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Elian’s Awakening-Epilogue-Prophecy

Elian’s Awakening-Epilogue-Prophecy

The wall around Mystic City was done. I stand on it as I survey the area of what will become the actual city. The town hall was hosting the Court members and various other Mystics that had arrived to help build the city. It was sleeping bags and air mattresses for the ones who were sleeping inside and tents or open air sleeping for the ones who were outside.

The Fae had come in droves. Forest Fae, Water, and Cave had already started to make homes in the forest around. Tree houses were now becoming a thing. It was weird to see so many Fae. Raven hadn’t seen that many Fae of the varying races together in a long time like that. There were several small caves and the tunnels that connected on the land and the Cave Fae had claimed those with little issue from the other races. Werewolves would live in the caves but would prefer to make their own dens in other areas.

The newest addition to the little family that was forming was a pack of ten Werewolves. I had been surprised at that for the first day after they arrived. Mostly it had been lone wolves or a pair that had left their original pack that had been arriving. One hundred beings were living in the woods of Athens County now and that doesn’t even include Charity, James, Elian or I.

“Caleb’s pack? It didn’t take long for Darkan to spread the word about the city here.” Ralph’s voice had started me.

“It was his first pack and while he would rank above them, he is sentimental and would not force it.”

“He doesn’t have the alpha mentality yet.”

I of course nodded. Elian was a strange one but I was strange as well. Ralph has been a friend when I needed one. He’s a good man and a wonderful pack leader. His daughter is a strong one and I know that she will be a powerful leader when the time comes.

The wind picks up and I shudder despite the fact that it doesn’t really chill me. Humans talk of wicked winds. I feel that while the Matians area no longer a threat, there is still a threat out there.

“Two months?” Ralph asked breaking me from reverie. He looked down at the journal in my hand. I write in it but it’s in the language of the Shadow Vampires. It was a language I learned at the feet of my mother and not even my father knew it. It’s what I have used for this volume of journals. I started it when I moved to Belpre and I used it since then. I have other notebooks that I have been writing in but those have other things in them. Wrote in the same language but for Charity if I die.

I know that Elian has found things in my library that he thinks I don’t know that he did. I know that he isn’t keeping them from me to lie to me. He just doesn’t know what to tell me. I’ve kept a lot from him but it was in his interest. He is a child in the terms of the Mystics. A little knowledge is dangerous but so is too much on certain subjects without the wisdom to know what to do with it.

“How long before Caleb steps down?”

Ralph turned to me and just stared. I’ve never cared much for the politics of pack mentality. I’ve not needed to know it but with Elian and I dating. I need to know.

“Do you ask as concerned patron for her fledgling city or as concerned girlfriend who would hate to patch up her boyfriend?” Ralph’s ability is a pain in the ass at the best of times but there are ways to block him. I’ve perfected blocking the abilities of the Helian clan over the years. It’s a good way to not end up dead.

“I ask as both. I know that they have to fight. Caleb stepping down doesn’t meant shit. Elian still has to beat him in wolf combat and Caleb has to submit. He’ll win, I know that but…”

“Yes, he will win. Caleb will decide when that time is. He needs to get his pack settled. His father is going to be an issue.”

“I’ll deal with that when it comes.” The sun starts to set and the chill in the air gets worse. I’ve spent too much time awake and my stomach is upset. It’s been hundreds of years since I have had an upset stomach. I used to get them as child when I tried the blood of a new animal. When it settled, I’d feel better and never get it again with that animal. I settle my hand on my stomach and Ralph sees the movement looking worried.

“Lady Shadow?”

“It’s Raven, Ralph. It’s always been Raven. I just asked to be called Lady Shadow when people are pissing me off.” I wave him off and take my hand off of my stomach. It’s nothing he needs to worry about. Too much stress with so many Mystics in the same area, a weird feeding schedule of human food and animal blood, not enough sleep and a lot of sex would be enough to give any human an upset stomach.

“I have the Fae keeping everyone back. I have some things to confess to you, Lady Shadow.”

Ralph’s insistence on using my titled name even though I have asked him not to worries me. I sit down on the edge of a parapet and he sits down beside me. Much closer than he has ever been to me.

“As a child, I was close to one of Zain Matian’s boys. It changed as we grew older but I overheard things that I think Zain would have not wanted me to overhear.”


“As a child, I was impressionable and I would have gone over to the Matian’s with little issue. I heard Zain talk about a prophecy that was given by a Witch who had gone into a three day trance. The Witch spoke of a time when the Shadow’s and the Darkan’s were one family and that the home city would be founded and the Mystics would never fight amongst themselves again. I heard him talk for two hours to his children were old enough and his followers about how that would be a bad thing. He was charismatic and I would have gladly at the age of ten jumped up and stuck a knife in your heart for it.”

“What did he say?”

“He said that the individual races that make up the Mystics would be destroyed. Our cultures, our ways of life would be gone. It’s why they destroyed Mystic City all the years before. It’s why he had killed the blood Shadows and all the Darkans. He spoke of Raven Shadow as a thorn in his side but as nothing else. He said the real issue would be in Charity Shadow if she ever got her head out of her ass and went after them. I never knew what he meant then but I do now. You both played everyone over the years didn’t you?”

“We played the world like a violin. I was killing them left and right but I never went after the ones that Zain cared about because I didn’t need to. My mother taught me well.”

“Yes, she did.” Ralph smiled as he looked out over the woods. “We are five races. While the Immortal are only five, they have their own history their own everything. We won’t lose anything will we?”

“I hope not. I want our lives to be better for this. I want the Mystics to lose nothing. I don’t think we will. It will be hard to lose what each race holds so tight to.”

“Be careful, Raven. We killed the Matians but we don’t have all their followers.”

I nod my head. It’s the other reason I wanted the city. A house in the middle of the city was no place to live if you have a price on your head. A city that never sleeps, literally. Full of Werewolves, Witches, Immortals, Vampires, and Fae, no one who wasn’t allowed would be able to slip inside. It would be a place to raise a child and never worry. The humans would kill, literally, to have a city like this in their culture.

“Children are wonderful things.”

“I’ve heard the rumors. You had a lover?” Ralph’s voice was reluctant but the Court had heard whispers but never anything concrete. It was the only case I had ever went to the Court about after the trial on my parents. “A Vampire?”

“Yes.” I turn around to stare at him. He looks at me. “I’ll tell him.”

“I know.”

I jump from the wall and land on me feet outside the city. I hear Ralph call out but I don’t care. I don’t hear him follow. I make my way to my house, not the one inside the city limits but the one that I have built. Instead of the humanlike electronic system, this place is full of wards to keep people I don’t want out.

I move to the sunroom I had put in. I always have one. When I move out here full time, I’ll bring all my plants with me. I sit down to start writing about today in my journal but mainly about the dream I had the night before.

I woke in the dream in pain. Elian was in bed with me and I moved to the bathroom, my stomach was bloody. I was gushing blood from my privates.

“Get Jasmyn!” I yelled at Elian who had just arrived at the door. He took off, quick as rain to get the Witch. As I laid on the bathroom floor, Zain came into the room and crouch.

“Two, Lady Shadow. Two for the life of my wife and I.” He leaned forward and placed a hand on my stomach and pushed. “A Dark One for the deeds and one to descend from the Dark One.”

The pain grew so much in the dream that I knew that I started to pass out just as a scream sounded in the air. As my eyes opened in the morning, I heard another join.

Elian had already left for his morning run so I was able to shower and look fine by the time he got home. I need to sleep tonight. I have only ever had nightmares when I don’t get enough sleep. The smell of water and earth wafts on the air and I moved to the window. It’s closed. The smell must have come from me. Lingering scent of Elian since we spent most of the morning together.

Elian has seen me bared to the world. He’s seen me kill. He’s seen me undone by pleasure. He’s seen me weak.

Rhett was a Vampire who had been changed by an unknown Vampire in the year 1500. He was sixty years older than me and we met while I was vulnerable from the death of the Darkans. It was the year 1875 and it was going to prove to be the worst of my life.

I fell in love head over heels and moved in with him in a cabin in the woods of Scotland. I never told him about my castle, that should have been the first clue.

We were happy together until one day, I woke with a pain in my lower abdomen. I was naked and when I reached down to make sure I hadn’t hurt myself my hand came back not bloody but covered in something else. Rhett was standing over me with a small blade in his hand. The smell of formaldehyde and old blood was filling the room.

A male Witch was standing in the room.

“You’ll never have a child,” Rhett said as he dropped the knife to the floor and then he was gone. I moved but the pain so great that I collapsed back to the bed. The Witch was gone in seconds. I laid there for what felt like hours before I could move.

Later that day, I got back to my parents’ house to ask them about it. I found them dead.

How do I tell Elian that I can never have children?

The End

To Be Continued in Darkan’s Legacy in November 2014.

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Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Twelve-Unburned

Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Twelve-Unburned

Raven looked around the small room that was the entryway into the building. There was a triangular shaped table with six chairs placed around it. Raven sat down in one of the chairs and pulled out a tablet. She booted it up and tapped around to find the app she needed. It was a direct link to the satellite that she had in the air. Right now that satellite was focused here where she was. She was tracking the Court members’ phones as they made their way up the hill to the top. It would take them twenty minutes to make it up there.

The kettle on the fire started to whistle and Raven moved over to grab it off and pour it into her cup of tea leaves. The smell of the rose petals in the water wafted around the room and Raven was able to relax. After three minutes, she pulled the strainer with the leaves and petals out and set it aside on a small plate to catch the drips. She used a spoon to mix in about two teaspoons of sugar before she took a hesitant sip. It tasted wonderful. She placed the kettle back and pulled it a little back from the fire, so that it stayed warm but didn’t continually whistle.

Raven took her seat again and this time she brought up a book to read on her tablet. She knew roughly when they would be getting there. She was ready for them. She had never felt so nervous as she did at that moment. This was a project that her mother had thought would kill her when she started to tell Raven about it. That it hadn’t been the reason she was dead was ironic to Raven but it wasn’t something that even to this day she could laugh about. She was still looking for the reason that the Matians killed her and her husband. That was better left for another day though.

The minutes passed when Raven was sure it would only be a few minutes until the Court arrived, she powered off her tablet and leaned back in her chair to watch the doorway. She had sent out an invitation from the head of the Shadow family inviting them to a meeting that would impact the whole of the Mystics and then had given them the coordinates to this exact spot which if they looked it up, they would only see an empty forest on a hill.

Madeleine was the first inside the door with Ralph following behind. No one else was entering and Raven laughed at that. Ralph was the first to step up to Raven but he stopped when Raven stood up.

“Still employing tricks?” Madeleine asked as she looked down at the cup of tea. “I can smell the rose petals from here.”

“No, I just love my tea like this. Why are the other three not inside? I know the five of you came, without guards exactly like I asked.” Raven moved forward and kissed Ralph’s cheek before moving to give Madeleine a curt hug. It was the proper greeting for a head of a family line to anyone under them. Madeleine’s eyes opened wide when the ritual of it all dawned on her.

Ralph only looked her up and down before moving back to the door and opening it. Alexis, Bryar, and Jasmyn walked in. The two guys hung back while Jasmyn walked up and hugged Raven, pulling her close and kissing her cheek before letting her go.

“Why have you called us back here to this backwoods town again? We have only been gone a month.” Madeleine looked around the room and saw the seats. She picked one opposite Raven and sat down. Ralph set beside her. Bryar and Alexis took the other side’s seats and Jasmyn sat in the chair beside where Raven had been sitting. Once they were seated, Raven grabbed a few sheets of paper and dropped them in the middle of the table. No one reached for them.

Raven sat down and started up her tablet again. Instead of the view where they could where she was tracking their phones, she just opened the satellite view she had taken a while back before any structures had been erected. There was a hard line around the edge of all the property that she had bought and a soft line that showed where there was more property that she had bought.

“What are we looking at?”

“The hard line is where the warded wall is that you passed through.” Raven pointed at it on the screen and traced it all the way around. “The softer line is more property that I own but as you see there is human property in the area as well. The hill dominates a great area of the hard line but it’s a good hill.”

“What is all this about?” Madeleine asked.

“Where you are sitting is just one room of the larger structure that you saw. This is a meeting room of sorts that could serve for anything. The larger structure is the town hall for Mystic City.”

The silence in the room was so thick that Raven could have sworn that it could be cut with a knife. She let the four that were not in know get used to the words that she had spoken. Jasmyn leaned a little into Raven as she looked at the others. A ping popped up on the tablet screen and Raven picked it up.

Just arrived.

Aurora and Rose were on site. It was a good thing because Raven was unsure of how they were taking it given the silence. Alexis and Bryar were just staring at her while it seemed that Ralph and Madeleine were having a conversation in their heads with each other given the looks they were giving each other.

“You knew?” Alexis asked.

Raven wanted to tell him that yes she knew because she had created it but she followed his slightly shifted gaze and saw that he was looking at Jasmyn.

“Yes. I helped ward the entire area.”

“The Stones always were the favorites of the Shadow family,” Ralph stated.

“Especially when a Shadow fucks a Stone,” Bryar said. He sounded bitter. Bryar had never accepted that Raven wasn’t in love with him like he wanted her to be. He had wanted her to love him so much that when he had wanted to see other people, she would have freaked out. Raven knew that he wasn’t capable of that. At least she hadn’t been.

“Now, now,” Jasmyn said as she leaned forward towards him. Bryar sat back. Witches had always freaked him out a little. Jasmyn smiled wickedly and flicked a finger at him. He jumped but Raven knew it wasn’t from scaredness. It was from pain. She knew the spell well that Jasmyn had casted. “Don’t start a fight you can’t win, Bryar. Just remember, she had sex with me once and I did so well that she knew she never needed to bed me again. I was worthy of being a one-time companion. She bedded you several times a week it seems.”

“She couldn’t get enough of me,” Bryar stated. He looked smug.

“Or you were worthy of using again and again. And remember this, she’ll never love you.” Jasmyn sat back in her seat and crossed her legs primly. “I am something to be cherished and remember this, I only allow women between my legs and my mouth only goes down on pussy. You fuck sea creatures.”

Bryar stood up and if it wasn’t for how quickly Alexis grabbed him and shoved him down, Bryar would have been across the table. Being with Aurora was giving Jasmyn the tongue and bravery that being around her family had never given her. She didn’t regret shoving Aurora her direction to protect the young Witch. The two of them were a match to be sure.

“All right, that’s enough. Bryar quit baiting her and Jasmyn, please. I don’t need those images in my head. Raven, why the fuck are you bringing up Mystic City?”

“I bought this land years ago and have been buying more pieces of it as time has gone one and ones become available. Mystic City was a dream of my mother’s. She wanted a place to call home. A place where the Court could settle down and any Mystic can come when they are down. The Matian’s destroyed that dream when they killed her. I always had it as a pipe dream after I had taken care of the Matians and they were not a threat anymore.

“Three years ago, I decided that I would start it.”

“Are you behind the Rockland Community College as well?” Alexis asked. He pulled one of the papers from the pile and started to look at it. The other three followed as well.

“This can’t…we never…”

“Once the year 2000 passed, no one needed to go to the Court to do anything about Mystic City or any other capital city, whatever they wanted to name it. The codes are in place and I set every single one of them up. We have adapted to human life as we have merged more and more with them but we are still a separate race. The ward you passed through does a lot of things. It tells when a human is nearing it, it also makes a human see what a human needs to see. A wolf running around? Well they look like what they would like in their human form.”

“This is massive and it needs to have a vote.”

“I agree. We need all of the families here. I have sent word to all the others. I have their decisions here.”

“What?” Bryar looked at her with such shock on his face.

“I am Lady Shadow. In the month I have been gone from Belpre, I’ve been doing a lot of work and I have also visited every single family. The four other Immortals are more than willing to come and live in Mystic City as they used to. Samantha is on her way here now, actually. I visited the leader of each other the Cave, Desert, Forest, and Arctic Fae and have their votes. I met with Thomas and the other two wolf leaders. Elian is unable to make a vote because he has not been living with the society for two years or more after his change. Jasmyn talked to the Witches for me. The Vampires are more than willing to give their support but are not at the time willing to move to the area. They want a hundred years. All we need now is the vote of the Court. You are all the leaders of your families or your race.”

“It really doesn’t matter what we want though does it?” Alexis leaned back in his seat, finally taking his hand off of Bryar. “The vote as to go over by seventy five percent. We can’t count the Darkan vote so it’s twenty of twenty four that you already have. That’s over eighty percent on it’s own.”

“Yes, I do.” Raven set her tablet down after opening an app. She let the four of them look at it before she pulled it back. It was the paper that registered the city as a capital of the Mystic races. “I hate to back you into a corner but I know how much the four of you want to hold onto your jobs.”

“You are exactly like your mother,” Madeleine said as she signed her name to the paper. She shoved it over to Raven. “The politic game as missed a player such as you. I look forward to the future with you.”

The three men signed their names. That made it unanimous. Mystic City was going to live again. Raven took the papers and handed them over to Jasmyn. Jasmyn slipped them in a folder that was on the small stand beside her. That paperwork would be filed in New York as soon as Rose could get them to the city. It’s where the main section of the records keepers for the American Mystics.

“You did learn well from your mother.” Alexis stood up and moved around the table to kiss her on the head. When are you going back to Belpre?”

“I have no clue. If any word of my presence here reaches Elian, no one will like what happens.”

Every single person nodded. Raven stood and moved to the door that led outside. She wanted to show them all the land that she had and the plans for it. Her hope was that Mystics would start to flock to the area and from there they could build a beautiful city. She already had many of the areas planned. The hill would be the center of the area and it would have the stores and other communal things and the outer area would be split into four regions. The Immortals would live in the center. The Fae would have one area, the wolves another, the Witches one, and finally the Vampires would have the last. It had all been her mother’s plans and she would honor what her mother wanted as much as she could.

The apartments by the college would be for those who wanted to live elsewhere but want to go to the college. There was one seventeen acre section of land that wasn’t that far from the city limits that her house was nearly done on. It was all forest and the house was dead center in it. There was only about an acre of land in between it and the hard line of Mystic City. What was between the two was more land that she figured that Fae would want to settle on. Life was going to be good when the city wall was done.

There were several sections of the wall that were done, nearly half of it in total. In some areas the wall was about four feet tall where others it was nearly twenty. It was a wall that would be used to stop humans from trespassing inside but also to block everyday life from those who didn’t live in the city. It would also be used to strengthen the wards around the city.

Gwen Shadow had spent her thinking this out. Raven admired what her mother thought the Mystics could be.


A month later, Raven entered the city limits of Belpre. She had planned her return down to every detail. Charity had been told of her homecoming and had kept an eye on Elian all day long. She knew that he had sold the coffee shop in Parkersburg and was helping to run his new shop, exclusively.

The word of Mystic City opening its doors, of sorts, had spread far and wide and already she knew that some wolves and Fae were making their way this direction. The Court was in Marietta again but this time they were staying in a house. They agreed that Belpre was just too small for them to be there with their guards. The Court guards would serve as protection for the city while the guard trained people to protect the city. It would tenuous for the next year but there wouldn’t be the threat of death hanging over her head at the hand of the Matians. Jasmyn had taken care of them in a way that Raven didn’t think that she would have to worry about them again.

The coffee shop was buzzing when Raven stopped outside of it. It looked exactly like what Elian had said he wanted for it. It was dusk so there were some but not a lot of people there. She could see though the windows and see Elian standing at the coffee bar, directing someone who was making a drink. Raven watched him for nearly ten minutes before she got up the courage to enter the shop.

Elian never looked up as the door shut behind her. She stood there in the doorway for several seconds before taking the few steps to a table near the door. She knew what she looked like and why several of the humans were staring at her. She was dressed in a pair of skin tight black jeans with a blood red corset that had no straps on it was the only thing she wore above the waist as far as clothing went. She had a necklace made of leather with a pale purple rose hanging from it. It had been her mother’s and since she had taken the mantle as Lady Shadow, she felt it right for her wear it. She could tell the few that recognized her as Rae Smith the girl who used to work at the library and she could tell the Mystics that recognized her for who she was.

“Who bathed in the smelly?” someone asked and that had many of the others in the place looking around. Elian though was stock still.

Raven had been suppressing her smell more than Elian thought she had been. It wasn’t unheard of for a human to smell a Shadow in a ballroom full of people. Yes, humans could smell Mystics but there was something about their scent that made a human’s brain ignore the smell but a Shadow, they could run people out of rooms if they wished.

The humans all settled down as none of the rest of them really smelled whatever that other had smelled. There were a few of the Mystics that moved around to look at Elian, who hadn’t noticed the smell at all yet. Raven snorted and moved up across the room to head to the upstairs, ignoring the sign that it was closed. She crested the stairs and saw that some of the floor had been ripped up and what looked like a dance floor was being installed. There was a section for a small band blocked off at one of the corners. Not a rock band but old fashioned band.

There were drawings all over the walls and Raven knew exactly what they were. All the drawings that Elian had done over the years. To anyone else, they were just that drawings but to Raven they were reminders of the past and not all bad but not all good either. There was one that stood out though. It was of the tree on the Darkan Castle estate. It was exactly like she had seen it months ago when she had been there. All alive but parts of it still looking like it had when it had been dead.

Turning so that when Elian finally noticed that she was here, she kept an eye out and stood there, staring at the doorway. She could hear everything that was going on the ground floor. The humans were silent but the Mystics were buzzing.

“What happened?” Elian asked someone, just loud enough for them to hear and not the humans. There would be no keeping it from the Mystics though.

“Boss, a lady went up the stairs,” a young man said and Raven heard him move out of the way as Elian started towards the stairs. Raven spread her legs a little and stood there, waiting for Elian to take her in.

“Ma’am, this area is off limits…” Elian stopped as his eyes connected with her body. She just smirked at him.


Elian was training a new person to be one of the night baristas. Jacob was taking care of the others orders when he was busy with her. He was busy so he didn’t look up when the person entered the building. He listened as the noise picked up but he didn’t have time to look up. It settled down so he didn’t really care about whatever this person was doing. Jacob would take care of things if they got out of hand or get his attention.

Someone moved in front of him so he figured it was whoever it was that had come inside. They moved over to the side of the building with the bathrooms so he pushed them from his mind. He moved to the far side of the bar as the new girl, Briana started to work on cleaning up after making the latte.

Looking up, he saw that Jacob was staring at him. “What happened?” Elian kept his voice low so that no human could hear him. Jacob motioned at Elian’s nose and then up the stairs that led to the upstairs. There were signs that said no one was to go up there but it didn’t stop kids from trying to sneak up.

“Boss, a lady went up the stairs.”

Elian moved right for the stairs, pulling off his apron as he did so and handing it to Jacob. Jacob thought it was a Mystic, that what’ the motion at the nose meant. Elian had found a way to block the smell of Mystics as their smell and the smell of humans mixed with coffee didn’t always agree with him.

“Ma’am, this area is off limits…” Elian stopped as he crested the stairs and got a look at the woman standing there. She looked like sex. That was the only way to describe her. Her black jeans were tight enough that there was nothing left to the imagination and the blood red corset didn’t help with that. Her breasts were wonderful looking and Elian wasn’t sure that he could take his gaze off of them. Her skin was such a pale white that Elian knew she was a vampire. The red of the corset and the paleness of her skin had him half hard and he knew it. He reached up and pulled the small patches out of the inside of his nose. The patches gave Elian the scent of whatever he wanted when he inhaled. He had found a water that he had liked so all he smelled was basically the smell of himself.

Finally, tearing his gaze off her breasts, her hair caught his attention. It was pitch black and looked like it was short but it was pulled back into a severe ponytail and instead of hanging limp at her neck, it was spiked out from the ponytail into a circle of solid black hair. It looked wonderful. He had never seen a hair style like that. Finally he looked at her eyes and he knew that he knew those purple eyes.

Pulling his gaze back, Elian recognized Raven. “Raven?”




“Hello, Elian,” Raven said as she took a few steps closer to him. He inhaled and exhaled several times. She had seen him take the scent patches from his nose and she knew that it would take a few seconds for him to be able to smell him. She knew the second that he did. He jerked his head like he had been burned and grabbed at his nose, exhaling hard enough to clear it.

“You…” Elian stopped and tried to clear his nose again.

“Take several deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. You’ll get adjusted and it won’t be bad unless you don’t see me for months.” Raven moved up and placed a hand on his back, brushing at his neck and helping him to calm down.

“Is this what your mother smelled like?”


It was minutes later and Elian final stood straight up and looked Raven in the eyes. He looked her up and down again and Raven knew that he liked what he saw. The tent to his pants and the smell wafting off of him said that he really liked what he saw.

“I was nervous and I didn’t want to wait until you closed the place down.”

“Raven Shadow, nervous?” Elian asked. He didn’t take his eyes off of hers. He was looking at her like if he looked away she was going to leave. She could understand that. She hadn’t meant to be gone as long as she was but once she was gone, it was hard to come back. “It’s a red letter day.”

Raven shoved as his shoulder and he cracked a smile. His eyes turned serious and she knew that he was going to yell at her.

“You left without a word. At least you knew that I was leaving. I told you I was leaving even if I slipped away in the night. You…” Elian pulled himself up to his full height and for a few seconds, Raven thought that he was going to strike her. There was no way she was going to allow that. She was watching his hand and not his head so when he kissed her, she wasn’t expecting that. One of his hands went to the back of her neck and other around her waist and he pulled her close. She could feel his erection as it brushed her lower stomach. The touch had him jerking back away from her.

Raven reached out and cupped his cheek, smiling at him. That kiss told her everything that she needed to know about him. Alexis was right, the boy was in love with her. She was pretty sure that she was in love with him as well. Still, she hadn’t even been with someone she loved. She only knew how to have fun when it came to sex. Casual meaningless sex. She wasn’t going to deny herself his body.

Using his head, Raven pulled Elian closer and she ground herself on him. “Want to know something fun?” Elian’s only answer was the nod of his head. “There is something about the DNA changes to the Mystic races that makes it impossible to transfer human STDs. I could fuck every single human guy in a bar and not get sick at all.”

The possessive growl was the only warning that Raven had to brace herself before Elian was kissing her again. This wasn’t a chaste kiss like the last had been. This was rough and claiming. The hand that snaked around her waist lifted her up so that the only way she could stay balanced was to wrap her legs around his waist. The erection was hot and hard even through his pants. Raven pulled her face from him.

“We don’t want to do this here, Elian. Anyone can see us,” Raven whispered in his ear. That seemed to shock Elian out of whatever wave he was riding. He gently placed her on the ground. He looked around him, seeing the place it seemed for the first time.

“Yea, yes. I…”

“Why don’t you meet me at my house when you can get away?” Raven asked. She knew that Charity was not going to be home tonight. Raven leaned over and held his face still while she kissed him.

She had no clue where this was going to lead but she had to try.


Elian followed Raven down the stairs and watched as she left the café. Jacob gave a low whistle as he watched her leave as well.

“So that is Raven Shadow?” Jacob asked.

Elian looked at him in shock. He knew that Jacob knew about the Mystic world but to know specific names was odd. Jacob just smiled at him.

“I have friends and they can’t help but talk about the world around them as they see it. I know who Raven Shadow and Elian Darkan are in the world. Where they stand in the hierarchy of the families that make up the heads of the Mystics.” Jacob had a bar towel in his hand and Elian noticed that one part of it was wet. He reached up and wiped at Elian’s lips. “Seems that the rumors about the two of your are correct. I know she hasn’t been in town for long at all after being gone nearly two months, why aren’t you following her out the door?”

“I can’t just…”

“Yes, you can. I can handle Briana. It’s not like we are going to have a huge rush right now. Go and have fun with your girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” was the automatic answer from him mouth and that make Jacob look at him in shock.

“Then you had better get out of here and make sure that she is before the end of the night. She stays single much longer and there will be suitors a mile long wanting her hand.” Jacob shoved him towards the back area of the café and Elian let the momentum take him to the office where he grabbed his keys before leaving. He would walk to Raven’s hoping the fresh June air would help clear his mind. He didn’t need to fall into bed with her. There was something different about here that much was evident but he wasn’t sure that he was ready to fall into a relationship with her.

The five minute walk to her house went by way to quickly and while the fresh air helped, the inside of her house smelled like her, spice and roses all mixed together and it was a heady combination. The main bulk of the smell was coming from the sunroom. It was the dark of night now but he knew that she had lighting in there and that no one unless they were on the property would see either of them. He let the door slam behind him and when he entered the sunroom he found Raven crouched in front of the planter that had the Shadow rose planted it in it. She was smelling the rose and all Elian could see was the top of tattoo. From what he could tell of it, it looked like a partial moon and a star on the inside of it. He had never seen it before but Raven had never really worn too many things that were sleeveless like the corset she was wearing. He would have sworn though that she had worn tank tops and he had never seen it before but it looked like it had been on her a long while. He would have to ask her about it.


Raven turned while crouched and Elian’s gaze fell to her breasts. She had never really felt like she needed to show them off while she was acting like a turned Vampire but now that she got to act like she wanted to act, she wanted to show off her assets. When she stood up, Elian’s gaze followed but never lifted up high than below her neckline.


“Fuck talking,” Elian said as he moved across the room and grabbed her. He took her down on the long chair that she loved to sit on and covered her with his body before he took her mouth in a bruising kiss. Shifting a little, Elian got a hand on her breast pushed up a little to pop it out of the corset. He didn’t take his mouth from her instead he just let it drop back down in. He was testing how flexible the bra part was. It was a newer corset but Raven knew that she wouldn’t have been able to lean over very far without popping out. It had the effect she wanted though.

“Let’s move upstairs. Go ahead up and when I get the house locked, I’ll join you.” Raven kissed his mouth again, biting on his lip as she pulled back. “Go.”

Raven waited until Elian was out of the room before she moved to the three doors that led inside from the ground floor. Once she made sure each was locked, she made sure that no code would work to open the door unless it was the 911 code. She listened as Elian sort of paced around inside her bedroom. She wondered what state of dress he was going to be in. He’d only had sex twice that she knew of. She had no clue if he had Rose had sex during the two months she’d been gone from Belpre. She didn’t care if he had. Being in love someone didn’t mean that that person wouldn’t fuck around, especially if he or she wasn’t with the one they loved.

Elian was looking at what little jewelry was out on her make up stand where she got ready. As soon as she entered the room, he turned. Raven crossed to the bed and lay down after toeing off her shoes, draping her hands above her head. Elian stripped off his shirt and threw it to the side before he leaned a knee onto the bed. Raven could see the hesitation in his eyes as he looked her up and down. Raven smiled at him as she noticed he had already taken off his shoes and socks.

Elian moved up her body, sliding against her in all the wonderful ways. With her arms draped above her head, the corset was pulled up a little and there was a two inch section of skin between her jeans and the fabric of the corset, his mouth kissed at the skin and Raven arched into his mouth. She was afraid that if she started to touch, this would move too fast and she wanted him to set the pace. He showed no indication that he was ready to move away from her stomach. Instead she felt his hands on her jeans as he unbuttoned them. Her breath hitched as she felt his breath ghost over her flesh and panties.

Lifting up so that he could pull her pants off, Raven closed her eyes. Elian moved so that she could take her pants off with her feet and heard them drop to the floor before he moved back to her crotch. She had worn a bear of boy shorts instead of normal panties or nothing at all. She wanted Elian to work for what she was giving him.

Placing a kiss at the top of her panties, Elian then proceeded to rip them to get them off of her. Raven gasped but it ended in a moan when Elian grabbed her legs and pushed them up so that he could get to her pussy. She felt the hitch when he noticed that she was shaved. She had waxed earlier in the day so that she was ready for him.

Raven reached up to her hair and started to pull it out of the ponytail. It was a spelled hair tie that would hold hair in whatever fashion it was wanted with an uttered word. As soon as she loosened it the hair fell down to the pillow her head was on. It was easy to pull it off after that. Elian looked up at her and she flicked the tie at him with a small smile. He grabbed it threw it to the side. He laughed as he took the first lick at her folds. Raven leaned back and relaxed as he pleasured her. No matter his experience level, Elian ate pussy like he was a lesbian.

He ended up having to hold her down his hands to keep her from moving away from him in too much pleasure. Raven moved to grab at his hair but he just grabbed her hands and held them at the same time he was holding her hips down. She knew that she could have powered out of it but she didn’t want to.

The first time he thrust into her with a wet finger, she almost came off the bed even with him holding her down. She heard his dry laugh as he entered her with two more fingers. He thrust in and out with his fingers while his tongue moved over her clit over and over again, building her up to orgasm before he stopped.

“What do we need to use?” Elian asked his voice husky.

Raven opened her eyes to look at him and saw that he was undoing his pants. She leaned up to elbows while she looked him over.



“Oh. Don’t worry about that. The Witches have a spell for that.” Raven watched as Elian stripped his pants and boxers off. She smiled at his toned legs and admiring the little dip his skin did over his hip bones. She wasn’t sure what it was called but it was sexy as hell. “I have to go to a Witch to remove it.”

Elian nodded and crawled up the bed to drape himself over her. She canted her hips a little and let her pussy rub over his dick. Elian shuddered and buried his face in her neck as he ran his hand down her side. He used that hand to push her upward a little and she felt his cock tip brush over her opening. Once he had her where he wanted her, he used his hand to guide himself inside of her. Raven arched her neck as he slid inside of her. He was being careful in a way that she hadn’t had someone be in hundreds of years. Even her first time had never been gentle. It had been good but not gentle.

Claiming her mouth again, Elian forced all her focus on him. She cupped his face with her hands to keep him where she wanted him as she met each of his thrusts with a thrust of his own. His hands ghosted over her breasts and stomach, like he was scared that touching would break her.

The first tear tracked down Raven’s face and she felt it but she didn’t want Elian to so she was happy when he pulled away to move down to her breasts. She wiped at the tear and forced herself not to cry. She started trying to thrust harder, faster, anything so that she wouldn’t start to cry in earnest but Elian shushed her as he lifted his head from where he was tracing her areola with his tongue.

“No, we have both wanted this for a while so just lay back and enjoy the ride.”

Raven moaned as he shifted a little and thrust hard just once before going back to his slow, languid pace. “You may end up being the death of me, Darkan.”

Elian didn’t even have the grace to cover his laughing. His hand shifted and he was titling her hips up a little and with that change, he was hitting the spot. It was a slow slide over and back her spot every single thrust.

The only thing that Raven could do when she felt her orgasm build, knowing she couldn’t stop it was to grab Elian by the face and pull him up for a kiss. She smashed their lips together and held on for the ride as her muscles gripped him tight. Elian shoved an arm under her neck and pulled her hips against his harder and harder until she felt his thrust falter and he buried himself deep inside her. He slipped his face away from hers and buried his face in her neck, biting as he did. She felt her skin rip and a trickle of blood cascade down her neck but her healing factor closed it up quickly.

Raven had made sure to feed before she had come into town. If the night had ended up like it did, she hadn’t wanted to feed on him. She wasn’t sure how he would react to that. Of course, he was bound to freak out that he had bitten her but she would deal with that when it came.

Elian thrust a couple more times while he softened and then slipped out of her. He rolled to the side, pulling her close, burying his face in her neck from the back. She knew the exact moment that he smelled the blood.

“What is that?” Elian’s head shifted backwards but Raven bent her arm and put his head back where it was. She reached over for a tissue that was on the nightstand and wetted it, cleaning up the small streak of blood. “I bite you didn’t I?”

“A great many wolves do that for their entire lives. It’s something about with them needing to bite like that to change, it’s a biological imperative and it sticks with them. You’ll have to talk to Ralph or Rose about it.”

The chuff of a laugh ghosted over her skin and Raven shivered. The sheets were piled on the ground at the foot of the bed, just in case and she waved her hand and the sheets moved up the bed towards her and Elian. He didn’t even shift and just started to relax in sleep. Raven would allow him that for a little while but she wasn’t done with him or his cock. She might just go for a midnight ride.


Raven rolled over to face Elian. The sun was just starting to peak over the horizon and it was framing him in a little bit of light. She looked incredibly young when he was asleep but she knew that she did as well. She leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. She had woken him in the night. He hadn’t woken as she had taken him in her mouth but he did when she had rolled him onto his back and settled him inside of her. Hands on her hips, she had rode him until they had both orgasmed. They had showered after that, both too tired for anything more than a little fondling under the spray of the water.

They had fallen asleep wrapped in each other’s arms and neither had stirred at all. Until now. Raven didn’t want to get up but her stomach wanted human food. She had a shear robe hanging on a hook on the other side of the room. Maybe after she ate she could talk Elian into sex somewhere in the house.

As she stood up, Raven collapsed into a heap on the floor. She grabbed at her heart as the pain flared from there. Gasping out loud, she tried to breathe but found that she couldn’t. If she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t call out for help from Elian. The pain got worse and worse and she wasn’t sure what was happening.

Finally, she was able to take a quick breath but before she could form the word help, she screamed out as the pain doubled. She knew that she was close to passing out as she heard Elian jumping from the bed and running to her.

“Raven? What’s wrong? Raven! RAVEN!”

As sudden as the pain started, it stopped and Raven took several deep breaths.

“I don’t…I don’t know. It felt like someone was trying to burn my heart…” Raven stopped as she looked into Elian’s eyes. She could see herself in his eyes and she didn’t recognize her own eyes. Her eyes looked happy. Her eyes hadn’t looked like that in years.

Running to the bathroom, Raven looked at her face. Elian was right behind her, afraid to touch her but she could tell by his movements that he wanted to. She whirled around to face him, a giant smile on her face. She grabbed him and kissed him, both of them falling to the floor. Elian landed on his ass while she landed in his lap.


“I love you,” Raven gasped in between kisses. “I love you so much!”

“I love you, too Raven.” Elian said as he kept her from kissing him again. He looked at her face, his own face full of confusion. He stared for several seconds before the confusion disappeared and he kissed her on the lips. “I love you so much!”

“You fixed me, Elian. I…I think that the pain was a way of giving me all the pain that I never felt after I had my heart burned with hatred.”

“I don’t care about that.” Elian pulled her close and kept kissing her.

Raven Shadow didn’t want to move from the floor of the bathroom. She wanted to stay there all day but she knew that Charity would want in the house at some point. There was so much to do that it wouldn’t be possible to stay there all day but all morning? She could do that.


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Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Eleven-Gone

Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Eleven-Gone

It had been a week before James let Elian go to Raven’s house. He said it was for his own good but Elian just wanted to see if she was fine. The last time that he had seen her, she had passed out after killing Zain and Helena Matian. Madeleine’s blood had healed the wounds caused by the fights. Elian had been trapped by magic. He was still pissed at Jasmyn about that.

Elian had tried to sneak off one day but as soon as he got onto Raven’s property, Charity exited the house and just stared at him. He was afraid that Raven didn’t want to see him. He had admitted something in the heat of the moment that he wasn’t sure but he think that she heard it.

Zain Matian had been a curse upon the land but he hadn’t wished the whole line dead like that. To watch the Matian in the back of the room die like that, Elian had stood transfixed as the magic killed him with what looked a lightning bolt through the heart. It was a nightmare for him now. It would wake him in the night like the one of Raven used to. Only in the nightmare it was him dying. He would be staring at Raven as the bolt strikes him through the heart. She would barely flinch and then would leave with Alexis. Elian knew that Raven wouldn’t do that but she would move on from him. It would be stupid not to. Neither of them had told each other how they felt and it’s crazy to think that after a year of knowing each other they would be so attached that they could never move on.

“Elian,” James said coming up behind him. He had stopped at the edge of Raven’s property.

“I’m just a little worried that she will yell at me.”

“Just go.” James shoved at him and Elian moved across the property line. He kept the flow up and moved up to the door and entered the house. The door was unlocked and the alarm not even set. The smell of her was faint. He moved to the sunroom and found only the roses and plants. He moved to the upstairs and found nothing. He followed her scent and found that she had slipped out over the balcony. He looked at the distance and decided to make the jump. He landed on his feet in a soft part of the grass and then set about following her scent. His tracking skills were better as a wolf but it was too light outside and since the area weather had been warming up, there were a lot of people outside. There was still the scare of the panther in their minds, he would rather they didn’t shoot first and ask questions later.

Raven hadn’t shifted to her panther form at all for the trek. She had stayed human and seemed to be carrying some kind of leather bag with her. He wasn’t sure what was in the bag because the smell of leather covers nearly everything that it put into it. He’d found that out by accident with Caleb’s pack. The oil from guns would come through the pack. There was little that could hide that scent from Werewolves and Vampires. Still he knew that Raven wasn’t going to anywhere normal in town. She hadn’t just decided to go for a walk; she was taking the back areas of the town. She didn’t want to be seen.

“Elian?” Charity asked as she looked at him.

“She ran.”

“What?” Charity looked up and a saw the curtains to the balcony blowing in the breeze. “JAMES!”

James came running around the side of the house and took in Charity standing there with Elian. “ Fuck. Where did she go?”

“That way.” Elian pointed off towards the Kraton edge of town.

“Charity?” James turned and looked at her.

“I have no clue. She was fine, said that she was good enough to meet with Elian today. The poison finally fully left her system. It was a horrible poison. While the wounds were slow to heal but the real effect was noticed a day later. It ravaged her body and she was not in a good way until yesterday afternoon. She woke today feeling fine.” Charity moved to the back door and opened it up. James moved inside and Elian followed with Charity shutting the door as she came in.

“Where could she have gone?” Elian asked.

“I don’t know. There is nothing out there at that end of town. Nothing that would interest her.”

Elian listened as the two of them talked about what she could be doing. Charity went through her room and only a little bit of clothes were missing as well as her identification. The most interesting was that all her notebooks she had been writing in lately were gone. He left them in the kitchen, talking and moved to the room where Raven had been teaching him about Mystic life. He looked at the shelves that had been empty before and found them full of books. He had always been wary of the fact that the shelves were empty. He grabbed one of the books and opened it.

History starts when someone decides to start writing it down or learning it to retell in verbal form. Before the year 200BC, the Mystics were a group of four races who decided to join together when they needed to. Called Mystics for a quick way of describing themselves. The Mystics had a no quarrel with humans. The humans were barely aware of the Mystics.

It came to a head when a fringe group of Werewolves took in newly created Vampires and forced them to drink the blood of humans. It was a horde of blood thirsty Vampires with no care for the lives of the humans around them. Unleashed in the wilds of what was to become France, the Vampires and Werewolves killed all the humans around them. Before the Mystics were aware of what was happening, a human army was amassed to deal with the supernatural threat.

The Vampires and Werewolves were halted outside of a city that at the time was called Mystic City for the beautiful land around it. The city was ruled by a Council of five indiviuals. Alexis Wrenwood, Albin Birdwood, and Gregory Elkwood cared for the city in the capacity of making sure the city was defended and that the laws were upheld. Alesha Rosewood and Samantha Ironwood took care of the softer but no less important things in the city like food, medicine, and caring for the people. When the Vampires started to siege the city, it was those five who rallied the fighters of the city to turn them back. The Vampires attacked during the night and the Werewolves at night. It was a three day siege before the Mystics arrived to take care of their own.

The Mystic army was led by a Werewolf, a Vampire, a Fae, and a Witch. Just hours after arriving at the city, the Werewolves led a sneak attack on the leaders who were inside of the city. The five leaders of the humans were able to repel the attack and saved the lives of some of the oldest of the Vampires and Werewolves and the most powerful of the Witches and the leader of the Fae. When the battle was done a day later and the Werewolves were destroyed along with their bloodthirsty Vampires, the five human leaders still stood as did Mystic City.

The humans of Mystic City welcomed the Mystic army into their homes and fed and cared for them while they healed from the wounds of the fight. The leaders of the Mystics decided that a court needed to be formed to catch these things before they were to happen. It was also decided by the Witches that the five leaders of the humans were to be rewarded and the city rewarded as well.

On the next full moon, in the center of the city, the Witches prepared a spell that would grant the town protections and the leaders would be rewarded with a boon from magic herself.

It took years for the repercussions of that night to be seen. The human leaders were not aging and the city was a haven for Mystics. Magic had granted the city all the protections it could muster as well as leaders that would never forget that the Mystics were around.

In the year 0, Mystic City became the capital city of the Mystic races, now numbering five. Instead of the five Immortal leaders, the city had one leader from each of the five races. It was a haven for those who had nowhere else to turn to.

For eight hundred years, Mystic City stood a beacon to Mystics who needed help or just to feel connected to other of their races. Then the humans came.

Worried about the city, humans amassed a great army and attacked in the dead of night. The Mystics were not prepared and the humans set fire to the city. Over half of the city was on fire before the evacuation began and the humans were waiting. The Court was taken out though tunnels that the humans didn’t know about and were gotten to safety along with the older and the younger of the city. Nearly all the fighting forces were destroyed but the heart of the races, the Court and the younger survived.

The Court rules that until the year 2000, there would be no talk of a new capital city. Humans were spreading across the planet and it would better not to pull in like that anymore. The Court would travel from place to place and never set down roots, fully. It has been the way of life for a thousand years for the Mystics but one must ask if it’s the right way of life.

Elian turned the page and found that the book went on to the history of the races before and after each race joined into the group. Elian found out that it was the Werewolves and the Vampires who founded the Mystic race and then the Fae and finally the Witches. As he flipped through the book, a piece of paper fell out.

It was a piece of older paper. It was full of Raven’s writing. The Matians were the ones to create the pack of wolves and Vampires who attacked Mystic City the first time. It’s also been alluded to that they set the humans up to attack Mystic City in the year 800. I’ve found many connections that prove both of these things. I’ve given copies of what I have to Atrian and we have split the majority of it so that if either one of us is taken out, the Court will get some of it.

What I have not found out is why the Matians went after my family. Why go after two of the five races and not the other three? I have nothing that links the two families outside of the friendship that is shared between the two. There is no whisper in the fringes. Torture has given me nothing either.

Torture? Elian grabbed another of the books and found that it was full of the history of the wolves. It had nothing new inside of it in the actual text of the book but there were notes scribbled in the margins of the book as well as pieces of paper. On the back inside cover of the book he found a list of names. There were twenty names and each one of them was marked out with a single solid black line. There were many with the last name of Matian but there were just as many without. Those without it had lines drawn to someone with that name. There was only a single name and it was at the bottom of the page that hadn’t been crossed out. Thomas Matian.

There was nothing else on this Matian. Elian closed the book and looked up to see Charity standing there. Behind her, halfway down the stairs, was James.

“How many did she kill over the years?”

“Around fifty. Many were killed because they attacked her. Those names on the list are the only ones that she went after.” Charity sat down and pulled the book from his hands. She set it down on the table. “She pulled these books out for you. I know that she planned on letting you read all of them. The uncensored history of the Mystic races. There is more in this room than I think many would even want to know about the Mystics. Raven has seen the worst of the Mystics and still she wants to save them.”

“This is the darkness that was mentioned that day isn’t it?” Elian remembered what he had over heard about Raven not surviving a spell like that.

“Yes. The Shadow line of Vampires is a strong family line but there are few of us. I am sure that there are ones out there that wish to remain unknown, turned Vampires who find life out of the spotlight a better life. As far as we know though, only Raven and I exist. It would be easier to kill us in cold blood because for the spell to work, someone would have to kill Raven and drain a good bit of her blood out to cast the spell. If Raven were to kill herself instead, the spell wouldn’t work.”

“But it would work on her?” Elian knew what that meant. He knew that Raven had a darkness in her. No one could survive what she did without a darkness in them. He hoped the darkness disappeared now that she had justice for her family and his.

“It probably would. There might be enough darkness in her. She’s never went to a witch and found out. She said it was better for her to never know.”

“Elian?” a voice called out from upstairs. It was Alexis. Elian stood up but James motioned for him to stay. Alexis’s steps sounded on the stairs. “There you are.”

“We’ll leave you alone,” Charity said as she pulled James out of the room.

Elian looked at Alexis.

“I know that you were there that night that you ended up in the woods with Rose. I went home that night and I thought about a lot of things. Amelia Cork loved like to the point of laughing for no reason. I fell in love with that girl and I would have married her and probably lived out my life with her. Immortals can only have children with Fae, Witches, Immortals, and humans. I can never have a child with a Werewolf or a Vampire and I was okay with that. I would have lived with Amelia for the rest of our lives. I watched her get killed in front of me and I couldn’t even hold her while she died. She was dead when I touched her.

“Amelia is not the same as Raven and I have tried to reconcile the two of them but that I loved in Amelia is not in Raven.” Alexis sighed and sat down in a chair that faced Elian. Elian sat down as well. “Don’t get me wrong, she and I are good in…bed but it’s not enough.”

Elian couldn’t figure out why Alexis was telling him all of this. None of this he needed to know. He knew of Amelia Cork and a few of the other names that Raven had used over the years but he cared not for hearing about them bouncing around in the bedroom together.

“After I talked to you and saw her with Bryar, I saw what I needed. I was correct her heart is burned. She cares for some and wants to help them but love…that emotion is only for Charity and a few others she knew from before her family was killed. There is something about you though. She moved up her timetable to take them out for you. She revealed herself to the Court as all that she is.”

Alexis leaned forward on the table and clasped Elian’s hands in his own.

“You saw her book with the name Thomas Matian inside of it, correct?”

Elian only nodded for an answer. He didn’t know if his voice would work.

“Thomas Matian was the father of Zain Matian. He was killed in the year 1600 by Zain. He’s the lynchpin in all of this. When the spell cast by Jasmyn swept through the world, there were two who escaped the spell. Zain Matian’s youngest child, a little girl. Zain had little use for girls. You saw what he did with your mother. Girls are only good as breeding stock. He pushed her off on another daughter of his who had recently birthed a child. When the spell took the life of all the Matian’s, the child was left alone.”

Elian nodded not sure why Alexis was telling him this. He didn’t need to know about a baby who died because of the spell that had taken out the rest of the Matians.

“The child was in the London area and when the Mystic guards arrived at the house to take care of the body of the daughter, they didn’t find the baby. Raven received a call three days ago. I was in the room.”

“Who was the second Matian?” Elian asked. Alexis hadn’t said a word about that Matian.

“Raven said you were too smart for your own good. Thomas Matian arrived with child in hand in Columbus three days ago. He entered Charity’s firm up there and was forwarded to Raven from there. It seems that Gwen Shadow hid him. He said he feared for his life and he wasn’t sure who was after him. He gave testimony to the Court the following day in Marietta of what he knew his son had planned. He’s taken over as leader of the Matian’s and would love to meet with you and introduce you to your little Aunt.”

“How are you not sure this is a way to kill me?”

“Jasmyn ripped his mind apart and found no deceit in him.”

“Did Raven go to meet him?”

“You mean she isn’t here?” Alexis looked alarmed. He stood up and took the stairs two at a time to get into the ground floor. Elian ran after him. He caught up with him in the sunroom. “Where did she go?”

“We don’t know. I’ve called her cell and it’s turned off. I left a message but I don’t want to freak out.”

“The poison?” Alexis sounded worried and for the first time Elian started to get worried as well. If the poison had caused her to do this, what else could it cause her to do? He took off at a run out the back door. James yelled at him but he kept going. He picked up her scent easy and traced it to the edge of town and beyond. It stopped at the Athens county line. He didn’t know what she was doing in Athena County but he was worried about it. Without a scent to trace, he could look for years for her and never find her in the backwoods of county in the two counties.

It’s there that Alexis finds him an hour later.

“The court will look for her but we can’t make it a priority. The effects of what we did with the Matians is echoing back to us. If we get any word of her, we will get you word.”


“I’m sure that the Court will see you soon, Elian Darkan.”

Alexis walked back to the car he had drove in. Elian watched him go, driving towards Columbus. He knew that the Court have moved to Columbus to work on things. Still Alexis’s parting words stung a little. He took it to mean that Alexis thought that he was going to get into massive enough trouble that it would require the Court to rule on it. He turned back to look where Alexis had come from and saw James there, waiting in his car.

“Let’s go home and talk, we have a lot to talk about.” James nodded his head back towards Belpre and Elian nodded and started to walk towards the car. He had learned so much over the past few hours. He needed time to process it all.


Days turned into three weeks and Elian read all the books inside of the room at Raven’s. The coffee shop was set to open up on May 1st and Elian was nervous about that. The kitchen was ready and so were the cooks he had hired but he was worried about people coming in until the college opened up. He would be able to take the hit, financially, he knew that but he didn’t want it to bomb.

The word from James was that Charity had taken over taking care of the school while Raven was gone. Charity knew what Raven wanted and knew the ins and outs of the whole thing so it was easy for her to do it. Elian still ran pasted Raven’s house every single morning. He had started to run again. Finding it good for him and wonderful for his mind, he started the run when he woke up in the morning and started at his house and ran towards downtown. Once he reached the bridge, he would turn and head towards the second bridge and then came back up town along the highway. He would cross over at Drag Strip Road and head back to his house along 618. He always checked over her house. Charity stayed there but the smell of Raven never popped up at all.

Elian wanted the day where her smell would come back to the house.

The run started off his day and then he would go home and look over any books he had pulled from Raven’s or ones that James would bring to him. Around noon he would head to the coffee shop and figure out what needed done to prepare for the opening and then would head to the shop in Parkersburg and handle whatever he needed to. He had the shop up for sale and had three interested people but the finances had yet to come back on them. James said they could start the paperwork at any time, once those were received. Elian had no clue what the bids were they had put on it.

A retailer had come into the shop and had told Elian what it was worth and then when Elian had finished with him, another had come in. Both had given him right around the same price so Elian had added ten percent to make a little money off of it and then had put it up for sale. It had only taken a week for the first offer to come in and it was just a week after that the other two had made offers. Elian had stepped back from it after that and had let James handle it.

There was still so much anger in Elian about his family. About what his father allowed to happen to him. What his mother had done to him. What Zain Matian had done to his daughter and all of the family. Thomas Matian wanted to meet Elian when Elian wanted but he was unsure if he would ever want to meet his great-grandfather or even his uncle. The Matian name was something that Elian had come to hate. It was a name that meant fear and death. It was a horrible name and he wanted to never hear it again but he knew that he was going to.

“Boss,” Jacob said as he moved in front of Elian. Forcing Elian to look up at him. He was a human but knew of the Mystics through a friend. He was currently the manager for the coffee shop. “Go home. You are making that face again.”

“I know. I keep thinking about things and it makes me mad.” Elian gathered his things and moved to the door. Jacob would lock up and make sure that everything was good for the staff tomorrow. The stress of Raven not being there along with the stress of opening the coffee shop was getting to him and he knew it. The runs in the morning weren’t helping. He needed to relieve stress and he needed to do it soon.

Raven’s hidden room of knowledge, as Elian had been taking to call it had nothing on the laws of the Mystics. Even James seemed surprised on that. Raven used to many laws to kill so many of the Matians over the years. He knew that she had to have books on the law. The lack of those books was making it hard for Elian to learn anything more about his place in the world. James was walking him through everything but it was hard to learn anything for himself. He hated being reliant on James even though the man didn’t care. Elian paid him well enough but he also knew that James helped like he did because he was friends with Elian.

“Lock up when you…”

Jacob waved his hand and turned to head back into the kitchen. It was getting a scrub down before opening day so that the cooks would be able to start cooking right away at four a.m. that morning. Elian knew the shop was in good hands. Jacob was trustworthy.

Getting home meant having little to do so Elian decided to go for a run. Working in the garden would just remind him of Raven and he had done that the night before. There was little he could do in the garden. He hoped he could run his nerves off. It would be better than staring at the walls in his bedroom all night like he did last week.

Elian wanted Raven to come back more than anything.

The Shadow Vampire line is that of power. The Shadow’s have been the epitome of power since the beginning times of the Vampires. There is nothing scarier than a Shadow who has set his or her eyes on killing you. To escape a Shadow when they have set their heart on killing you means they are playing with you. Sadistic doesn’t begin to cover what they will do to you. If you come on the bad side of a Shadow, start to beg for your life the second you figure it out. If you don’t you may not live another second. 

Chapter Twelve

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Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Ten-Justice

Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Ten-Justice

Raven arrived at Elian’s house to find that he was already gone. His car was not in the garage and it wasn’t in the driveway either. Her phone chirped that she got a new message.

Madeleine called and James and I are on our way up. I have no clue what it going on just that they wanted to speak to me without you. I’ll keep you informed.

“If you get him killed,” Raven said as she turned to take in Alexis and Bryar. That Madeleine called him up without two of the Court being there meant that something bad was going down.

“The Court guard has been pulled from the city. The Matians know that Elian is supposed to arrive at nine. You are going to arrive with me in the car. Bryar will drive with your sister to take her up in her car.” Alexis pulled a baseball cap from his pocket and put it on. He opened up the door to the car and sat down. Raven watched him as he pulled a gun from inside a jacket pocket. He placed it under his leg. Raven looked at him in shock. Bryar moved to Charity’s car and he sat down pulling out a dagger and a gun. They were prepared for war.

Raven moved into Elian’s house and found the loose floorboard where Elian used to hide the journals. Raven had stored a gun there and she was sure that it would be needed if Alexis and Bryar thought that they needed one. She got into the driver’s seat of the car and placed her gun in the cup holder. She had the permits the humans required to carry and conceal a weapon.

“What is going on?” Raven asked.

“We are worried about the Matian’s. They tried to buy off Jasmyn and when that didn’t work, they tried to threaten her. She stood her ground and now they are worried. I am worried about you and Madeleine is worried about Charity. James will be able to protect Elian as they should have no clue that he is arrived early. We are worried about them thinking that he is with you and killing you both.”

“I see. So we have to drive all the way to Marietta while looking behind us?”

“Bryar and Charity are going 550. It’s longer but we want to know where the Matians are.”

Raven nodded as she started up the car. Charity pulled out first and started on the road to 339. Raven waited until she was out of sight before she pulled out. She kept her eye on every single car that she passed and that passed her. She spotted several spotter cars that were watching them as they drove up Route 7 to Marietta. Alexis’s eyes never swapped sweeping across left to right and front to back. Raven was happy that Elian wasn’t with her. She wouldn’t be able to concentrate on what she needed to do to keep an eye on things.

“Go the back way. Across Washington Street Bridge.” It was the first words that Alexis had spoken since he had got into the car. “As soon as we get into the underground your cell phone will stop functioning. We have the place under total frequency lockdown.”

That shocked Raven. She had never known the Court to go to such extreme measures for any case. Alexis had never kept things from her but she knew that he was right now. She would all him his secrets but if they harmed her or Elian, she would kill him. His cock wasn’t that great and she could easily find another to keep her entertained while she spend the rest of her life. If he ended up getting her killed, she would make sure to haunt him the rest of his life.

The college loomed up on them and Raven parked pretty far away from where the place was. In her trunk was her shoulder holster. She had little need for it but she was happy that she had it. She pulled it out and stripped off her suit jacket to put it on. She slipped her jacket back on and picked up her gun from inside the car. When moved over and opened the car door and then she heard the click of a gun.

“Can you out run a bullet, Shadow whore?” a voice drawled from behind her. Raven turned around and gave the man holding the gun on her a wicked smile. “Just walk away and I won’t kill you as well.”

“You won’t kill anyone, Greg,” Ralph said from behind the gunman. The gunman spun around and he took in the seventeen guards and Ralph who were standing there. Greg raised up his hands and let the gun drop to where it was just hanging on by a single finger. Ralph grabbed the gun and threw it to one of the guards and then three guards grabbed Greg and started to handcuff him. Five other guards broke off and moved to help Elian out of the car and then started to escort him into the building. Ralph stayed with her. “I’ll be escorting you in with Alexis. Charity and Bryar have already made it in. They kind of pushed it hard to get here before you”

“I see. Is everyone ready?”

“Nearly,” Ralph said as he linked his arm with Raven’s and started to pull her towards the entrance to the area where the Court was being held. Raven let herself be pulled in with him. Alexis moved in their wake, always looking around. Raven wasn’t quite sure how the Court room looked. With all the extra guards the room had to be packed.

Raven stepped though an invisible barrier and she felt the magic pass over her. There was a spell of some kind over the area. She wasn’t even going to guess what it could be. Jasmyn, Madeleine, and Bryar were already seated up on the dais and Alexis was on his way. Ralph escorted Raven to a seat that was different than where she had sat before. Charity was seated with James and Elian at the table that Elian had been at before. Raven wasn’t sure that she liked it, still she sat where Ralph wanted her to. As soon as she sat down, Ralph moved up to his seat.

“Welcome back to the conclusion of the Matian vs. Darkan trial. Due to the sensitive nature of this case, we have raised a spell up that will block all communication of any kind in and out of this room,” Ralph started. He took a piece of paper that Madeleine offered him. “Since this is a wolf matter, we felt that I could be the one to handle the majority of things today. We have made out decision but there are a few things that we need to get out of the way before we start. We have one last witness who wants to come forward. The court would like to call Raven Shadow, last Scion of the Shadow line forward.”

“The Shadow line has no more Scions,” Zain said as he stood up. He looked at Charity and then at Raven. “The Shadow line can no longer be passed through the blood, just through the bite and therefore the Shadows no longer matter.”

“I understand how you feel, Lord Matian,” Ralph said.

It was then that Raven understood. The Court was forcing her to come out to the world. They were putting her into a position of revealing it herself or they would. She turned to look at them and she glared. None of them looked like they gave a flying shit. Madeleine refused to look at her and Jasmyn just gave her a smile. She had seconds to decide how she wanted to look to the world.

“But be that as it may. What you think of the world and what the world really is are two very separate things.”

“Gwendolyn Shadow died before she could birth a child. The whole world knows this. It is a fact that can’t be changed.”

“And what would you know of her sexual activities?” Madeleine asked as she turned her full gaze to him. “Were you there in her bedroom all the time?”

“No,” Zain started as he leaned forward and rested his hands on the table. “I know that she can’t have had a child.”

“And I say that she did,” Raven said as she stood up from her seat. “I was born as the last day of October waned in the year 1566. I was not changed. I was born to Gwendolyn Shadow and Victor Shadow.”

Zain looked at her with a look of utter shock. Helena was the first to react. She moved around the table and got close enough to Raven to slap her.

“How dare you lie like that!” Helena stated as she tucked her hand at her side. After a few seconds while the guards scrambled, Raven stepped closer and Helena took a deep breath.

Raven could tell the second that Helena smelled it. The smell of roses and cinnamon was wafting off of her in her anger. That spell that she had passed had more than one effect. Raven, not worried about Helena, turned to look at Jasmyn. Jasmyn show no emotion. In fact, she barely looked at Raven.

The guards pulled Helena back and slammed her down into the seat beside her husband. Raven moved to the center of the area and looked out at the people staring at her.

“No one her will fight the claim that only those born of the ancient bloodlines of the vampires can change into an animal. I was named Raven but I do not change into one.”

Every single one of the people in the crowd gasped and leaned back but the guards did nothing. Raven let the whole crowd take her in before she shifted back. As soon as she was human again, she moved back to her seat. There was silence in the crowd but Raven knew that once the Court was over there would be non-stop talking. She was sure that in just a day the whole of the Mystic world would know that she had been lying for years. There would be those that cared but the other ancients would know why she did it.

“We have questions about the night that you found the Darkan family slaughtered.”

“This was already covered in Court session.” Zain said as he pounded his hand on the table. Ralph looked at him like he wanted to murder him.

“Yes and unlike humans, we can try you for the crime many times until the people are satisfied.”

“I won’t stand for this!” Zain pounded his hand on the table again.

“Then do sit down,” Jasmyn said.

Zain whipped his head to look at the Witch. Raven could barely contain her laugh and several in the crowd didn’t. Zain huffed and sat down.

“Thank you, Lord Matian.”

“Lady Shadow, would you please recount what you found when you entered the Darkan castle the night of their utter destruction in 1850?” Ralph asked.

Raven turned her head to look at Ralph. She stared at him for several seconds before turning back to look at the crowd. She closed her eyes to bring back the images of blood and the smell of rotten milk.

“I had come to reconcile with Dmitry now that he was settled and with child. Dmitry had thought himself in love with me and had admitted after his marriage that he had just been mixing up how good of friends we were and love. I came bearing a gift for little Darius Darkan. I was one of the first to see him that wasn’t family and staff. I was happy that Dmitry had forgiven me enough for that. I stepped onto the estate. The wards were working because I smelled nothing of those who lived there up until I passed the wards and that is when I started to get worried. I could smell the blood. The coppery tang of blood that had been left out too long. If the Darkans had a massive hunt, I could understand the smell but the place looked dead.”

Raven stopped for a few seconds and a guard brought her a tall glass of water. She smiled her thanks and then turned to Elian. She could see on his face that he knew side of the story. He knew what was in the journal but there was so much more than that.

“I ran inside and found the staff slaughtered. Wolf and human alike. It’s the only staff there would be. Staff from other races are given a vacation or found work elsewhere when the children are young. Usually for the first four or so years. I found Adriana first. She was murdered with her heart ripped out and her throat slit. She had also been raped.” Raven closed her eyes again as she said the words. She didn’t want to look at Elian and see the shock as she told what she had kept out of her journal. “The whole house was disgusting. I would say that most of the women had been raped and a few of the men as well.”

“That’s a serious charge. It was found in the trial against the Matian’s the first time but no semen had been found.” Ralph’s voice was just low enough so that it carried but barely.

“I know that.” Raven turned in her seat and looked at the Court members. “Justice wasn’t served years before and I want to know why?”

“Because the Witches who have sat on this Court have all been in the employ of the Matians. We found records of it and we are willing to charge Zain Matian with bribery and extortion.”

“You can’t prove it,” Zain said as he relaxed back in his chair. He looked smug.

The doors to the room opened and a young looking girl walked in. Raven recognized her instantly. She looked exactly like her mother had. Her name was Amanda Verdan. She was the second child of the Verdan line and had been raised by the Matian’s since her parents had died by human hands in the 1700s. The last time that Raven had seen her was when she was five years old.

Zain stood up and stared at her. She gave him a smile and a wink before she moved over to where Aurora Copper had been allowed up to the front. Aurora took her in her arms and cradled her.

“We have the testimony of Amanda Verdan and what you have done to her and told her over the years. Be lucky that her older brother was not allowed here.” Ralph looked down at Amanda with pity in his eyes. Raven wasn’t even sure she wanted to know what he had done to her. There had been rumors that Zain had a live in mistress that his wife liked to play with as well. If it was Amanda, then there would be hell to pay.

It was then that it dawned on Raven and Zain what was going to happen. Zain looked at all the exits in fear. He wasn’t leaving there not in irons. Helena leaned over to whisper something into Savay’s ear but the wolf lawyer stood up and moved over to James’s table and sat down on the other side of Elian.

“I remove myself as the Matian lawyer. I will gladly take Amanda Verdan’s case for free. I think that some things can be done there.”

“You can’t get blood from a turnip. All of the Matian assets have been taken. Every single one. We follow the letter of the law. Gail died first so all of her things went to her husband who while was unchanged, is a Mystic. When he died, all of his things were stated to go to his son. Gail had been diligent in filing all of the wills with the human and the Mystic courts. Elian followed all the rules for humans and since the Mystic Court didn’t know of the death until the Matians filed suit, we will stand by the humans way of things. It’s not our way to take money from people for the death of their loved ones. This court finds that the estate of Edward and Gail Coats is to go to their son Elian Darkan.”

Ralph stood up and Raven thought that something was odd because he was keeping a hand behind his back. The other Court members were on edge. They were afraid of something. Ralph knew that something was going to happen. Raven moved her hand to her side and felt the weight of the gun there. Ralph shook his head at her and Raven lowered her hand. Ralph brought his hand out and in it was a letter. He started to read from it.

“The Court case where Raven Shadow, believed turned child of Gwendolyn Shadow took the Matian’s to Court and accused them of killing her sire and her sire’s husband as well as the entirety of the Darkan line was a travesty of a Court. There was only a single member of the Court that wasn’t in the pocket of Zain Matian at the time. The Immortal and he left notes for when the case was unsealed as he knew it would be at some time. He detailed every single thing that he could but he feared being killed as well and kept his mouth shut. When it came time that he could no longer function on the Court, he stepped down and hoped that the one who took his place wasn’t a coward. Alexis Wrenwood is not a coward. Madeleine Sky is not a coward. Jasmyn Stone is not a coward. Bryar is not a coward. Ralph Helian is not a coward. We, as the Court, find the entire Matian line guilty of the deaths of the Elder Shadows and the whole of the Darkan line except for the child who was whisked away in the night and all after him until Edward Coats. We find that the Matian line will be destroyed. Line death.”

“Then that would kill your precious boy,” Zain said. He looked calmed than he had but he still looked a little worried. Helena looked positively terrified.

“Did you know,” Ralph started as he turned to sit on the edge of the desk like area of the bench they were using to separate themselves from the crowd. “That the Lake’s used to be the most powerful of the Witch family lines but since the Lake’s have sort of sold their souls without becoming Dark Witches, the power of the Witches has shifted.”

“There are no Ferns here,” Zain said as he stood up and raised his hands to show the people behind him. “There is only a Stone and she is weak.”

“No,” Jasmyn said as she shifted forward. “I was the one who placed all the spell wards here today. One for showing the true scent of all who are inside the room, sorry Raven.” Raven waved it off. “One to not allow any communication outside the room unless it’s Ralph. Then the one for a spell that was hidden away in the Shadow Castle. Sorry, Raven I had to break in because it’s where the spell was. I don’t figure you will care as soon as it’s activated.”

“You and I have to have a talk about what I think you should so with all your sorrys.” Raven laughed as she spoke.

“When the Witches joined the Mystics to protect themselves from humans, they wanted a way to protect themselves and those they were joining. Power goes to heads. The want of power goes to people’s heads. The spell was created and then lost to time. I tracked it down and found that it was given to the Shadow’s to protect.”

“What does this spell do?” Elian asked. The first time he had spoken the entire time.

“It will kill all of a certain blood. Anyone who carries the blood of the Matians.”

“See, you’ll kill Darkan if you do that!” Zain yelled as he looked around the room. “All of this is for him. To protect him from the things that go bump in the night so that he can have the life that you all think he should have had. The Darkan’s have always asked for what they didn’t deserve and they got it.”

“And this is why you are going to die,” Elian said as he looked over the Matians. “You want to take something and force people to love you and it was given to others freely. You can’t make people love you.”

“Child, you have no clue what it means to rule!” Zain took a step towards Elian but Raven was there in-between the two of them in seconds. James, Charity, Savay were over the half wall dividing the crowd from the Court in seconds. They knew that something was up. Raven didn’t have time to think on that though. She shoved and Zain was across the room, hitting the wall. The guards on this side of the wall moved to protect the Court members and the other guards were forming a wall between the crowd and Raven, Elian, Zain, and Helena. Raven crouched in front of Elian, ready to attack if Zain wished to fight her.

Zain charged at Raven and she leapt to meet him in the air. She tackled him to the ground, and pinned him in seconds. He snarled at her but didn’t change. Raven thought that odd but she knew plenty of wolves who wouldn’t change when they were fighting non-wolves.

“Submit!” Raven screamed in his face but he shoved at her and she jumped up off of him. The scraping of a metal out of sheath had Raven turning to put both Helena and Zain in her sight. Neither of them had a sword in hand. She looked at Elian who was staring up on the dais. Raven turned to look at the Court members and saw Alexis with her sword in hand. The one that she had left behind when the Matians had attempted to kill her before.

“He had been sentenced to death. We choose you as the method of his death.”

Raven turned her head as Alexis threw the sword. She caught it with her open hand and then tossed it behind her to Elian. She would use it to take his head but first she wanted to beat the ever loving shit out of him.

“You killed my parents but they were trusting of you and your family. I am not.” Raven charged at him and dropped her shoulder to take him out in the gut. It was easy to drop him. No one ever thought she was as strong as she was. Zain hit the ground and she heard of the breath in his lungs rush out. His head cracked off the ground and she was pretty sure that he was seeing stars. She turned to look at Helena but a guard her by the arms and there was an aura around her. Jasmyn had her locked in place. “I am a hunter. You made me that way. I’ve trained with so many people that you wouldn’t even be able to list all of them before you died. I am a hunter of hunters. She reached out with her nails, talons of sorts and slashed at his chest. Blood sprayed over and she moved to rip her jacket off. She pulled the gun from the holster and tossed it up at the Court. One of them would catch it. She used her strength to snap the holster and throw it away.

“Come and play with me,” Raven said as she settled onto the tips of her toes in a crouch again. Zain tried to staunch the flow of blood but he couldn’t. “You won’t be able to stop it for hours, Matian. Vampiric talons will make a human bleed to death. Mystics it takes hours to stop but all it does it ooze after a few minutes. You’ll be fine. Quite being a baby.”

The goal of a Mystic on Mystic fight it to incapacitate ones opponent as soon as possible. Raven knew that even she could be beaten if the fight were allowed to go on for very long. She could tell by the way that Zain moved that he was used to others doing his fighting. He rushed at her again but instead of taking him down; Raven sidestepped him and clotheslined him.

Zain couldn’t help the escape of breath as her arm connected with his neck, hard. He dropped to the floor, ass over head and landed on his stomach. Raven jumped on him, grabbing an arm and pulling it behind him. She pulled until she felt the dislocation of the shoulder. Zain screamed out in pain but Raven didn’t stop. She kept pulling until Zain worked through the pain and rolled her off of him. His arm hung down useless at his side.

Helena was screaming her lungs off and Raven was adoring the sound of it. She knew that she could have become worse than him. She could have become a killer that would bath in the blood of her kills but the memory of her parents wouldn’t let that happen. It didn’t stop her from enjoying this fight more than she should have.

“You are enjoying this?” Zain asked.

“Of course I am, Zain. I am avenging the death of my parents and my best friend and his family. Anyone would enjoy this.” Raven took a step towards him and she enjoyed when he flinched. He looked around the room trying to find a way out but could find none. The guards wouldn’t let him take a prisoner and Elian had a sword. Given Elian’s lack of training, he would have been an easy target except for the sword. With his chest and arm hurting, Zain knew he wouldn’t be able to get a hold of him. Raven could almost see him going through his plans in his head and discarding them. His only way out was to kill all of them. He looked at Raven and she could see that he had given up.

Zain Matian gave up. He dropped to his knees and let his arms hang limp at his sides. Raven stood up and moved to Elian, taking the sword from him.

“Is she what you want as a friend and a lover, Darkan?” Zain asked as he raised his head up. He looked Elian in the face. “She’s a hunter of hunters. There is so much blood on her hands that I am surprised her hands are not dyed red.”

“She’s honest and has always treated me with respect,” Elian said as he moved closer to Zain. He leaned close and Raven just barely caught his words. “At least when she fucks me, I’ll know that she’s not trying to or is ever going to kill me.” Elian stepped back from him and moved closer to the Court members.

Zain raised his head defiantly and gave her a wicked smile. “You saved him where you couldn’t save your family.”

“And you can do nothing to save yourself. Try your mind games on someone else.”

Sword raised in the air, Raven kept her eyes locked with Zain as instead of cutting with the sword towards his neck; she stabbed at him, near his heart. Zain flinched back as the blade entered just inches from his heart.

Bloody,” Ralph’s voice echoed in her head. Raven tried not to react and to wait for him to continue. “We need as much blood as you can get from him before he dies.”

Raven gave a small nod as she lowered the sword and stepped up to him. She pulled his head up and back so that he was looking in her eyes. He was smiling at her, even though he knew he was going to die. Raven punched him in the nose and she heard his nose and cheeks shatter. Blood started to pour from his nose in waves. She raked her talons up his neck next. He was a bloody mess when she stepped back. She crouched to where she was looking in his eyes as he tried to stop the flow of blood from his neck. She stabbed forward with her sword and stuck it right in his stomach. He cried out in pain and Raven stood up.

“End it now,” Ralph said.

Raven raised the sword up and in one swift slice with it; she heard his head thump onto the floor. She looked up at Ralph before she turned to Elian. He looked sick. He’d watched her kill Marie in her panther form but it was the first one in her human form. His eyes were locked on Zain’s head as it laid there on the floor.

An almighty scream echoed around the room and Helena was running at her, shifting into her wolf form as she moved. Raven dropped the sword and shifted easily. It was crazy to go after a wolf in human form. It spelled death for the human.

Helena went right for her throat. Raven easily got away and all Helena was able to do was rake claws across her back. Raven twisted in the air and landed on Helena’s back. She dug her claws into Helena’s back to stay attached. Helena tried to buck her off but Raven bit down on the back of Helena’s neck and the wolf let out a scream of horrendous pain. Helena interfered in a Court rules death so she had to die as well. Raven kept a hold with her mouth and snaked a claw around the other woman’s neck. As soon as she was sure she was far enough over, Raven extended her claws all the way out and used them to shred Helena’s neck. Helena bucked but it was all she had left in her. Raven released the back of her neck and crawled off the body. Helena shifted back to her human form and only then did Raven shift as well. She knew that she had to be covered in blood. She felt the claw marks on her back and the breeze from her shredded shirt.

Jasmyn was the first to arrive; Raven watched her jump over the dais and land on her feet and rush to her. Raven let Jasmyn take her full weight as she nearly collapsed. Alexis was next. He pulled the sword from her hands and let it drop to the stone below. He took all her weight from Jasmyn and then pulled her to the side of the room.

Raven watched as Helena’s body was removed but Zain body and head were moved to the center of a circle that Raven just noticed was on the floor. Jasmyn was talking and Madeleine was doing whatever she directed her to do. Raven wasn’t sure what was going on. The circle was outlined in Zain’s blood. Jasmyn moved to the center of the circle, to stand over Zain’s body and then she started to whisper.

The magic floated through the air, coursing through Jasmyn and then blasting out of her in a rush. Elian was knocked to his knees as the magic swirled around him and then it arc from him to a man in the crowd who had a gun pulled out. It snaked around his body and like a lightning bolt, shot through his heart. He crumpled to the floor and the gun fell. A guard quickly grabbed the gun and then checked the man for a pulse. He looked up at the Court and shook his head.

The spell had not killed Elian but it killed that unknown man.

“What?” Raven asked. She was tired. The wounds on her back weren’t healing. Helena had used a poison of some kind. Bryar moved in front of her and took her weight from Alexis and the other man quickly offered his wrist out to her. She grabbed his arm and pulled it into her mouth. She quickly pierced his skin and let the blood flow for a few seconds before she started to pull on it and let it wash down her throat. When Alexis’s hand rubbed at her head, she pulled back. It wasn’t enough but it would have to do. Another arm was offered to her and before she could even think, she grabbed it and started to drain whoever it was. She knew who it was as soon as the blood hit her mouth. It was Madeleine. Vampire blood was best but she had never fed off of Madeleine before and hadn’t wanted to ask. It was best if offered. She gulped mouthful after mouthful of blood and stopped when she felt the hand on her head again. It was Alexis again but Madeleine must have signaled him somehow.

“Better?” Madeleine whispered in her hair. Raven nodded. “I fed today, gorged myself on a small herd of deer in the woods in anticipation of this. I am fine. Your back has already started to heal.”

“What is going on? Why did you do the spell? Why risk Elian?”

“The spell is something that lives. It takes a bloodline and routes out all evil in it. That is the part of the spell that only the Shadows knew. It was in your mother’s notes. Evil could use the spell and it would only kill those of the bloodline who had evil in their heart. I doubt you would even survive the spell. There is just a touch of dark in your aura.”

“I know. I know what that darkness is.”

“I figured you would,” Madeleine pulled her close, taking her from Bryar. Raven tried to stand but her back pulled. She didn’t want to rip it open again so she stayed leaning on Madeleine. Jasmyn was still in the circle, the magic floated around her and every few seconds, an arc of magic came back.

Ten minutes later, Jasmyn slumped down and Aurora was there to catch her. Raven hadn’t even noticed the Vampire move that close. Raven stood up and felt that her back was healed. Jasmyn turned to look at her in Aurora’s arms.

“Seventy three blood Matian’s dead. Other than the three who died in this room.”

“Does that include bitten Matian’s?” Raven asked.

Jasmyn nodded.

Ralph moved to the front of the small congregation. “The Mystic Court has spoken. Spread the word far and wide about all you saw here but remember, don’t lie.” Ralph clapped his hands and the guards started to shove people out of the room. The three lawyers moved closer and Charity grabbed Raven and pulled her close. Raven let her eyes close as her sister held her close. She was safe. She had always been safe in Charity’s arms.

The doors to the room slammed shut and Raven pulled back. It was just the Court, three lawyers, Aurora, Elian, and Raven left in the room. Amanda Verdan wasn’t even in the room.

“We have a lot to talk about and everyone is tired. Charity, Savay, and James will fill you all in. There are too many emotions running around right now. We don’t want this to turn into a yelling match or a pissing match.” Ralph patted Raven’s face and she smiled at him.

Everyone started to sound far away. Raven knew what was wrong. Emotional overload. She let the darkness take her.

A family line of Mystics are valued on the family as a whole. One member going bad, that’s no big deal. There are black sheep in all of them. But when a family goes insane all together based on the raising of one, that’s when a family is evil. There is always a single ray of hope though. One child who is good and pure and hasn’t been tainted by the evil of the family. 

Chapter Eleven

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Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Nine-Waiting

Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Nine-Waiting

Elian woke up with a headache. He wasn’t sure why he had woken up with one but he just wanted it to go away. He heard noise in his kitchen and quietly climbed out and looking around the room, all he had was his dagger and he would have to get just as close to use it and he would just beating the shit out of whoever it was. He crept down the stairs and turned into the kitchen to be floored by the sight of James in his underwear, pressing someone up against the counter. The smell of coffee and food was all over the kitchen as well as the smell of sex. The smell of sex was faint like it was lingering to the James and the person.

“James, stop,” the girl said and it took only a few seconds to figure out who it was. It was Charity Shadow, in James’s shirt and what looked like little else.

Backing out of the room, Elian leaned against the wall. Did all the Mystics just fuck around whenever they wanted? He knew that there were not as many Mystics as humans in the world but still did everyone fuck everyone?

“You can come in now Elian,” Charity said as she rounded the corner. She gave Elian a smile and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. When she pulled back she linked arms with him and pulled him with her into the kitchen. There were four places set at the table and three of them had coffee and the other had some kind of tea. Charity pushed him into one of the seats and then moved back to the stove. “How do you like your eggs?”

“I’d like scrambled today, please?” Elian asked. He looked at what James was doing and saw that he was preparing toast and keeping an eye on the oven. “Who is joining us?”

James looked up at him and pointed out the backdoor. Elian could just make out the shape of Raven sitting in the garden. She had something in her lap and was writing in it.

“She’s been out there since last night. She’s been writing nonstop in that notebook.”

“It’s not one of her journals?” Elian asked.

“Journals?” Charity turned and looked at him. “What do you know of those journals?”

“I found them, well the ones that she wasn’t using. I got them off a lady who I suspect is a witch. I…it took me a long time to figure out that Raven was secretive even in the journals.”

“Yes, she is. I remember reading her first one when we were younger. There was no much that wasn’t in it. I have no clue but I don’t think she’s writing in a journal right now. When I went out to give her tea when I found her this morning she was muttering to herself about stupid Mystics. I think she’s writing down about all the races, I saw the words Witch and Immortal on the page.” Charity scooped a plate of eggs out of the frying pan and James set a platter of toast down. A pan of some kind of cheesy potatoes were next.

“Should I?” Elian asked as he made ready to get up but Charity just shook her head and held up two fingers to her mouth. Elian had just seconds to cover his ears before a skull splitting whistle came out of her mouth. Elian watched as Raven closed up the book she was writing in and set it on the bench she had been sitting on and moved inside with a mug hanging from one finger. She opened the door and moved to place her mug in the sink before sitting down. She looked at the food and inhaled.

“Figured you hadn’t ate all night. You need to hunt.” Charity said as she shoved a plate of bacon and sausage over to Raven before she started to plate up the eggs for herself.

“I hunted last night before coming here. I’ll be fine. I just haven’t filled my belly in any other ways since yesterday. I wasn’t really that hungry for human food till I smelled this all upon entering.” Raven took a few pieces of each of the meat and then passed them to Elian. He knew that someone had to have gone shopping because he knew he didn’t have this much of any of this in his house. He took what he wanted of the meat and then was being passed the potatoes. Around the table it went until everyone had a full plate.

“So how did your first day of Court hold up to what you thought it was going to be?” Raven asked as she started to eat.

“It’s different than human. Very different.”

“Mystics are different. We can kill each other with little trouble and so we needed a Court that could reflect that. I have been inside rooms like that more than I can count. There are some where just meeting there is a formality of handing over papers. There is such a great deal made of the opinion of the people who are our peers but that the Matians escalated it to the Court and then just handed over papers…that troubles me. I wonder why they did that?”

“Cynthia Lake’s death was kept secret,” Charity offered. She chewed the food in her mouth and washed it down before she started to speak again. “That Jasmyn was going to take her place no one but us knew until they entered the Court. We know that she was in their pocket; it makes me wonder if they have had people in their pockets for hundreds of years. The day that we took them to Court and lost, that comes to mind. We have to trust that will see past all of the Matian’s lies and subterfuge.”

“I agree,” Elian said. He watched Raven out of the corner of his eye. She was eating slowly. She was thinking about a lot of things. Her eyes were far away and when he looked up and looked at Charity, he saw that she was staring and worried.

“What were you working on?” James asked.

Raven looked up at him and gave him a coy smile. “I think I’ll keep that a secret for now.”

Elian saw the writing on the outside of the book, it wasn’t a language that he recognized. He had never seen the alphabet arranged like that before. He looked up at James and the lawyer didn’t know it either but the look on Charity’s face. She knew what it was but she wasn’t surprised or upset. There was something more about that language than what Elian even knew. He stared at it on the notebook to burn it into his mind. He was going to find it and he was going to figure it out.

“You two and your secrets,” James said as he leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Charity giggled and Raven sighed.

“Really?” Raven asked as she threw a wadded up napkin at her sister’s face. Charity caught it and stuck her tongue out at her sister. “The two of you fucked on every single surface of the two houses last night…”

“WHAT?” Elian blurted as he spit a little bit of coffee out of his mouth. He looked at the offending wolf and Vampire. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know surfaces they had sex on but that they had done it in both houses multiple times was… Elian wasn’t even sure what the words for it were.

“Don’t worry, it was just the guest room where you let me stay,” James said but he hadn’t taken his eyes off of Charity at all. It was then that Elian saw it. James was in love with her. He wasn’t sure if she was in love with him or not. He knew of Charity from the talking that he and Raven had done. Elian looked at Raven and saw that she wasn’t watching James and Charity but him.

“So, how is the shop coming?” Raven asked. It pulled Elian from his thinking and he shook his head to clear it.

“It’s going well. I’ve got the tables and the chairs and things like that inside. It’s the kitchen stuff we are mainly waiting on.”

“It went up quickly,” Charity said as she went back to eating. James pulled his eyes from her and turned back to eat as well. They were probably going to go back and fuck as soon as they were done eating. “Really quickly.”

“Money buys a lot of things,” James said as he pushed his plate back a little and he relaxed back into the chair. “It was easy to pay the construction people to get everything up quickly. The winter was rather mild and once the outer wall went up, it was easy to get quicker with the other. The hardest part was the two fire places in the main area of the building. The codes for those were murder.”

“Murder?” Raven asked with a smile. James picked up a small piece of bacon off his plate and threw it at her. Raven batted it down to the table with a smile. “Do I need to call the Court about another matter?”

“Oh, ha ha, Miss Shadow. Charity and I have some more work…” Raven snorted at the comment. “Work to do, so we need to get going on it.” James stood, placing a hand on Charity’s shoulder and waiting until she stood before tucking her into his side and they started up the stairs.

“That relationship is interesting,” Elian stated as he started to clean up from breakfast. He hadn’t paid attention but everyone had eaten all the food that had been put out. The plates were empty. Raven moved quickly and gathered up all of the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. “I could have…”

“It’s fine,” Raven said as she moved over and grabbed a bag from the front door. “Why don’t you know me around your café?” She grabbed him by the arm and pulled in out the door with him. Elian barely had time to grab his keys from the table at the door and shut it. “They won’t come out for at least an hour.”

“It’s not done,” Elian protested as he tried to pull his arm from her. The second he did, Raven turned and looked at him, pouting. There was something in her eyes that Elian couldn’t place. She was worried, he could tell that but there was something else as well. There was something else that Elian found shocked him to his core in her eyes.

“That’s fine. I’ve been looking at it while I’m looking over the final touches on the college.”

“How is that coming?” Elian asked as he relinked his arm with Raven’s and let her lead him across the street to the café. He looked up the road to where he could see part of the college and smiled. He was still looking forward to taking a few classes there. The whole world was open to him now and he knew that while he liked being a librarian, he was sure he didn’t want to do it forever. The café was a nice backup but again, he could only run it for so long before people would notice that he wasn’t aging. He could play around with jobs until he found the one he wanted to do forever.

“It’s good. We have most of the professors on board and they are helping us get the curriculum set up for fall classes.” Raven let go of his arm so that he could let them in. The contractors weren’t there yet. It was a day that they were on a small job that popped up. Elian understood. Raven was silent as she took in the décor and all the things in the main area of the café.

“It’s a little small,” Raven said as she sat down at one of the tables and looked around from that angle.

“Yes, this floor is.”

“I wondered with it being so tall.” Raven stood up and looked but Elian knew that she didn’t see the stairs. Along the left was a hallway that had the doorway to the upstairs and the basement as well as the bathrooms. She saw the hallway and moved to it. As soon as she passed the men’s restroom, she looked in the stairway and Elian watched her head go down. She smiled at him and started down the stairs. “What’s down here?”

“Stage. It’s small but its sound proof. The only time that sound comes up is when the door opens and then it shouldn’t be that much sound. I think that the students will like it maybe even some of the residents of the neighboring towns. We can get bands and such in.”

“Thought of a lot of things didn’t you?”

“Some of it is things that my mom complained she couldn’t do at her place. No room to expand and such so I figured, I have the money and with the college going in, as long as the college is there, there is no way that I can fail.”

“You won’t fail. The college won’t fail either.”

“How can you be so sure?” Elian asked. He pointed at one of the tables and Raven sat down. She leaned back in the chair and crossed her legs, setting up a visible distance between them. “Anything in this day can fail…with the economy.”

“Yes, well. We have many guaranteed students for RCC.”

“Really?” Elian looked at her. She was dodging something. Elian leaned back in his chair and stared at her. There was a lot about the college that had piqued his interest over the past year. “Why is there housing?”

Raven looked at him in a little shock.

“I’ve been to other community colleges on trips and such, none of them have housing because it’s the community that goes there and they already have houses or apartments.”

“A great deal of our students will be coming from other cities and those that do live in this area…other students can be mean and if one wants to make friends, they need to be like the other students.”

Elian looked at her. She was dancing around the subject. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to tell him, she wanted him to figure it out himself. He kept staring at her face. Raven cared little for humans. She worked with them when she needed but she never really made friends. She hated loss of life but to want a place for humans to go in the small town of Belpre. There was Washington State Community College, Marietta College, and two others in Parkersburg and another in Athens. There was no need for a college in the area. He was sure that there would be people for it.

Elian wanted to take classes from the college. He hadn’t really seen all of the final class lists but it seemed like it was going to have a lot of classes.

It was a college for Mystics. A place for them to come and live and get an education in a college that was built for them. Raven would be able to turn the place into a refuge for Mystics who had little life outside of covens, packs, and whatever Vampires called groups of themselves. He knew especially with Werewolves, there were some that couldn’t live among humans because they have never lived among them. The college would be a wonderful place for them. Belpre was a perfect place for a college like that. A small town where anyone coming to the college would be new. It was small enough that they wouldn’t be overwhelmed with a change in life. He had no clue if the Fae even would come to a thing like that.

“What about the Fae?”

“This area would be hard to get some Fae to live in but I can make it worth it for those who want to live among the humans. Forest, Water, and Cave Fae will be willing to come here. Desert and Arctic Fae will be less willing.”

“What about Elves?” Elian knew little of them except for the fact that Elves were the offspring of Fae and the other Mystics. He was sure that he had never really seen one.

“Elves will flock here like crazy. I think that Elves will be about a quarter of the students.”

“What about the Immortals?” Elian slipped it in because he wanted to know more about them.

“I doubt any of the five will come but their kids will.”


“Alexis hasn’t had a child in about two hundred years but the others have a kid nearly every fifty years.”

“Are the kids like them?” Elian hadn’t heard of that before. He didn’t even know that they could have kids.

“Oh they are nothing like their Immortal parents. The kids only live about five hundred years before they pass but it’s long enough. They age like normal up until they hit about twenty five and then they slow down until they hit about four hundred and fifty and they look about forty. Then it’s like a rapid aging for them, they age like they should. I have files on them that are separate from what I have given you. I’ve talked with Alexis and he agrees that you are going to be thrown into politics. With the Court going on, after it’s done, you will be a celebrity. There will be no more hiding of you but the good thing is that it will be hard for the Matians to kill you without retribution. They will be easier to watch.”

“So all the stuff that’s been kept from me?”

“Will be available to you. I’ll get you some of the stuff that you have been lacking. There is a great deal on the Immortals and a lot of the other races. Werewolf stuff has never been limited to you. I have never kept information from you that I thought you needed. I have never kept anything about your race from you that you needed to know. Sometimes I think that we have been giving you too much information. When a wolf or a Vampire is created, they spend years learning about themselves from the person who created them. A newly turned can spend a decade before finding out about the other races other than knowing that they exist.”

“That long but you don’t have that time. The Darkan heir is a celebrity and you have a learning curve of minus two years. Why do you think I stayed? Why do you think the Court came to you?”

“What?” Elian looked at her in shock. He knew little about the Court, even now. Just what they had told him. “What do you mean come to me?”

“The Court usually finds a base in a city and stays there until the members get board. They switched about a year ago. London. Madeleine really loved it there. Now they are staying in Marietta for the time being. All of them are finding a house to stay in. The men are getting a house and the girls are getting one. Marietta is a smaller town than they are used to living in and they feel that numbers are better.”

“The Court is scared of the Matians?”

Raven looked at him like she was proud of him. Elian figured that she was happy that he was catching on with subterfuge needed to live with the Mystics, especially so high in the Mystics. It was a sharp learning curve for him.

“The Court is always careful. I could never serve on the Court as it stands right now. I have too much invested here to leave for periods of time.” Raven stood up from her chair and moved back to the stairway and she went all the way up the stairs to the upstairs. She took in the large windows and Elian knew the exact moment that she saw that it was going to be a deck going around the whole upper area. It wouldn’t be usable for quite a few months of the year because it was visible to the humans but he was sure that he could have a Witch spell the place to make it so that humans couldn’t see it. He hadn’t talked to anyone about it but he wanted to wait until the human inspections were all done before he started to mess with the place for the Mystics.

“So what do you think?” Elian asked as he held his arms out wide.

“It’s nice. I see why the students human  and Mystic would like it. Add in dark lighting and chairs up here and it would be a nice spot.” Raven grabbed him by his hands and pulled him close. For a few seconds he was afraid that she was going to kiss him. Instead she placed one of his hands on her side and held the other up. It was when she started to move that he figured it out. He let her lead him across the floor to a soundtrack that only she could hear in her head.

After about thirty seconds, she started to hum and it wasn’t song that he was used to hearing. He figured out the steps after the third turn around the floor and he took over leading and Raven let her head drop down to rest on his shoulder. Elian then noticed that she was closer to him than she had been before. It was a distance that many would call intimate but Elian didn’t let that distract him.

With her head on his shoulder, Raven let him lead her across the floor for nearly an hour. With no tables in the place it would be easy to turn this into a dance floor. There wouldn’t be that many people fitting on the floor but it would be nice for small little get togethers. He could rent the upper floor for parties and such and get more money that way. He’d planned on doing it for the basement but he could do it with this space as well.

The sound of a violin broke through the sound of Raven humming and their soft steps on the floor. Elian pulled back from Raven as she pulled her phone from her pocket. She looked at it for a few seconds in shock.

“Court is back in session tomorrow. We are to report at nine am. The Court wants to talk to us alone then. The Matians are being called in at noon and the findings will be read then. That’s all Alexis is giving me. I…”

“Court decisions through texting?” Elian asked.

“It’s more secure than talking right now. Alexis is worried that they are being wire tapped or eavesdropped on. His phone and mine are secure and there is no chance of the texts being intercepted.”

“What about up here?”

“No one that has been around a Matian has been here.” Raven stayed back several inches and Elian missed the warmth of her body on his. He wanted to reach out and pull her close again but he was sure that she wouldn’t like it. “No one had smelled like smoke that came to work here that didn’t smoke.”

“What if…”

“I’ve been checking everything out. I…may have gotten a cop to go through with a bug checker.”

“Officer Self?”

“No. the one from Marietta. You know I can never remember his name. The wolf. I…” Raven’s phone went off again and she looked down at it. “Charity has some thing for me to look over and James wants to talk to you. They both promise to be dressed.”

The laugh escaped before Elian really knew it and Raven gave a snort. She turned towards the doorway and started down the steps before Elian had really noticed what she was doing. He ran to catch up with her. She kept right on going out the front door and she was across the street before Elian had the placed locked up again.

Elian wondered if she felt strange about the dance. It had been personal on a level that she had never been with him. Raven had sex with Alexis and Bryar but slow dancing like that and it not being at a dance and with no one else around, it seemed like something that she had never really done with anyone.

Raven was still on her phone when Elian entered the house to find James sitting in the kitchen at the table with papers everywhere. Charity was outside in the backyard and Raven had stopped in the living room, just looking at her phone. Elian wasn’t sure what James wanted but he would see.

To call a Vampire a crazy is the greatest insult one can deliver to them. There has been entire human families wiped out for the accusation of a crazy in the blood. Vampires consider their turned children, children still but if a child, whether turned or born becomes a crazy, it is a shame on the family. 

Chapter Ten

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Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Eight-Court

Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Eight-Court

Raven opened the car door for Elian, leaning over in her car to open it. He was dressed exactly as she had asked him to. Charity and James were already in Marietta preparing for the day. Elian was worried about the court day; Raven was worried about the Matians all in one place. It wasn’t going to be good for Elian no matter which way the Court ended up going. The party that she had held for the girls.

Jasmyn was a powerhouse as a Witch but there were not many who would know her on sight. Her girlfriend, Aurora is a loose cannon that could be turned on the Matians if it came down to them betraying what the Court stands for. The Matians were used to getting what they wanted but had been able to stay out of the courts over the past over two hundred years. Would they stick to the Courts ruling or take their brand of justice into their own hands? Jasmyn was on the Court now and that was the main reason that Aurora was even in town. Aurora didn’t trust the Matians.

Rose Helian was not going to be at the Court that day. She was back at the hill protecting it and running its boundaries as well as finishing up things on the hill. Her father would never allow her into the Court with him. He knew exactly how strong her power of telepathy was and what she could do with it. It was best that Rose stay behind. Ralph would be the one to rely on for keeping track of the people who had come to watch.

“Is everyone there?”

“Yes. The Court wants you to be the last to arrive.” Raven looked at the house before she pulled out of his driveway. “The location has moved to a new location. It seemed that with Lake’s betrayal of the Court, they feared anything she had a hand in. The new location was kept a secret from even the Matians until today.”

“Where is the new location?” Elian asked as he pulled a bottle from his pocket and took a drink. The smell of water wafted out of the bottle and Raven relaxed. He didn’t need to drink alcohol and she had warned him of that but it didn’t mean he was going to do what she asked. Elian had changed some since he had barged in on the girl party a few weeks before. She couldn’t put her finger on what had changed. Sex with Rose was good, she knew that from other guys but it wasn’t that life changing. There had to have been something else that had changed and she wasn’t sure what.

“The Marietta College. I guess that there is a set of rooms under a section of it that Mystics have used since the college was founded to be what they are while going there. I guess there is a large meeting room of sorts. As far as I know, the Matians were unaware of the rooms.”

Elian didn’t answer verbally; instead he just nodded his agreement and turned to look out the window. Raven could feel her own nerves jumping; she wasn’t even sure what he was going through. If he wanted silence, she would be silent. If he wanted to talk, she would talk.

The silence of the trip was pregnant but it wasn’t strained. When Raven turned in where she had been told to by James, she saw his car instantly. There was a space left for her  right next to it so she parked. When she got out, James was standing by a door only twenty feet away. Elian got out of the car nearly a minute after her and when he shut the door, he looked right at her.

Raven felt her heart melt at the sight of the fear on his face. If it would have been better for her to take him and run and they live on the run for the rest of his life, she would do that but he would never survive it. He needed a city and a life while she was content to live in the woods. He was human more than wolf at this point and he would come to resent her for his life after a while.

“James is over there.” Raven pointed and his eyes followed her arm. Elian took a step over and then looked back at her.

“You are coming right?” The fear in his eyes almost made her give in but James needed the papers in her trunk. It was safer that way. The files on Elian’s case had been split up between the two of them. That way if either had been taken, some of the case would be left.

“Yes. I just have to get some paperwork from the trunk.” Raven popped the trunk with her fob and grabbed the portfolio out of the trunk. James waved Elian into the building and hopefully into the hands of the Court guards. He was staying where he was watching Raven as she made her way. As she got three steps from her car, Helena Matian peeled off a car and started to step towards her. As soon as the other woman looked at her she stopped. Helena was a hundred years younger than her husband. At least Raven knew how they were going to try and play this.

Steps from her left had Raven turning and looking. Zain Matian was there. He stopped as soon as he got a good look at her. She was entering the Court as Raven Shadow and not Rae Smith. That would be dealt with as soon as the Court brought her up. She used this distraction to rush her steps and enter the building with James.

“The Matians are in right form. We need to win this as soon as possible. A long Court will not serve him or you.”

“I agree. Zain knows that I am alive. He knows it’s me and he is going to try and use that.”

“I’ve already given all of the Court the paperwork on you and the Matian’s lawyer has it as well.” There was something in his voice that Raven wasn’t sure she wanted to know what it was. “Savay Atrian is the presiding lawyer for them.”

“What?” Raven had heard James talk of her before but that she was a lawyer was not brought up.

“She likes to poke at me. She’s a high-powered human lawyer but she does do sensational cases for Mystics. This is sensational even if Elian wasn’t a Darkan.” Elian opened a door and the both of them emerged beside a table where Elian was seated. Raven set her portfolio on the table and leaned over, kissing Elian on the cheek. Zain and Helena were already at the other table. She knew that they had walked slowly but she hadn’t been aware it was that slow.

“Miss Shadow, the Courts would like you to sit at the table provided,” Bryar said as he pointed at a table that was between the Matians and Elian. Raven looked at him and Alexis but neither were looking right at her. The whispers of the people in the rows behind were getting louder. The doors at the back of the room opened and Charity entered with a briefcase. She wasn’t dressed in the same outfit she had been in earlier. This was her ‘I mean business’ business suit. Something had happened. She sat down at the table and motioned for Raven to sit beside her.

“Welcome all to Matian vs. Darkan. We respectfully ask that all communication devices be silenced and that all mouths be silenced as well. We will throw you from the Court if any of us hear you talk.”

Silence was immediate in the room. Raven sat down and Charity handed over a paper.

Wrenwood thinks it better if you are up front like this. Less whispers and such.

Alexis cleared his throat and stood up from his seat.

“One point of business before we begin. In the packets given out, we stated that witness Rae Smith would be giving testament for Elian Darkan, that is still true but we have since been made aware that Rae Smith is an alias for Raven Shadow.” Alexis sat back down and waved at Savay to start.

“Thank you, Lords for giving us this opportunity to straighten a matter that was maliciously taken from the hands of the rightful courts by Elian Coats.”

“Miss Atrian,” Jasmyn interrupted and she fixed a glare at the woman. “We have stated this before. Elian changed his name legally and in the correct manner. Referring to his as a name that no longer is his is disrespectful and below a woman of your stature.”

“I’m sorry.” Savay gave a small bow. “We state that the matter of the estate of Gail Coats should have reverted to her father as was stated by her will. Each of you have documents that show where Darkan…”

“Lord,” Madeleine stated, interrupting Savay.

“Lord?” Savay asked.

“Yes, he is a Lord. Lord Darkan. You are allowed to call him by Elian but to call him by his last name and not title is disrespectful and we won’t have it in our Court.”

“Lord Darkan chose to not follow the will of his mother and instead seized her assets and use them as he willed without care for the law.”

“All of your evidence is here?” Ralph asked as he help up a small packet of information. Savay nodded. “ You have chosen this route and you know that Lord Darkan has chosen to give testimony and to verbally present his evidence?”

“We understand. We feel that it’s not worth dragging names through the mud but you will have to forgive the names in the document.”

“We understand. We just got the two names matched up.” Madeleine leaned forward as she spoke.

“One has to ask whether it was hidden for a reason.”

Charity placed her hand face down on the table and after two seconds Madeleine nodded at her.

“I think it’s best if I get this over with. My name is Charity Shadow. I was the one who took care of the paper work that gave my sister her alias. I used all legal means to do it. I am sorry that the Courts took so long to do it. When asked if she would rather be Rae or Raven, my sister chose Raven. She could have not even told you that she wasn’t Rae Smith by birth. If you wish to start a smear campaign, remember this. I’ve won several.”

Savay sat down and looked away from Charity. Raven knew that Charity had won the round so far. The decision of who won the Matian vs. Darkan case was up to the Court but public opinion was a great sway in it. Madeleine nodded at Jams and he stood.

“I know that I have the Court a great deal of information before the start of the this case and I make no comments on those who are on the Court but I want to make sure it was read and that it was understood.”

Ralph laughed a little and he sat forward. “All five members read and understood the information given to us. We thank you for getting it as this is a small town and it’s hard to get information from the authorities and stay under the radar. We were able to verify the information you gave us with the help of an officer.”

Raven held in a snort. This court was not going in the Matian’s favor at all. Raven had only ever seen human court on TV but she was sure that Elian’s head was spinning about the way it was done with Mystics.

“If I may?” James asked as he moved from behind the table. He had in his hand the information that Raven had been able to find. “We have documentation from the human cops that in fact Gail Coats was killed before Edward.  The shot that killed her was a clean shot through the head and she fell to the ground. Edward was then shot in the side and he slumped over his wife and was shot again. This shot went through both him and her. Since he was found with his head near hers and he had no blood on her, there was no way that she was shot second.”

Savay leaned over and spoke with Zain Matian and he whispered something back. James sat down and she stood up.

“This would normally be the deciding factor but it’s still a matter that Gail’s will states all is to go to her family upon her death.”

“Except in the case of her death happening before her husband. I have a record of their marriage. I have footage of the ceremony. Gail pricked her to be husband’s finger and then sucked it clean. She took his blood in her and that makes the ceremony a Mystic one. She invoked the old marriage rights and with that all the marriage rights are invoked. It’s always been upheld over the human rights of a will.”

All five Court members looked at Savay and she looked at Zain. The man waved dismissively and Savay shook her head. She had no rebuttal. On a legal standpoint the Matian’s had no leg to stand on but it wasn’t just legal. If they could prove Elian a bad person, then the Matian’s would get the money and that would be it. Elian would be dead.

“I am asking to call my first witness,” James said as he sat back down and looked through his papers. After a few seconds of silence he looked up. All the Court members nodded at him. “Thank you. I call a Witch by the name of Gabrielle Morris.”

Raven was looking at Elian so she saw the look of shock on his face. Gabrielle had been a friend of his as a young child that James had found. Raven had known about her but she had figured that he would have told Elian but I guess the shock was good for the Court.

Gabrielle made her way through the crowd and up to the chair that was in front of the Court members. She sat down and immediately crossed her legs, staring at James.

“May I inquire where you live?”

“I live in Columbus, Ohio where I have lived since I was born.”

“How do you know Elian Darkan.”

“He was Elian Coats when I knew him and I lived on the same street as him as a child. Actually I lived across the street from him.” Gabrielle seemed to hesitate and James just nodded at her and she looked at Elian before she continued. “He was wracked with nightmares as a child and up to when he and his parents left town. He hit an age where he stopped going to them about them. He played with me on the sly. His mother never wanted me to play with him and it wasn’t until I was around nine that she really confronted me about it.”

“What did she tell you?”

“I could tell that he was an unchanged wolf and that his parents were as well which I thought was odd but I wasn’t going to interfere, it was their choice. Then one day, Elian had fallen asleep under the tree in his backyard and had screamed out. I ran to check on him and got there just after his mother. She was yelling at him for showing his freakiness to the whole neighborhood and that if he couldn’t stay awake during the day then he needed to stay inside and not be like he was. When she turned to leave, she saw me. She marched up and grabbed my arm pulling me into the front yard. When I was in the street, she let go of me. Calling me a filthy witch and that if I came back, ever she would kill me. I never set foot on her property again but Elian and I played.”

“Why did she hate you so much?”

“I don’t know. I mean she was a Mystic, why would she hate other Mystics.”

Savay placed her hand on the table and Madeleine nodded at her.

“Why didn’t you go to your parents?”

“My mother and father were killed in a car accident when I was seven. I was raised by my maternal aunt and her husband. My father had no family; I guess his mother had him late in life. My father was the Mystic while my mother was human. My aunt knew what I was but I wasn’t going to push her through the process of trying to get the Court involved in this matter. I was a coward but Elian was also showing that he could take care of himself, even from a young age. I just made sure that he came to my house a lot. When we reached high school, we got distant but I never stopped looking after him. When his lawyer, James, came to me I told him that I would tell all of his childhood if it was needed. I knew that Elian probably wouldn’t like it but he deserves something from this after the hell he went through.”

“Thank you.” James motioned that she could stand up and she did, going back to her seat in the crowd. “A Mystic that hates another Mystic, a child at that. In the essence of Elian’s privacy, I gave the records of Elian’s times with human therapists to the Court. What was found need not be read out loud. One wonders how the child of a well-respected family of Werewolves comes to hate a child Witch so much and despised her child and his gifts.”

Raven then figured out part of James’s strategy. He was trying to show that Zain Matian’s daughter was so hateful of the Darkan’s that she couldn’t even love her own child because of it. Hatred was something that was tolerated in the Mystics circles. Not hatred like that.

“You are trying to say that Zain Matian turned his daughter against the Darkan’s on the chance that that line wasn’t wiped out?” Savay asked as she stood up.

Raven turned and looked at Zain. He was looking worried. He was leaning over and talking to Helena. She didn’t look worried but Raven had never seen her look nervous. A knock on the outer door had all talking cease and a guard brought in five files, handing one each to the Court members. Raven couldn’t hear what was being said but it didn’t look good. She just wasn’t sure who it wasn’t looking good for. Madeleine waved the guard away and put the files at the bottom of their stacks.

“No. I am saying that he hated the Darkan’s so much that it passed to his daughter.”

“What reason would the Matian’s have for hating the Darkan’s?” Savay asked.

“The rows between Zain Matian and Dmitry Darkan were legendary,” Charity said as she stood up. She set down her notebook and pen and straightened her suit. “I remember them as a child. Zain would wake Raven and I with his screaming. Raven had nightmares.”

“What did they argue about?” Madeleine asked as she leaned forward.

“That the Matians wanted more of the share of things that the Darkans had. Zain wanted something that Dmitry was unwilling to give up. Father, Victor would be the mediator.”

“No one likes to be told they can’t do what they want. I want peace for the wolves and all that happens when we get out this mockery of a joint race,” Zain said as he stood up. Savay grabbed him and made him sit down. She leaned over and whispered something in to his ear.

“Excuse my client please.”

“Yes. Yes.” Bryar waved his hand and looked at James. “The money from the coffee shop of Gail Coats?”

“It’s all in the bank for the place. If Elian is given the rights to the place again, then he wants to keep it open, maybe sell the location, there is a lot of things he could do with it. Of course, if the Court sees to uphold the Matian’s claim, Elian will not have taken a cent from the money.”

“What about the house and all the things inside of it?” Savay asked.

James sighed but Raven saw the small smile on his face. Charity was nervous. This was way Raven hated lawyers. She had no clue what was going on. The two of them had met a lot more than they had let on. Raven looked down at her notes. Hateful was written down and then crossed out. Greedy was wrote and circled but not crossed out.

The crowd behind her was invisible. It had been rather quiet but she knew that the Court members were keeping an eye on them and their reactions. The crowd other than witnesses was spilt on all things.

“That is simple. When the house was bought here, it was bought by the company that Edward worked for. The money that Gail made always went to things that Gail wanted. Edward was happy with that. She worked for her money. She did contribute to things like new cars when they wanted.”

“What happened to all of her things?”

“All the clothes and jewelry and things like that Elian had no need for, he took those things and donated them to a charity for the victims of violence.”

Greedy. A son took his parents things and gave them to those in need. Who would attack a child like that?

“Edward’s money was absorbed back into the Darkan money that Elian gained on his twenty first birthday and then gained the majority of it when he was changed into a werewolf. I have all of it accounted for and Elian is more than willing to give it over if the Court doesn’t go in his favor.”

Raven heard whispering and she turned to look and see that Helena was talking to someone behind her. Raven had seen his type before. He was a mercenary for hire wolf. Raven turned around herself and found Aurora who had moved up behind Elian. If anything was going to happen, he should be safe.

“We have heard all that we would like on this matter. Does either counsel have an issue with that?” Madeleine asked.

James and Savay shook their heads. The vampire’s gaze next fell on Charity who also shook her head.

“Then we will make all parties aware once we have made our judgment.” The Court members stood and left without a word. The guards pushed Savay and her clients out one of the side doors while setting up a protective barrier around Elian and Raven and their lawyers.

“That did not go the way I thought it would,” James said as the watchers all left out the back. It was just then and the guards within a few seconds. The chirp of a radio had Raven jumping but the lead guard was listening to something over an ear piece radio.

“Miss Shadow?” he asked as he stepped up to her. “The Court would like to speak to you alone.”

“I see.” Raven nodded at her sister and turned to Elian and James. “I’ll be fine.”


“I don’t know. Elian do what James, Charity, and Aurora ask.”

“That worried?” Elian asked as he leaned forward for a hug. Raven gave it to him but was unsure of the cause of him needing a hug. She locked eyes with James as she pulled back but all he did was shrug. Raven pushed it from her mind and turned to go with the guard. He escorted her to a small room where there the Court was already seated. Jasmyn waved her into a chair and then pressed a cup of Earl Grey into her hand. Raven sniffed it before drinking making Alexis laugh.

“We aren’t trying to poison you Raven.” He shifted in his seat and Raven’s eyes tracked him. He was nervous. In fact, all of them were nervous. She had never seen a group of people look that nervous before. “We just have a few questions.”

Raven looked at Jasmyn who held up a hand to tell Raven that she had nothing to do with it.

“Don’t worry, your pet witch has revealed nothing but you don’t think we missed the area in Athens do you? You bought up nearly ten miles worth of land. The Federal, Ohio, and local governments really don’t care. You have it marked as Private Property and have signs everywhere and…” Alexis trailed off and turned to look at Ralph.

“She is good at hiding but I know the scent of my daughter. You owe me no allegiance but why is my daughter here?”

“I don’t have to tell you a thing.”

“Let’s just table that,” Madeleine said with a sigh. “I have a feeling I know what you are doing and is it worth it?”

“I’ll see it come true or I will die trying.”

“See it’s that we are so afraid of,” Bryar said as he tried to grab her hand. Raven pushed herself back in the seat, draining her tea and standing.

“Is that all?” Raven wasn’t going to tell them anything. She didn’t have to tell them a thing yet. That would come later when…Raven stopped and looked at Ralph with a smile.

“Can’t hurt me for trying. I forgot how strong some Vampire minds are.”

“Good day,” Raven said as she left. She let the door slam and she looked around to find the way out. A guard waved his hand and she started off towards him. No word would be breathed with the Matians in the area. It was safer that way.

Werewolves let their emotions rule them. It’s a part of their nature that they cannot fight. That is the reason that the full moon dictates when a bitten werewolf changes. There is power in the moon and the wolves know it. It’s the reason that many wolf cubs are conceived on the full moon. The moon controls the blood and it’s said that the blood arts was lost when Werewolves let the other Mystics tame them. Little is known on the blood arts by the other Mystic races. Those races aren’t sure they want to know. 

Chapter Nine

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