Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Ten-Justice

19 Oct
Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Ten-Justice

Raven arrived at Elian’s house to find that he was already gone. His car was not in the garage and it wasn’t in the driveway either. Her phone chirped that she got a new message.

Madeleine called and James and I are on our way up. I have no clue what it going on just that they wanted to speak to me without you. I’ll keep you informed.

“If you get him killed,” Raven said as she turned to take in Alexis and Bryar. That Madeleine called him up without two of the Court being there meant that something bad was going down.

“The Court guard has been pulled from the city. The Matians know that Elian is supposed to arrive at nine. You are going to arrive with me in the car. Bryar will drive with your sister to take her up in her car.” Alexis pulled a baseball cap from his pocket and put it on. He opened up the door to the car and sat down. Raven watched him as he pulled a gun from inside a jacket pocket. He placed it under his leg. Raven looked at him in shock. Bryar moved to Charity’s car and he sat down pulling out a dagger and a gun. They were prepared for war.

Raven moved into Elian’s house and found the loose floorboard where Elian used to hide the journals. Raven had stored a gun there and she was sure that it would be needed if Alexis and Bryar thought that they needed one. She got into the driver’s seat of the car and placed her gun in the cup holder. She had the permits the humans required to carry and conceal a weapon.

“What is going on?” Raven asked.

“We are worried about the Matian’s. They tried to buy off Jasmyn and when that didn’t work, they tried to threaten her. She stood her ground and now they are worried. I am worried about you and Madeleine is worried about Charity. James will be able to protect Elian as they should have no clue that he is arrived early. We are worried about them thinking that he is with you and killing you both.”

“I see. So we have to drive all the way to Marietta while looking behind us?”

“Bryar and Charity are going 550. It’s longer but we want to know where the Matians are.”

Raven nodded as she started up the car. Charity pulled out first and started on the road to 339. Raven waited until she was out of sight before she pulled out. She kept her eye on every single car that she passed and that passed her. She spotted several spotter cars that were watching them as they drove up Route 7 to Marietta. Alexis’s eyes never swapped sweeping across left to right and front to back. Raven was happy that Elian wasn’t with her. She wouldn’t be able to concentrate on what she needed to do to keep an eye on things.

“Go the back way. Across Washington Street Bridge.” It was the first words that Alexis had spoken since he had got into the car. “As soon as we get into the underground your cell phone will stop functioning. We have the place under total frequency lockdown.”

That shocked Raven. She had never known the Court to go to such extreme measures for any case. Alexis had never kept things from her but she knew that he was right now. She would all him his secrets but if they harmed her or Elian, she would kill him. His cock wasn’t that great and she could easily find another to keep her entertained while she spend the rest of her life. If he ended up getting her killed, she would make sure to haunt him the rest of his life.

The college loomed up on them and Raven parked pretty far away from where the place was. In her trunk was her shoulder holster. She had little need for it but she was happy that she had it. She pulled it out and stripped off her suit jacket to put it on. She slipped her jacket back on and picked up her gun from inside the car. When moved over and opened the car door and then she heard the click of a gun.

“Can you out run a bullet, Shadow whore?” a voice drawled from behind her. Raven turned around and gave the man holding the gun on her a wicked smile. “Just walk away and I won’t kill you as well.”

“You won’t kill anyone, Greg,” Ralph said from behind the gunman. The gunman spun around and he took in the seventeen guards and Ralph who were standing there. Greg raised up his hands and let the gun drop to where it was just hanging on by a single finger. Ralph grabbed the gun and threw it to one of the guards and then three guards grabbed Greg and started to handcuff him. Five other guards broke off and moved to help Elian out of the car and then started to escort him into the building. Ralph stayed with her. “I’ll be escorting you in with Alexis. Charity and Bryar have already made it in. They kind of pushed it hard to get here before you”

“I see. Is everyone ready?”

“Nearly,” Ralph said as he linked his arm with Raven’s and started to pull her towards the entrance to the area where the Court was being held. Raven let herself be pulled in with him. Alexis moved in their wake, always looking around. Raven wasn’t quite sure how the Court room looked. With all the extra guards the room had to be packed.

Raven stepped though an invisible barrier and she felt the magic pass over her. There was a spell of some kind over the area. She wasn’t even going to guess what it could be. Jasmyn, Madeleine, and Bryar were already seated up on the dais and Alexis was on his way. Ralph escorted Raven to a seat that was different than where she had sat before. Charity was seated with James and Elian at the table that Elian had been at before. Raven wasn’t sure that she liked it, still she sat where Ralph wanted her to. As soon as she sat down, Ralph moved up to his seat.

“Welcome back to the conclusion of the Matian vs. Darkan trial. Due to the sensitive nature of this case, we have raised a spell up that will block all communication of any kind in and out of this room,” Ralph started. He took a piece of paper that Madeleine offered him. “Since this is a wolf matter, we felt that I could be the one to handle the majority of things today. We have made out decision but there are a few things that we need to get out of the way before we start. We have one last witness who wants to come forward. The court would like to call Raven Shadow, last Scion of the Shadow line forward.”

“The Shadow line has no more Scions,” Zain said as he stood up. He looked at Charity and then at Raven. “The Shadow line can no longer be passed through the blood, just through the bite and therefore the Shadows no longer matter.”

“I understand how you feel, Lord Matian,” Ralph said.

It was then that Raven understood. The Court was forcing her to come out to the world. They were putting her into a position of revealing it herself or they would. She turned to look at them and she glared. None of them looked like they gave a flying shit. Madeleine refused to look at her and Jasmyn just gave her a smile. She had seconds to decide how she wanted to look to the world.

“But be that as it may. What you think of the world and what the world really is are two very separate things.”

“Gwendolyn Shadow died before she could birth a child. The whole world knows this. It is a fact that can’t be changed.”

“And what would you know of her sexual activities?” Madeleine asked as she turned her full gaze to him. “Were you there in her bedroom all the time?”

“No,” Zain started as he leaned forward and rested his hands on the table. “I know that she can’t have had a child.”

“And I say that she did,” Raven said as she stood up from her seat. “I was born as the last day of October waned in the year 1566. I was not changed. I was born to Gwendolyn Shadow and Victor Shadow.”

Zain looked at her with a look of utter shock. Helena was the first to react. She moved around the table and got close enough to Raven to slap her.

“How dare you lie like that!” Helena stated as she tucked her hand at her side. After a few seconds while the guards scrambled, Raven stepped closer and Helena took a deep breath.

Raven could tell the second that Helena smelled it. The smell of roses and cinnamon was wafting off of her in her anger. That spell that she had passed had more than one effect. Raven, not worried about Helena, turned to look at Jasmyn. Jasmyn show no emotion. In fact, she barely looked at Raven.

The guards pulled Helena back and slammed her down into the seat beside her husband. Raven moved to the center of the area and looked out at the people staring at her.

“No one her will fight the claim that only those born of the ancient bloodlines of the vampires can change into an animal. I was named Raven but I do not change into one.”

Every single one of the people in the crowd gasped and leaned back but the guards did nothing. Raven let the whole crowd take her in before she shifted back. As soon as she was human again, she moved back to her seat. There was silence in the crowd but Raven knew that once the Court was over there would be non-stop talking. She was sure that in just a day the whole of the Mystic world would know that she had been lying for years. There would be those that cared but the other ancients would know why she did it.

“We have questions about the night that you found the Darkan family slaughtered.”

“This was already covered in Court session.” Zain said as he pounded his hand on the table. Ralph looked at him like he wanted to murder him.

“Yes and unlike humans, we can try you for the crime many times until the people are satisfied.”

“I won’t stand for this!” Zain pounded his hand on the table again.

“Then do sit down,” Jasmyn said.

Zain whipped his head to look at the Witch. Raven could barely contain her laugh and several in the crowd didn’t. Zain huffed and sat down.

“Thank you, Lord Matian.”

“Lady Shadow, would you please recount what you found when you entered the Darkan castle the night of their utter destruction in 1850?” Ralph asked.

Raven turned her head to look at Ralph. She stared at him for several seconds before turning back to look at the crowd. She closed her eyes to bring back the images of blood and the smell of rotten milk.

“I had come to reconcile with Dmitry now that he was settled and with child. Dmitry had thought himself in love with me and had admitted after his marriage that he had just been mixing up how good of friends we were and love. I came bearing a gift for little Darius Darkan. I was one of the first to see him that wasn’t family and staff. I was happy that Dmitry had forgiven me enough for that. I stepped onto the estate. The wards were working because I smelled nothing of those who lived there up until I passed the wards and that is when I started to get worried. I could smell the blood. The coppery tang of blood that had been left out too long. If the Darkans had a massive hunt, I could understand the smell but the place looked dead.”

Raven stopped for a few seconds and a guard brought her a tall glass of water. She smiled her thanks and then turned to Elian. She could see on his face that he knew side of the story. He knew what was in the journal but there was so much more than that.

“I ran inside and found the staff slaughtered. Wolf and human alike. It’s the only staff there would be. Staff from other races are given a vacation or found work elsewhere when the children are young. Usually for the first four or so years. I found Adriana first. She was murdered with her heart ripped out and her throat slit. She had also been raped.” Raven closed her eyes again as she said the words. She didn’t want to look at Elian and see the shock as she told what she had kept out of her journal. “The whole house was disgusting. I would say that most of the women had been raped and a few of the men as well.”

“That’s a serious charge. It was found in the trial against the Matian’s the first time but no semen had been found.” Ralph’s voice was just low enough so that it carried but barely.

“I know that.” Raven turned in her seat and looked at the Court members. “Justice wasn’t served years before and I want to know why?”

“Because the Witches who have sat on this Court have all been in the employ of the Matians. We found records of it and we are willing to charge Zain Matian with bribery and extortion.”

“You can’t prove it,” Zain said as he relaxed back in his chair. He looked smug.

The doors to the room opened and a young looking girl walked in. Raven recognized her instantly. She looked exactly like her mother had. Her name was Amanda Verdan. She was the second child of the Verdan line and had been raised by the Matian’s since her parents had died by human hands in the 1700s. The last time that Raven had seen her was when she was five years old.

Zain stood up and stared at her. She gave him a smile and a wink before she moved over to where Aurora Copper had been allowed up to the front. Aurora took her in her arms and cradled her.

“We have the testimony of Amanda Verdan and what you have done to her and told her over the years. Be lucky that her older brother was not allowed here.” Ralph looked down at Amanda with pity in his eyes. Raven wasn’t even sure she wanted to know what he had done to her. There had been rumors that Zain had a live in mistress that his wife liked to play with as well. If it was Amanda, then there would be hell to pay.

It was then that it dawned on Raven and Zain what was going to happen. Zain looked at all the exits in fear. He wasn’t leaving there not in irons. Helena leaned over to whisper something into Savay’s ear but the wolf lawyer stood up and moved over to James’s table and sat down on the other side of Elian.

“I remove myself as the Matian lawyer. I will gladly take Amanda Verdan’s case for free. I think that some things can be done there.”

“You can’t get blood from a turnip. All of the Matian assets have been taken. Every single one. We follow the letter of the law. Gail died first so all of her things went to her husband who while was unchanged, is a Mystic. When he died, all of his things were stated to go to his son. Gail had been diligent in filing all of the wills with the human and the Mystic courts. Elian followed all the rules for humans and since the Mystic Court didn’t know of the death until the Matians filed suit, we will stand by the humans way of things. It’s not our way to take money from people for the death of their loved ones. This court finds that the estate of Edward and Gail Coats is to go to their son Elian Darkan.”

Ralph stood up and Raven thought that something was odd because he was keeping a hand behind his back. The other Court members were on edge. They were afraid of something. Ralph knew that something was going to happen. Raven moved her hand to her side and felt the weight of the gun there. Ralph shook his head at her and Raven lowered her hand. Ralph brought his hand out and in it was a letter. He started to read from it.

“The Court case where Raven Shadow, believed turned child of Gwendolyn Shadow took the Matian’s to Court and accused them of killing her sire and her sire’s husband as well as the entirety of the Darkan line was a travesty of a Court. There was only a single member of the Court that wasn’t in the pocket of Zain Matian at the time. The Immortal and he left notes for when the case was unsealed as he knew it would be at some time. He detailed every single thing that he could but he feared being killed as well and kept his mouth shut. When it came time that he could no longer function on the Court, he stepped down and hoped that the one who took his place wasn’t a coward. Alexis Wrenwood is not a coward. Madeleine Sky is not a coward. Jasmyn Stone is not a coward. Bryar is not a coward. Ralph Helian is not a coward. We, as the Court, find the entire Matian line guilty of the deaths of the Elder Shadows and the whole of the Darkan line except for the child who was whisked away in the night and all after him until Edward Coats. We find that the Matian line will be destroyed. Line death.”

“Then that would kill your precious boy,” Zain said. He looked calmed than he had but he still looked a little worried. Helena looked positively terrified.

“Did you know,” Ralph started as he turned to sit on the edge of the desk like area of the bench they were using to separate themselves from the crowd. “That the Lake’s used to be the most powerful of the Witch family lines but since the Lake’s have sort of sold their souls without becoming Dark Witches, the power of the Witches has shifted.”

“There are no Ferns here,” Zain said as he stood up and raised his hands to show the people behind him. “There is only a Stone and she is weak.”

“No,” Jasmyn said as she shifted forward. “I was the one who placed all the spell wards here today. One for showing the true scent of all who are inside the room, sorry Raven.” Raven waved it off. “One to not allow any communication outside the room unless it’s Ralph. Then the one for a spell that was hidden away in the Shadow Castle. Sorry, Raven I had to break in because it’s where the spell was. I don’t figure you will care as soon as it’s activated.”

“You and I have to have a talk about what I think you should so with all your sorrys.” Raven laughed as she spoke.

“When the Witches joined the Mystics to protect themselves from humans, they wanted a way to protect themselves and those they were joining. Power goes to heads. The want of power goes to people’s heads. The spell was created and then lost to time. I tracked it down and found that it was given to the Shadow’s to protect.”

“What does this spell do?” Elian asked. The first time he had spoken the entire time.

“It will kill all of a certain blood. Anyone who carries the blood of the Matians.”

“See, you’ll kill Darkan if you do that!” Zain yelled as he looked around the room. “All of this is for him. To protect him from the things that go bump in the night so that he can have the life that you all think he should have had. The Darkan’s have always asked for what they didn’t deserve and they got it.”

“And this is why you are going to die,” Elian said as he looked over the Matians. “You want to take something and force people to love you and it was given to others freely. You can’t make people love you.”

“Child, you have no clue what it means to rule!” Zain took a step towards Elian but Raven was there in-between the two of them in seconds. James, Charity, Savay were over the half wall dividing the crowd from the Court in seconds. They knew that something was up. Raven didn’t have time to think on that though. She shoved and Zain was across the room, hitting the wall. The guards on this side of the wall moved to protect the Court members and the other guards were forming a wall between the crowd and Raven, Elian, Zain, and Helena. Raven crouched in front of Elian, ready to attack if Zain wished to fight her.

Zain charged at Raven and she leapt to meet him in the air. She tackled him to the ground, and pinned him in seconds. He snarled at her but didn’t change. Raven thought that odd but she knew plenty of wolves who wouldn’t change when they were fighting non-wolves.

“Submit!” Raven screamed in his face but he shoved at her and she jumped up off of him. The scraping of a metal out of sheath had Raven turning to put both Helena and Zain in her sight. Neither of them had a sword in hand. She looked at Elian who was staring up on the dais. Raven turned to look at the Court members and saw Alexis with her sword in hand. The one that she had left behind when the Matians had attempted to kill her before.

“He had been sentenced to death. We choose you as the method of his death.”

Raven turned her head as Alexis threw the sword. She caught it with her open hand and then tossed it behind her to Elian. She would use it to take his head but first she wanted to beat the ever loving shit out of him.

“You killed my parents but they were trusting of you and your family. I am not.” Raven charged at him and dropped her shoulder to take him out in the gut. It was easy to drop him. No one ever thought she was as strong as she was. Zain hit the ground and she heard of the breath in his lungs rush out. His head cracked off the ground and she was pretty sure that he was seeing stars. She turned to look at Helena but a guard her by the arms and there was an aura around her. Jasmyn had her locked in place. “I am a hunter. You made me that way. I’ve trained with so many people that you wouldn’t even be able to list all of them before you died. I am a hunter of hunters. She reached out with her nails, talons of sorts and slashed at his chest. Blood sprayed over and she moved to rip her jacket off. She pulled the gun from the holster and tossed it up at the Court. One of them would catch it. She used her strength to snap the holster and throw it away.

“Come and play with me,” Raven said as she settled onto the tips of her toes in a crouch again. Zain tried to staunch the flow of blood but he couldn’t. “You won’t be able to stop it for hours, Matian. Vampiric talons will make a human bleed to death. Mystics it takes hours to stop but all it does it ooze after a few minutes. You’ll be fine. Quite being a baby.”

The goal of a Mystic on Mystic fight it to incapacitate ones opponent as soon as possible. Raven knew that even she could be beaten if the fight were allowed to go on for very long. She could tell by the way that Zain moved that he was used to others doing his fighting. He rushed at her again but instead of taking him down; Raven sidestepped him and clotheslined him.

Zain couldn’t help the escape of breath as her arm connected with his neck, hard. He dropped to the floor, ass over head and landed on his stomach. Raven jumped on him, grabbing an arm and pulling it behind him. She pulled until she felt the dislocation of the shoulder. Zain screamed out in pain but Raven didn’t stop. She kept pulling until Zain worked through the pain and rolled her off of him. His arm hung down useless at his side.

Helena was screaming her lungs off and Raven was adoring the sound of it. She knew that she could have become worse than him. She could have become a killer that would bath in the blood of her kills but the memory of her parents wouldn’t let that happen. It didn’t stop her from enjoying this fight more than she should have.

“You are enjoying this?” Zain asked.

“Of course I am, Zain. I am avenging the death of my parents and my best friend and his family. Anyone would enjoy this.” Raven took a step towards him and she enjoyed when he flinched. He looked around the room trying to find a way out but could find none. The guards wouldn’t let him take a prisoner and Elian had a sword. Given Elian’s lack of training, he would have been an easy target except for the sword. With his chest and arm hurting, Zain knew he wouldn’t be able to get a hold of him. Raven could almost see him going through his plans in his head and discarding them. His only way out was to kill all of them. He looked at Raven and she could see that he had given up.

Zain Matian gave up. He dropped to his knees and let his arms hang limp at his sides. Raven stood up and moved to Elian, taking the sword from him.

“Is she what you want as a friend and a lover, Darkan?” Zain asked as he raised his head up. He looked Elian in the face. “She’s a hunter of hunters. There is so much blood on her hands that I am surprised her hands are not dyed red.”

“She’s honest and has always treated me with respect,” Elian said as he moved closer to Zain. He leaned close and Raven just barely caught his words. “At least when she fucks me, I’ll know that she’s not trying to or is ever going to kill me.” Elian stepped back from him and moved closer to the Court members.

Zain raised his head defiantly and gave her a wicked smile. “You saved him where you couldn’t save your family.”

“And you can do nothing to save yourself. Try your mind games on someone else.”

Sword raised in the air, Raven kept her eyes locked with Zain as instead of cutting with the sword towards his neck; she stabbed at him, near his heart. Zain flinched back as the blade entered just inches from his heart.

Bloody,” Ralph’s voice echoed in her head. Raven tried not to react and to wait for him to continue. “We need as much blood as you can get from him before he dies.”

Raven gave a small nod as she lowered the sword and stepped up to him. She pulled his head up and back so that he was looking in her eyes. He was smiling at her, even though he knew he was going to die. Raven punched him in the nose and she heard his nose and cheeks shatter. Blood started to pour from his nose in waves. She raked her talons up his neck next. He was a bloody mess when she stepped back. She crouched to where she was looking in his eyes as he tried to stop the flow of blood from his neck. She stabbed forward with her sword and stuck it right in his stomach. He cried out in pain and Raven stood up.

“End it now,” Ralph said.

Raven raised the sword up and in one swift slice with it; she heard his head thump onto the floor. She looked up at Ralph before she turned to Elian. He looked sick. He’d watched her kill Marie in her panther form but it was the first one in her human form. His eyes were locked on Zain’s head as it laid there on the floor.

An almighty scream echoed around the room and Helena was running at her, shifting into her wolf form as she moved. Raven dropped the sword and shifted easily. It was crazy to go after a wolf in human form. It spelled death for the human.

Helena went right for her throat. Raven easily got away and all Helena was able to do was rake claws across her back. Raven twisted in the air and landed on Helena’s back. She dug her claws into Helena’s back to stay attached. Helena tried to buck her off but Raven bit down on the back of Helena’s neck and the wolf let out a scream of horrendous pain. Helena interfered in a Court rules death so she had to die as well. Raven kept a hold with her mouth and snaked a claw around the other woman’s neck. As soon as she was sure she was far enough over, Raven extended her claws all the way out and used them to shred Helena’s neck. Helena bucked but it was all she had left in her. Raven released the back of her neck and crawled off the body. Helena shifted back to her human form and only then did Raven shift as well. She knew that she had to be covered in blood. She felt the claw marks on her back and the breeze from her shredded shirt.

Jasmyn was the first to arrive; Raven watched her jump over the dais and land on her feet and rush to her. Raven let Jasmyn take her full weight as she nearly collapsed. Alexis was next. He pulled the sword from her hands and let it drop to the stone below. He took all her weight from Jasmyn and then pulled her to the side of the room.

Raven watched as Helena’s body was removed but Zain body and head were moved to the center of a circle that Raven just noticed was on the floor. Jasmyn was talking and Madeleine was doing whatever she directed her to do. Raven wasn’t sure what was going on. The circle was outlined in Zain’s blood. Jasmyn moved to the center of the circle, to stand over Zain’s body and then she started to whisper.

The magic floated through the air, coursing through Jasmyn and then blasting out of her in a rush. Elian was knocked to his knees as the magic swirled around him and then it arc from him to a man in the crowd who had a gun pulled out. It snaked around his body and like a lightning bolt, shot through his heart. He crumpled to the floor and the gun fell. A guard quickly grabbed the gun and then checked the man for a pulse. He looked up at the Court and shook his head.

The spell had not killed Elian but it killed that unknown man.

“What?” Raven asked. She was tired. The wounds on her back weren’t healing. Helena had used a poison of some kind. Bryar moved in front of her and took her weight from Alexis and the other man quickly offered his wrist out to her. She grabbed his arm and pulled it into her mouth. She quickly pierced his skin and let the blood flow for a few seconds before she started to pull on it and let it wash down her throat. When Alexis’s hand rubbed at her head, she pulled back. It wasn’t enough but it would have to do. Another arm was offered to her and before she could even think, she grabbed it and started to drain whoever it was. She knew who it was as soon as the blood hit her mouth. It was Madeleine. Vampire blood was best but she had never fed off of Madeleine before and hadn’t wanted to ask. It was best if offered. She gulped mouthful after mouthful of blood and stopped when she felt the hand on her head again. It was Alexis again but Madeleine must have signaled him somehow.

“Better?” Madeleine whispered in her hair. Raven nodded. “I fed today, gorged myself on a small herd of deer in the woods in anticipation of this. I am fine. Your back has already started to heal.”

“What is going on? Why did you do the spell? Why risk Elian?”

“The spell is something that lives. It takes a bloodline and routes out all evil in it. That is the part of the spell that only the Shadows knew. It was in your mother’s notes. Evil could use the spell and it would only kill those of the bloodline who had evil in their heart. I doubt you would even survive the spell. There is just a touch of dark in your aura.”

“I know. I know what that darkness is.”

“I figured you would,” Madeleine pulled her close, taking her from Bryar. Raven tried to stand but her back pulled. She didn’t want to rip it open again so she stayed leaning on Madeleine. Jasmyn was still in the circle, the magic floated around her and every few seconds, an arc of magic came back.

Ten minutes later, Jasmyn slumped down and Aurora was there to catch her. Raven hadn’t even noticed the Vampire move that close. Raven stood up and felt that her back was healed. Jasmyn turned to look at her in Aurora’s arms.

“Seventy three blood Matian’s dead. Other than the three who died in this room.”

“Does that include bitten Matian’s?” Raven asked.

Jasmyn nodded.

Ralph moved to the front of the small congregation. “The Mystic Court has spoken. Spread the word far and wide about all you saw here but remember, don’t lie.” Ralph clapped his hands and the guards started to shove people out of the room. The three lawyers moved closer and Charity grabbed Raven and pulled her close. Raven let her eyes close as her sister held her close. She was safe. She had always been safe in Charity’s arms.

The doors to the room slammed shut and Raven pulled back. It was just the Court, three lawyers, Aurora, Elian, and Raven left in the room. Amanda Verdan wasn’t even in the room.

“We have a lot to talk about and everyone is tired. Charity, Savay, and James will fill you all in. There are too many emotions running around right now. We don’t want this to turn into a yelling match or a pissing match.” Ralph patted Raven’s face and she smiled at him.

Everyone started to sound far away. Raven knew what was wrong. Emotional overload. She let the darkness take her.

A family line of Mystics are valued on the family as a whole. One member going bad, that’s no big deal. There are black sheep in all of them. But when a family goes insane all together based on the raising of one, that’s when a family is evil. There is always a single ray of hope though. One child who is good and pure and hasn’t been tainted by the evil of the family. 

Chapter Eleven

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