Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Four-Invaded

07 Sep
Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Four-Invaded

Raven always slept with a dagger under her pillow and a gun under her mattress but when one woke with a dagger to their throat, there is little that can be done. She hadn’t moved yet but she could feel the dagger. The smell that entered her nose from her breathing contained only the smell of lavender. It was someone who knew what they were doing. They were masking their smell well.

Rolling like she was turning in her sleep, she felt the dagger move with her and she struck out. A curse from the man standing above her had Raven diving off the bed, careful not to catch her turned hand on the bed. She grabbed her dagger with her free hand from under the pillow. The room was so dark that she couldn’t see anything. Whoever he was had pulled the curtains in the room so that she had no light to see by. Her night vision was good but it wasn’t that great.

The smell of blood was one the air now. She had cut him with her half turned paw. If she had been anyone else the smell of rum on the air would have had her thinking that it was a drunkard in the room but she wasn’t anyone else. The sound of ringing steel drew her gaze in closer. She wasn’t trying to see him at all. She could hear the whistle of the blade cutting the air. She reached out and caught the sword in her hand. She could smell her own blood on the sword and reached up with her hand and felt at her throat a small razor thin cut was.

The light in the room flared on and her eyes adjusted to the brightness. Raven didn’t even look down at the sword in her hand. She tossed her dagger onto the bed and stared at Alexis Wrenwood.

“Do you take me for an idiot?” Alexis asked as he sat down in the armchair near her bed. He was dressed finely in a pair of black slacks and a pale orange dress shirt. It was unbuttoned down to the fourth button. His hair was messed up like he hadn’t slept at all. “Do you Rae Smith?”

“No,” Raven answered simply. She looked around the room and found the sheath for the sword on the trunk at the foot of her bed. She grabbed it and sheathed the weapon. She was out of practice if she hadn’t been able to tell the difference between a dagger and a sword at her throat. It would have meant the difference between life and death he had been trying to kill her.

“Have you taken up with a woman now?” Alexis hadn’t taken his eyes off of her and for a few seconds, Raven was unsure of what he was talking about but then the smell of Charity hit her nose. She had been making herself smell like Charity as well. There was no way to trace Raven Shadow through the city. She sat down on the edge of the bed away from where Alexis was sitting.

“No. I am not living with a lover, Alexis. I…”

“I don’t think it coincidence that you are here. The Court sent me here on a mission and when I arrive, what do I see but a black haired Amelia Cork. I followed you for two days. I left town on something else and I just got back. I couldn’t…” Alexis leaned forward in the chair and locked his eyes with you. “I mourned you. I…”

“There are a lot of things about me that you don’t know. I…”

“I have killed thirty Matians in the past nearly hundred years. After they killed you, I tracked them to Russia. There is a small group of them that live there. I take the Matians to court for their wrongdoings and then I get to execute them. All to avenge a woman who isn’t dead.”

“Amelia Cork is dead.”

“But Rae Smith isn’t.”

“Rae Smith doesn’t exist.” Raven stood up and moved over to a picture on the wall. “Rae Smith only exists as a way for me to move around.”

Out of the safe came a single picture frame. She heard the slam of the door and hoped that it was Charity and not Elian coming into the house. Hell, she’d take James over Elian.

“Alexis Wrenwood, to what do Rae and I owe this pleasure?” Charity asked as she stood in the doorway to the room. Raven saw her dagger was peeking out of its sheath. She had prepared it.

“Charity Shadow…that was not what I was expecting.” Alexis stood up and moved over to shake Charity’s hand.

Charity had slipped into calling her Rae quickly, thankfully but Raven knew that she needed to tell him.

“So what does Charity Shadow had to do with a little girl like Rae Smith. Especially since I know that Rae has something to do with the little Darkan.” Alexis turned to face Raven again and it was then that she knew. He knew who she was. He was playing with her. She turned back and placed the picture back in the safe and shut it. When she turned back and faced Alexis and Charity, Charity was looking at her in shock.

“Imagine my shock when I entered this house and found a way to bypass the security. Don’t worry, there are few who can. I entered the living room and looked around. It was the sunroom that gave it away. I entered it and found the roses planted there. I remember Gwen smell and I knew the bush. The Shadows have always cultivated the rose that they get their smell from. To have a cutting of it growing in some young thing’s sunroom… The Shadows are the only one with access to that rose. Seeing Charity enter almost threw me off but she looked to you. There was no way that Charity would look to anyone but another sibling. I knew I was in the home of the recluse Raven Shadow. The secondary child of the Shadows. How could I have not known it? I remember seeing you as a five year old when they turned you. I…”

Alexis stopped and then moved over to the window and opened the curtain. The sun was just starting to peek above the horizon and it was starting to lighten up enough outside.

“Of course, you almost had me. The smell of the roses is everywhere but I can tell the difference between the smells.”

Raven’s blood ran cold.

“Charity…” Raven started.

“I’ll be outside. I have some work to do with James. You know the…” Charity dropped the words and she nodded at Raven before she slipped from the room.

“I spent an hour watching you sleep. I tried to figure it out. It was so simple and I don’t know how I never noticed. You move like Gwen. You have Victor’s intelligence. You look like the both of them.”

“You can’t tell the Court, Alexis. Please.”

“No, I have to. I can’t let them be blindsided with this. Shadow and Darkan alive here in this town…Amel…Raven.”

“You don’t understand.” Raven felt the fear constrict her heart. She was going to start to fidget and she knew it if she didn’t sit down. She moved to the chair that Alexis had been in and sat down. “The Courts ruled that my mother and father had been killed by a marauding group of turned Vampires.”


“No. I know who killed my parents. I was the first to arrive on the scene. I smelled what I smelled. The Matians had a good excuse but I know what I smelled.”

“I wasn’t on the Court for that one. I know that it was locked.” Alexis looked ashamed to be admitting that and Raven knew why.

“What?” Raven turned and looked at Alexis. Jumping from her chair, she shoved him back against a wall. “What do you mean locked? All Court decisions are available for all Court members and all Mystics to read.”

“It’s why Albin left the Court. I have tried to find the file but unless one was on the Court then, the file is hidden. Whichever witch was in control then hide the file well.”


“Just Lenora?” Alexis asked.

“All witches are stripped of family names when they turn dark. She turned dark about ten years after my parents were killed.”

“Interesting.” Alexis reached out with a hand and trailed the back of it down Raven’s face. “God, you are like the sun. I am so pissed at you but…”

Raven leaned up and let Alexis kiss her. The shutting of the front door told Raven that Charity had left. She wondered if Charity had any idea what Raven was contemplating. Sex with Alexis had always been wonderful. Sex with a Vampire or a Werewolf was easy. There was no need to pull back when all one wanted to do was push. Humans, Witches, and Fae were weak and fragile. Immortals though were strong, not as strong as Vampires or wolves but close enough to where Raven didn’t have to worry about hurting him that much.

The kiss curled her toes just like it used to nearly a hundred years ago. Of course, she had lied about who and what she was and just how old she was. Grabbing Alexis by the throat of his shirt, she spun and tossed him onto the bed. A little bit of concentration and the door to the bedroom was shutting and locking. Alexis looked at the door.

“What about…”

“Charity left a few minutes ago.” Raven dipped her head and let her fangs pop out. As if he could hear them come out of her gums, Alexis shivered long before the fangs touched her throat. “It’s just you and I.”

“Against my better judgment.” Alexis tilted his head so that he could take her mouth in a kiss. He flipped the both of them easy and laughed when Raven huffed. “Too many clothes.”

Raven laughed as she wiggled out of her sleeping pants and underwear while Alexis worked on unbuttoning her shirt. She had slept braless and as soon as Alexis had flesh revealed, he dipped his head and sucked on her nipple. She gasped and it was like time had never gone forward. Alexis could play her body like a musical instrument and it was like he had never stopped playing. Her body remembered him and it ached for him. She could feel herself getting wet.

Alexis’s shirt was hard to get off. Her hands were shaking from the pleasure of Alexis mouth on her breast and his fingers in her folds. After two failed attempts to get the first button open, she just ripped the shirt off of him. It shredded at the shoulders and flew in tatters around the room.


“No, just determined and you were giving me issues and I found the quickest way to what I wanted. Are you that upset?” It hadn’t been the expensive of a shirt.

“No, just…it’s been so long.” Switching breasts, Alexis started on the other one. “Do you…”

“I’m fine. There is nothing to worry about there.”

Alexis’s only answer was to nod and enter her.

Raven’s entire body froze but Alexis was gentle. He could feel how tight she was and took his time. When he was inside of her as far as he could get, he stretched up and offered his neck to her. She didn’t sink herself into him that second. She was afraid of injuring him. She had never lost control of herself to where she injured someone but it had been several years since she had trusted enough to have sex with a man. It wasn’t trust of the man but trust of the situation. The one off with Jasmyn had been just that a one off.

No one would have come to the Darkan Castle. It wasn’t a travel destination and since the massacre of the Darkan’s many Mystics stayed away just because of the stigma of the place. She had been safe there.

As soon as she had control of her body, Raven dipped and thrust her fangs in his neck. Alexis stuttered in his rhythm he was pounding into her body. She timed each small draw of blood with a thrust from his hips. She knew how to make the taking of blood sensual and it always felt wonderful for her partner but she didn’t drink from all of them. It all came back to trust issues. When she fed, she was weak. The hunger and the feeding narrowed her focus. One quick stab in her heart and she was dead.

Raven felt her climax rush up upon her. It was a long gasp and a squeezing of her muscles was the only warning she gave to Alexis but that wasn’t the end of it. She knew that he had orgasmed. Alexis pulled out of her and she was pretty sure that she knew what he wanted. As he lifted off of her, Raven grabbed the glass of whiskey that she had left at the side of her bed to wash the blood from her mouth. Alexis had kissed her before after she had drank his blood but it had been a while and for those who weren’t Vampires, it was off putting. Alexis held out his hand and Raven handed it over with just a little left in it. Alexis downed it quickly and grimaced.

“You’ve gotten too used to the finer things.”

Grabbing her by the waist, Alexis fell back onto the bed with her on top of him. His hands settled on her waist and the shifted her to where her pussy was aligned over his cock and had thrust a little. Taking the hint, Raven raised up a little and helped him align his cock to shove inside of her. He settled his hands at her waist and helped her thrust up and down. It was his favored position and Raven knew it. The position was one that she liked. There really wasn’t a position that she didn’t like, at least of the ones that she had tried. There had to be many that she had never heard of. She wasn’t that interesting in looking into them either. She was happy with what she knew.

Raven smiled at Alexis and leaned forward to kill him. The faint taste of the whiskey lingered in his mouth. She hoped for a brief second that she had drank enough to get rid of the taste of blood. Alexis thrust his tongue in her mouth and didn’t let her pull back. The thrusting of his tongue in her mouth and her thrusting up and down on his cock created a sensation all over his body. His hands weren’t still either. As soon as he was sure she wasn’t going to pull back, his hand went to her breast to fondle and squeeze. His other hand was on her ass and she knew what was coming longer before the slap connected.

“AHH!” Raven felt her whole body give as she was propelled to another orgasm with the help of a second hit from his hand. Alexis laughed into her mouth and then he was griping her hips to roll them both over. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders so that he could pound into her.

Alexis had never had this much stamina before, not in the entire six months they had been fucking at the turn of the previous century. He almost always lasted through her first orgasm but he always came on her second orgasm or just seconds after. He was still going strong though and she wasn’t going to complain.

“God, Alexis! Please harder.” Raven screamed as he pounded harder and harder into her. The smell of him, of rum, was surrounding her and then the smell of cinnamon gave it a spice while the roses made it smell enchanting. A human walking into her house would only think that a weird candle was being burning but Charity was going to know what had happened, if she had figured it out before and that was why she had left.

A pinch to her nipples had Raven’s mind going back to Alexis.

“Eyes forward and your mind on fucking please,” Alexis said as he twisted her other nipple just a little. Raven thrust up at the intoxicating swirl of pain and pleasure. Her body was its own thing now. She wasn’t sure where it came from but all of her muscles tensed as she came again and this time she pulled Alexis with her, finally.

Alexis collapsed beside her on the bed, his sweat soaked hair plastered to his forehead while he breathed heavy.

“I swear that you try to kill me.”

“Me? I haven’t had three orgasms that close together in years. Thankfully I had no plans for the day. I’m going to be worthless.” Raven laughed as she rolled onto her side of that she could look him in the face. There was something shadowed there but she wasn’t sure what it was. She reached out again but he pulled her in for a kiss. Her body stiffened in pleasure but she knew that she needed to shower. She pulled away from him and got off the bed, crooking a finger at him as she entered her bathroom. He got up off the bed and followed her into the shower. He was treated to the sight of her naked backside as she entered the large shower room. She made sure to shake her hips at him as she stepped out of sight to turn the water on. Talking could some after they showered and had wet shower sex.

It was an hour later when Raven exited the bathroom with a silk robe wrapped around her. Alexis was behind her with a robe she kept on hand for Mystics who visited Charity. It was little short on his frame but since neither of them had body secrets from each other; she knew that he didn’t care.

“Now that my brain is barely functioning and I think you broke my dick, please enlighten me about your parents.” Alexis draped himself on her bed, on his side so that he could look at her in the chair at the edge of the room.

“The Matians did good on killing my parents and killing Elian’s ancestors. I have no clue who the baby that was killed was. I had never actually seen the baby. Dmitry smuggled him out of the country and hid him here among humans at an orphanage. The Court ‘found’ no evidence to connect them to the murders and since it was only my word about the scents and no one else smelled them and there was no evidence, it was my word against them. I killed all Matians I could under circumstance I could manipulate. They laughed at me at first and then when I started to take down their best, then they started to think of me as an adversary.”

“They knew who they were killing when they tried to take you out as Amelia.”

Raven nodded and looked past Alexis to the window. It had to be afternoon by that point in time. It had been forever she had really had a lazy day and she was looking forward to it.

“How did you fake your death, I was there. I picked you up and carried you to the pyre and burned your body.”

“That is where a witch comes in handy. I knew that the Matians were getting close to me. A close friend froze time with a  spell and we swapped me for a fresh dead body that had been spelled to look like me. I slipped from Zain Matian’s grasp and then exchanged the bodies. He daggered me in the heart and everyone thought that it was me.”

“I mourned you. I knew that we weren’t going to be forever. I knew that from the second I touched you but, I loved you and you were gone.”

“I had hoped to never run into you again. Then word started to get to me that you were on the Court. I knew it was only a matter of time.” Raven shuddered in fear. Elian’s case was becoming something that she wasn’t sure she could deal with anymore. Every day it got closer, it became more apparent that she was going to have to reveal who she was. The Matians feared the Darkans and the Shadows and she had no clue why. There was no historical reason at all.

“I’ll protect you, Raven.”

Raven moved to the bed, settling down on the bed with Alexis at her back. As soon as she was settled he pulled the robe down a little and looked at the tattoo on her back. His fingers started to trace the outline of the moon and then moved to the star on the inside.

“What is this?”

“I went to one of the those witches who does tattoos. She read me and then she started on this. When she pulled out of her trance, she looked scared but I never really questioned. I’ve never found it in anything. I was too scared to ask her why she was scared. It was not long after Amelia that I got it…”

“It’s beautiful.” Alexis replaced his fingers with his tongue.

After a minute or two, Raven shifted so that she could remove her robe and let Alexis’s hands wander all over her body. The connection that was between them flared up and instantly Raven was wet. Her body had never not responded to him. That was never the issue. It was her heart.

Alexis rolled her over and slipped inside of her in just a few seconds. He held her close and thrust in and out of her a few times before his mouth sought hers out. She let herself get lost in him and not worry about anything else other than feeling him inside her and all around her. She was immortal, she would find the one for her at some point.

Hours later, Alexis was napping in between rounds when she was standing at the back window looking out. Alexis was the first to arrive. The rest of the court would come next. She had no clue if the other four would arrive as one or one at a time. She had to get something of a story figured out before they arrived. The room smelled like a bad candle and Chinese food. Alexis had gone to pick that up just down the block when Charity had called to relay a message from James about the upcoming case.

“What’s got you thinking so hard?” Alexis asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist and separated her robe so that he could touch bare skin.

“The future, the close and the far away.”

“Then I am not doing my job right.” Alexis pulled her robe down to puddle onto the floor before he kicked it away. He used a leg to spread her legs and then pressed her hands onto the wall on either side of the window in front of her. Raven gasped as she felt cold, wet fingers probe at her add. She hadn’t had sex that way in a long time. Thinking about it, it was with him the last time just before her alias had been killed.

Relaxing into what he was doing, Raven let her mind drift into a haze of feeling. It wasn’t until the fingers pulled away that she even thought about how tight she really was. One hand on her hip, Alexis guided his cock to her hole. She thrust back a little but a small slap on her ass her stilling as he leaned forward. He bit down on her neck as he thrust inside of her. The pain was brief and then her body was humming.

Today was going to be a one off at the start but she didn’t know why she needed to limit herself to just today. She was an adult and he already knew that she didn’t love him. What was the use in using him if he was okay with using her as well.

Tomorrow was back to the real world. Today was all about pleasure.

When any one Immortal choose to come out, it’s never good. Not any time in the last two hundred years at least. Having more than two of them meet with the advances of letters and how quick those words can go from country to country, means something is up. A Mystic who sees two Immortals, turns and runs. The Immortals were born on the battle field and they will die on the battlefield, no one knows when though and no one wants to be around for it.

Chapter Five

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