer line is more property that I own but as you see there is human property in the area as well. The hill dominates a great area of the hard line but it’s a good hill.”

“What is all this about?” Madeleine asked.

“Where you are sitting is just one room of the larger structure that you saw. This is a meeting room of sorts that could serve for anything. The larger structure is the town hall for Mystic City.”

The silence in the room was so thick that Raven could have sworn that it could be cut with a knife. She let the four that were not in know get used to the words that she had spoken. Jasmyn leaned a little into Raven as she looked at the others. A ping popped up on the tablet screen and Raven picked it up.

Just arrived.

Aurora and Rose were on site. It was a good thing because Raven was unsure of how they were taking it given the silence. Alexis and Bryar were just staring at her while it seemed that Ralph and Madeleine were having a conversation in their heads with each other given the looks they were giving each other.

“You knew?” Alexis asked.

Raven wanted to tell him that yes she knew because she had created it but she followed his slightly shifted gaze and saw that he was looking at Jasmyn.

“Yes. I helped ward the entire area.”

“The Stones always were the favorites of the Shadow family,” Ralph stated.

“Especially when a Shadow fucks a Stone,” Bryar said. He sounded bitter. Bryar had never accepted that Raven wasn’t in love with him like he wanted her to be. He had wanted her to love him so much that when he had wanted to see other people, she would have freaked out. Raven knew that he wasn’t capable of that. At least she hadn’t been.

“Now, now,” Jasmyn said as she leaned forward towards him. Bryar sat back. Witches had always freaked him out a little. Jasmyn smiled wickedly and flicked a finger at him. He jumped but Raven knew it wasn’t from scaredness. It was from pain. She knew the spell well that Jasmyn had casted. “Don’t start a fight you can’t win, Bryar. Just remember, she had sex with me once and I did so well that she knew she never needed to bed me again. I was worthy of being a one-time companion. She bedded you several times a week it seems.”

“She couldn’t get enough of me,” Bryar stated. He looked smug.

“Or you were worthy of using again and again. And remember this, she’ll never love you.” Jasmyn sat back in her seat and crossed her legs primly. “I am something to be cherished and remember this, I only allow women between my legs and my mouth only goes down on pussy. You fuck sea creatures.”

Bryar stood up and if it wasn’t for how quickly Alexis grabbed him and shoved him down, Bryar would have been across the table. Being with Aurora was giving Jasmyn the tongue and bravery that being around her family had never given her. She didn’t regret shoving Aurora her direction to protect the young Witch. The two of them were a match to be sure.

“All right, that’s enough. Bryar quit baiting her and Jasmyn, please. I don’t need those images in my head. Raven, why the fuck are you bringing up Mystic City?”

“I bought this land years ago and have been buying more pieces of it as time has gone one and ones become available. Mystic City was a dream of my mother’s. She wanted a place to call home. A place where the Court could settle down and any Mystic can come when they are down. The Matian’s destroyed that dream when they killed her. I always had it as a pipe dream after I had taken care of the Matians and they were not a threat anymore.

“Three years ago, I decided that I would start it.”

“Are you behind the Rockland Community College as well?” Alexis asked. He pulled one of the papers from the pile and started to look at it. The other three followed as well.

“This can’t…we never…”

“Once the year 2000 passed, no one needed to go to the Court to do anything about Mystic City or any other capital city, whatever they wanted to name it. The codes are in place and I set every single one of them up. We have adapted to human life as we have merged more and more with them but we are still a separate race. The ward you passed through does a lot of things. It tells when a human is nearing it, it also makes a human see what a human needs to see. A wolf running around? Well they look like what they would like in their human form.”

“This is massive and it needs to have a vote.”

“I agree. We need all of the families here. I have sent word to all the others. I have their decisions here.”

“What?” Bryar looked at her with such shock on his face.

“I am Lady Shadow. In the month I have been gone from Belpre, I’ve been doing a lot of work and I have also visited every single family. The four other Immortals are more than willing to come and live in Mystic City as they used to. Samantha is on her way here now, actually. I visited the leader of each other the Cave, Desert, Forest, and Arctic Fae and have their votes. I met with Thomas and the other two wolf leaders. Elian is unable to make a vote because he has not been living with the society for two years or more after his change. Jasmyn talked to the Witches for me. The Vampires are more than willing to give their support but are not at the time willing to move to the area. They want a hundred years. All we need now is the vote of the Court. You are all the leaders of your families or your race.”

“It really doesn’t matter what we want though does it?” Alexis leaned back in his seat, finally taking his hand off of Bryar. “The vote as to go over by seventy five percent. We can’t count the Darkan vote so it’s twenty of twenty four that you already have. That’s over eighty percent on it’s own.”

“Yes, I do.” Raven set her tablet down after opening an app. She let the four of them look at it before she pulled it back. It was the paper that registered the city as a capital of the Mystic races. “I hate to back you into a corner but I know how much the four of you want to hold onto your jobs.”

“You are exactly like your mother,” Madeleine said as she signed her name to the paper. She shoved it over to Raven. “The politic game as missed a player such as you. I look forward to the future with you.”

The three men signed their names. That made it unanimous. Mystic City was going to live again. Raven took the papers and handed them over to Jasmyn. Jasmyn slipped them in a folder that was on the small stand beside her. That paperwork would be filed in New York as soon as Rose could get them to the city. It’s where the main section of the records keepers for the American Mystics.

“You did learn well from your mother.” Alexis stood up and moved around the table to kiss her on the head. When are you going back to Belpre?”

“I have no clue. If any word of my presence here reaches Elian, no one will like what happens.”

Every single person nodded. Raven stood and moved to the door that led outside. She wanted to show them all the land that she had and the plans for it. Her hope was that Mystics would start to flock to the area and from there they could build a beautiful city. She already had many of the areas planned. The hill would be the center of the area and it would have the stores and other communal things and the outer area would be split into four regions. The Immortals would live in the center. The Fae would have one area, the wolves another, the Witches one, and finally the Vampires would have the last. It had all been her mother’s plans and she would honor what her mother wanted as much as she could.

The apartments by the college would be for those who wanted to live elsewhere but want to go to the college. There was one seventeen acre section of land that wasn’t that far from the city limits that her house was nearly done on. It was all forest and the house was dead center in it. There was only about an acre of land in between it and the hard line of Mystic City. What was between the two was more land that she figured that Fae would want to settle on. Life was going to be good when the city wall was done.

There were several sections of the wall that were done, nearly half of it in total. In some areas the wall was about four feet tall where others it was nearly twenty. It was a wall that would be used to stop humans from trespassing inside but also to block everyday life from those who didn’t live in the city. It would also be used to strengthen the wards around the city.

Gwen Shadow had spent her thinking this out. Raven admired what her mother thought the Mystics could be.


A month later, Raven entered the city limits of Belpre. She had planned her return down to every detail. Charity had been told of her homecoming and had kept an eye on Elian all day long. She knew that he had sold the coffee shop in Parkersburg and was helping to run his new shop, exclusively.

The word of Mystic City opening its doors, of sorts, had spread far and wide and already she knew that some wolves and Fae were making their way this direction. The Court was in Marietta again but this time they were staying in a house. They agreed that Belpre was just too small for them to be there with their guards. The Court guards would serve as protection for the city while the guard trained people to protect the city. It would tenuous for the next year but there wouldn’t be the threat of death hanging over her head at the hand of the Matians. Jasmyn had taken care of them in a way that Raven didn’t think that she would have to worry about them again.

The coffee shop was buzzing when Raven stopped outside of it. It looked exactly like what Elian had said he wanted for it. It was dusk so there were some but not a lot of people there. She could see though the windows and see Elian standing at the coffee bar, directing someone who was making a drink. Raven watched him for nearly ten minutes before she got up the courage to enter the shop.

Elian never looked up as the door shut behind her. She stood there in the doorway for several seconds before taking the few steps to a table near the door. She knew what she looked like and why several of the humans were staring at her. She was dressed in a pair of skin tight black jeans with a blood red corset that had no straps on it was the only thing she wore above the waist as far as clothing went. She had a necklace made of leather with a pale purple rose hanging from it. It had been her mother’s and since she had taken the mantle as Lady Shadow, she felt it right for her wear it. She could tell the few that recognized her as Rae Smith the girl who used to work at the library and she could tell the Mystics that recognized her for who she was.

“Who bathed in the smelly?” someone asked and that had many of the others in the place looking around. Elian though was stock still.

Raven had been suppressing her smell more than Elian thought she had been. It wasn’t unheard of for a human to smell a Shadow in a ballroom full of people. Yes, humans could smell Mystics but there was something about their scent that made a human’s brain ignore the smell but a Shadow, they could run people out of rooms if they wished.

The humans all settled down as none of the rest of them really smelled whatever that other had smelled. There were a few of the Mystics that moved around to look at Elian, who hadn’t noticed the smell at all yet. Raven snorted and moved up across the room to head to the upstairs, ignoring the sign that it was closed. She crested the stairs and saw that some of the floor had been ripped up and what looked like a dance floor was being installed. There was a section for a small band blocked off at one of the corners. Not a rock band but old fashioned band.

There were drawings all over the walls and Raven knew exactly what they were. All the drawings that Elian had done over the years. To anyone else, they were just that drawings but to Raven they were reminders of the past and not all bad but not all good either. There was one that stood out though. It was of the tree on the Darkan Castle estate. It was exactly like she had seen it months ago when she had been there. All alive but parts of it still looking like it had when it had been dead.

Turning so that when Elian finally noticed that she was here, she kept an eye out and stood there, staring at the doorway. She could hear everything that was going on the ground floor. The humans were silent but the Mystics were buzzing.

“What happened?” Elian asked someone, just loud enough for them to hear and not the humans. There would be no keeping it from the Mystics though.

“Boss, a lady went up the stairs,” a young man said and Raven heard him move out of the way as Elian started towards the stairs. Raven spread her legs a little and stood there, waiting for Elian to take her in.

“Ma’am, this area is off limits…” Elian stopped as his eyes connected with her body. She just smirked at him.


Elian was training a new person to be one of the night baristas. Jacob was taking care of the others orders when he was busy with her. He was busy so he didn’t look up when the person entered the building. He listened as the noise picked up but he didn’t have time to look up. It settled down so he didn’t really care about whatever this person was doing. Jacob would take care of things if they got out of hand or get his attention.

Someone moved in front of him so he figured it was whoever it was that had come inside. They moved over to the side of the building with the bathrooms so he pushed them from his mind. He moved to the far side of the bar as the new girl, Briana started to work on cleaning up after making the latte.

Looking up, he saw that Jacob was staring at him. “What happened?” Elian kept his voice low so that no human could hear him. Jacob motioned at Elian’s nose and then up the stairs that led to the upstairs. There were signs that said no one was to go up there but it didn’t stop kids from trying to sneak up.

“Boss, a lady went up the stairs.”

Elian moved right for the stairs, pulling off his apron as he did so and handing it to Jacob. Jacob thought it was a Mystic, that what’ the motion at the nose meant. Elian had found a way to block the smell of Mystics as their smell and the smell of humans mixed with coffee didn’t always agree with him.

“Ma’am, this area is off limits…” Elian stopped as he crested the stairs and got a look at the woman standing there. She looked like sex. That was the only way to describe her. Her black jeans were tight enough that there was nothing left to the imagination and the blood red corset didn’t help with that. Her breasts were wonderful looking and Elian wasn’t sure that he could take his gaze off of them. Her skin was such a pale white that Elian knew she was a vampire. The red of the corset and the paleness of her skin had him half hard and he knew it. He reached up and pulled the small patches out of the inside of his nose. The patches gave Elian the scent of whatever he wanted when he inhaled. He had found a water that he had liked so all he smelled was basically the smell of himself.

Finally, tearing his gaze off her breasts, her hair caught his attention. It was pitch black and looked like it was short but it was pulled back into a severe ponytail and instead of hanging limp at her neck, it was spiked out from the ponytail into a circle of solid black hair. It looked wonderful. He had never seen a hair style like that. Finally he looked at her eyes and he knew that he knew those purple eyes.

Pulling his gaze back, Elian recognized Raven. “Raven?”




“Hello, Elian,” Raven said as she took a few steps closer to him. He inhaled and exhaled several times. She had seen him take the scent patches from his nose and she knew that it would take a few seconds for him to be able to smell him. She knew the second that he did. He jerked his head like he had been burned and grabbed at his nose, exhaling hard enough to clear it.

“You…” Elian stopped and tried to clear his nose again.

“Take several deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. You’ll get adjusted and it won’t be bad unless you don’t see me for months.” Raven moved up and placed a hand on his back, brushing at his neck and helping him to calm down.

“Is this what your mother smelled like?”


It was minutes later and Elian final stood straight up and looked Raven in the eyes. He looked her up and down again and Raven knew that he liked what he saw. The tent to his pants and the smell wafting off of him said that he really liked what he saw.

“I was nervous and I didn’t want to wait until you closed the place down.”

“Raven Shadow, nervous?” Elian asked. He didn’t take his eyes off of hers. He was looking at her like if he looked away she was going to leave. She could understand that. She hadn’t meant to be gone as long as she was but once she was gone, it was hard to come back. “It’s a red letter day.”

Raven shoved as his shoulder and he cracked a smile. His eyes turned serious and she knew that he was going to yell at her.

“You left without a word. At least you knew that I was leaving. I told you I was leaving even if I slipped away in the night. You…” Elian pulled himself up to his full height and for a few seconds, Raven thought that he was going to strike her. There was no way she was going to allow that. She was watching his hand and not his head so when he kissed her, she wasn’t expecting that. One of his hands went to the back of her neck and other around her waist and he pulled her close. She could feel his erection as it brushed her lower stomach. The touch had him jerking back away from her.

Raven reached out and cupped his cheek, smiling at him. That kiss told her everything that she needed to know about him. Alexis was right, the boy was in love with her. She was pretty sure that she was in love with him as well. Still, she hadn’t even been with someone she loved. She only knew how to have fun when it came to sex. Casual meaningless sex. She wasn’t going to deny herself his body.

Using his head, Raven pulled Elian closer and she ground herself on him. “Want to know something fun?” Elian’s only answer was the nod of his head. “There is something about the DNA changes to the Mystic races that makes it impossible to transfer human STDs. I could fuck every single human guy in a bar and not get sick at all.”

The possessive growl was the only warning that Raven had to brace herself before Elian was kissing her again. This wasn’t a chaste kiss like the last had been. This was rough and claiming. The hand that snaked around her waist lifted her up so that the only way she could stay balanced was to wrap her legs around his waist. The erection was hot and hard even through his pants. Raven pulled her face from him.

“We don’t want to do this here, Elian. Anyone can see us,” Raven whispered in his ear. That seemed to shock Elian out of whatever wave he was riding. He gently placed her on the ground. He looked around him, seeing the place it seemed for the first time.

“Yea, yes. I…”

“Why don’t you meet me at my house when you can get away?” Raven asked. She knew that Charity was not going to be home tonight. Raven leaned over and held his face still while she kissed him.

She had no clue where this was going to lead but she had to try.


Elian followed Raven down the stairs and watched as she left the café. Jacob gave a low whistle as he watched her leave as well.

“So that is Raven Shadow?” Jacob asked.

Elian looked at him in shock. He knew that Jacob knew about the Mystic world but to know specific names was odd. Jacob just smiled at him.

“I have friends and they can’t help but talk about the world around them as they see it. I know who Raven Shadow and Elian Darkan are in the world. Where they stand in the hierarchy of the families that make up the heads of the Mystics.” Jacob had a bar towel in his hand and Elian noticed that one part of it was wet. He reached up and wiped at Elian’s lips. “Seems that the rumors about the two of your are correct. I know she hasn’t been in town for long at all after being gone nearly two months, why aren’t you following her out the door?”

“I can’t just…”

“Yes, you can. I can handle Briana. It’s not like we are going to have a huge rush right now. Go and have fun with your girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” was the automatic answer from him mouth and that make Jacob look at him in shock.

“Then you had better get out of here and make sure that she is before the end of the night. She stays single much longer and there will be suitors a mile long wanting her hand.” Jacob shoved him towards the back area of the café and Elian let the momentum take him to the office where he grabbed his keys before leaving. He would walk to Raven’s hoping the fresh June air would help clear his mind. He didn’t need to fall into bed with her. There was something different about here that much was evident but he wasn’t sure that he was ready to fall into a relationship with her.

The five minute walk to her house went by way to quickly and while the fresh air helped, the inside of her house smelled like her, spice and roses all mixed together and it was a heady combination. The main bulk of the smell was coming from the sunroom. It was the dark of night now but he knew that she had lighting in there and that no one unless they were on the property would see either of them. He let the door slam behind him and when he entered the sunroom he found Raven crouched in front of the planter that had the Shadow rose planted it in it. She was smelling the rose and all Elian could see was the top of tattoo. From what he could tell of it, it looked like a partial moon and a star on the inside of it. He had never seen it before but Raven had never really worn too many things that were sleeveless like the corset she was wearing. He would have sworn though that she had worn tank tops and he had never seen it before but it looked like it had been on her a long while. He would have to ask her about it.


Raven turned while crouched and Elian’s gaze fell to her breasts. She had never really felt like she needed to show them off while she was acting like a turned Vampire but now that she got to act like she wanted to act, she wanted to show off her assets. When she stood up, Elian’s gaze followed but never lifted up high than below her neckline.


“Fuck talking,” Elian said as he moved across the room and grabbed her. He took her down on the long chair that she loved to sit on and covered her with his body before he took her mouth in a bruising kiss. Shifting a little, Elian got a hand on her breast pushed up a little to pop it out of the corset. He didn’t take his mouth from her instead he just let it drop back down in. He was testing how flexible the bra part was. It was a newer corset but Raven knew that she wouldn’t have been able to lean over very far without popping out. It had the effect she wanted though.

“Let’s move upstairs. Go ahead up and when I get the house locked, I’ll join you.” Raven kissed his mouth again, biting on his lip as she pulled back. “Go.”

Raven waited until Elian was out of the room before she moved to the three doors that led inside from the ground floor. Once she made sure each was locked, she made sure that no code would work to open the door unless it was the 911 code. She listened as Elian sort of paced around inside her bedroom. She wondered what state of dress he was going to be in. He’d only had sex twice that she knew of. She had no clue if he had Rose had sex during the two months she’d been gone from Belpre. She didn’t care if he had. Being in love someone didn’t mean that that person wouldn’t fuck around, especially if he or she wasn’t with the one they loved.

Elian was looking at what little jewelry was out on her make up stand where she got ready. As soon as she entered the room, he turned. Raven crossed to the bed and lay down after toeing off her shoes, draping her hands above her head. Elian stripped off his shirt and threw it to the side before he leaned a knee onto the bed. Raven could see the hesitation in his eyes as he looked her up and down. Raven smiled at him as she noticed he had already taken off his shoes and socks.

Elian moved up her body, sliding against her in all the wonderful ways. With her arms draped above her head, the corset was pulled up a little and there was a two inch section of skin between her jeans and the fabric of the corset, his mouth kissed at the skin and Raven arched into his mouth. She was afraid that if she started to touch, this would move too fast and she wanted him to set the pace. He showed no indication that he was ready to move away from her stomach. Instead she felt his hands on her jeans as he unbuttoned them. Her breath hitched as she felt his breath ghost over her flesh and panties.

Lifting up so that he could pull her pants off, Raven closed her eyes. Elian moved so that she could take her pants off with her feet and heard them drop to the floor before he moved back to her crotch. She had worn a bear of boy shorts instead of normal panties or nothing at all. She wanted Elian to work for what she was giving him.

Placing a kiss at the top of her panties, Elian then proceeded to rip them to get them off of her. Raven gasped but it ended in a moan when Elian grabbed her legs and pushed them up so that he could get to her pussy. She felt the hitch when he noticed that she was shaved. She had waxed earlier in the day so that she was ready for him.

Raven reached up to her hair and started to pull it out of the ponytail. It was a spelled hair tie that would hold hair in whatever fashion it was wanted with an uttered word. As soon as she loosened it the hair fell down to the pillow her head was on. It was easy to pull it off after that. Elian looked up at her and she flicked the tie at him with a small smile. He grabbed it threw it to the side. He laughed as he took the first lick at her folds. Raven leaned back and relaxed as he pleasured her. No matter his experience level, Elian ate pussy like he was a lesbian.

He ended up having to hold her down his hands to keep her from moving away from him in too much pleasure. Raven moved to grab at his hair but he just grabbed her hands and held them at the same time he was holding her hips down. She knew that she could have powered out of it but she didn’t want to.

The first time he thrust into her with a wet finger, she almost came off the bed even with him holding her down. She heard his dry laugh as he entered her with two more fingers. He thrust in and out with his fingers while his tongue moved over her clit over and over again, building her up to orgasm before he stopped.

“What do we need to use?” Elian asked his voice husky.

Raven opened her eyes to look at him and saw that he was undoing his pants. She leaned up to elbows while she looked him over.



“Oh. Don’t worry about that. The Witches have a spell for that.” Raven watched as Elian stripped his pants and boxers off. She smiled at his toned legs and admiring the little dip his skin did over his hip bones. She wasn’t sure what it was called but it was sexy as hell. “I have to go to a Witch to remove it.”

Elian nodded and crawled up the bed to drape himself over her. She canted her hips a little and let her pussy rub over his dick. Elian shuddered and buried his face in her neck as he ran his hand down her side. He used that hand to push her upward a little and she felt his cock tip brush over her opening. Once he had her where he wanted her, he used his hand to guide himself inside of her. Raven arched her neck as he slid inside of her. He was being careful in a way that she hadn’t had someone be in hundreds of years. Even her first time had never been gentle. It had been good but not gentle.

Claiming her mouth again, Elian forced all her focus on him. She cupped his face with her hands to keep him where she wanted him as she met each of his thrusts with a thrust of his own. His hands ghosted over her breasts and stomach, like he was scared that touching would break her.

The first tear tracked down Raven’s face and she felt it but she didn’t want Elian to so she was happy when he pulled away to move down to her breasts. She wiped at the tear and forced herself not to cry. She started trying to thrust harder, faster, anything so that she wouldn’t start to cry in earnest but Elian shushed her as he lifted his head from where he was tracing her areola with his tongue.

“No, we have both wanted this for a while so just lay back and enjoy the ride.”

Raven moaned as he shifted a little and thrust hard just once before going back to his slow, languid pace. “You may end up being the death of me, Darkan.”

Elian didn’t even have the grace to cover his laughing. His hand shifted and he was titling her hips up a little and with that change, he was hitting the spot. It was a slow slide over and back her spot every single thrust.

The only thing that Raven could do when she felt her orgasm build, knowing she couldn’t stop it was to grab Elian by the face and pull him up for a kiss. She smashed their lips together and held on for the ride as her muscles gripped him tight. Elian shoved an arm under her neck and pulled her hips against his harder and harder until she felt his thrust falter and he buried himself deep inside her. He slipped his face away from hers and buried his face in her neck, biting as he did. She felt her skin rip and a trickle of blood cascade down her neck but her healing factor closed it up quickly.

Raven had made sure to feed before she had come into town. If the night had ended up like it did, she hadn’t wanted to feed on him. She wasn’t sure how he would react to that. Of course, he was bound to freak out that he had bitten her but she would deal with that when it came.

Elian thrust a couple more times while he softened and then slipped out of her. He rolled to the side, pulling her close, burying his face in her neck from the back. She knew the exact moment that he smelled the blood.

“What is that?” Elian’s head shifted backwards but Raven bent her arm and put his head back where it was. She reached over for a tissue that was on the nightstand and wetted it, cleaning up the small streak of blood. “I bite you didn’t I?”

“A great many wolves do that for their entire lives. It’s something about with them needing to bite like that to change, it’s a biological imperative and it sticks with them. You’ll have to talk to Ralph or Rose about it.”

The chuff of a laugh ghosted over her skin and Raven shivered. The sheets were piled on the ground at the foot of the bed, just in case and she waved her hand and the sheets moved up the bed towards her and Elian. He didn’t even shift and just started to relax in sleep. Raven would allow him that for a little while but she wasn’t done with him or his cock. She might just go for a midnight ride.


Raven rolled over to face Elian. The sun was just starting to peak over the horizon and it was framing him in a little bit of light. She looked incredibly young when he was asleep but she knew that she did as well. She leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. She had woken him in the night. He hadn’t woken as she had taken him in her mouth but he did when she had rolled him onto his back and settled him inside of her. Hands on her hips, she had rode him until they had both orgasmed. They had showered after that, both too tired for anything more than a little fondling under the spray of the water.

They had fallen asleep wrapped in each other’s arms and neither had stirred at all. Until now. Raven didn’t want to get up but her stomach wanted human food. She had a shear robe hanging on a hook on the other side of the room. Maybe after she ate she could talk Elian into sex somewhere in the house.

As she stood up, Raven collapsed into a heap on the floor. She grabbed at her heart as the pain flared from there. Gasping out loud, she tried to breathe but found that she couldn’t. If she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t call out for help from Elian. The pain got worse and worse and she wasn’t sure what was happening.

Finally, she was able to take a quick breath but before she could form the word help, she screamed out as the pain doubled. She knew that she was close to passing out as she heard Elian jumping from the bed and running to her.

“Raven? What’s wrong? Raven! RAVEN!”

As sudden as the pain started, it stopped and Raven took several deep breaths.

“I don’t…I don’t know. It felt like someone was trying to burn my heart…” Raven stopped as she looked into Elian’s eyes. She could see herself in his eyes and she didn’t recognize her own eyes. Her eyes looked happy. Her eyes hadn’t looked like that in years.

Running to the bathroom, Raven looked at her face. Elian was right behind her, afraid to touch her but she could tell by his movements that he wanted to. She whirled around to face him, a giant smile on her face. She grabbed him and kissed him, both of them falling to the floor. Elian landed on his ass while she landed in his lap.


“I love you,” Raven gasped in between kisses. “I love you so much!”

“I love you, too Raven.” Elian said as he kept her from kissing him again. He looked at her face, his own face full of confusion. He stared for several seconds before the confusion disappeared and he kissed her on the lips. “I love you so much!”

“You fixed me, Elian. I…I think that the pain was a way of giving me all the pain that I never felt after I had my heart burned with hatred.”

“I don’t care about that.” Elian pulled her close and kept kissing her.

Raven Shadow didn’t want to move from the floor of the bathroom. She wanted to stay there all day but she knew that Charity would want in the house at some point. There was so much to do that it wouldn’t be possible to stay there all day but all morning? She could do that.


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