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Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Seven-Jealous

Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Seven-Jealous

Elian walked up to Raven’s house. It was near one a.m. and he hadn’t been able to sleep. He had his backpack full of books to exchange in Raven’s library. The upper house was dark so she was either asleep or down in the sunroom. She rarely spent time in any other room on the ground floor.

There was a long list of things that he would have rather walked up to see rather than Raven sitting in Alexis’s lap with their lips locked and his hands wandering all over her body. Alexis was quick to rip her shirt downward. It looked to be a shirt that opened up in front or he had ripped it open. Raven was wearing a bra. It looked to be black and sexy.

Elian turned quickly and started back to the road. He turned at first towards his house but knew in that instant that it wasn’t a good idea. He was afraid that he would destroy it. There wasn’t any bars open and he didn’t want to go to Athens, not as pissed as he was.

Every single second that Raven wasn’t working at the coffee shop, she was with Alexis. Raven said it wasn’t something long term but she seemed to be happy with him. He wasn’t sure if it was the sex or not. Raven had changed since when Alexis had come to town or this was how she always was and had been hiding it.

The edge of town was so close and so were the woods that surrounded the town. He was running towards it before he knew what he was doing. The church at the edge of town came up on him quickly. The change came over him as soon as he was in the unused fields that were on the far side of the church. His human self was left behind and he just ran. He had no clue where he wanted to go just that he wanted to go. The moon was high above the trees and Elian could feel its rays beating down on him. He may not be governed by the moon but the moon loved him no matter what. He wanted to find a place to go where he could just play under it. There weren’t that many places near the city where humans weren’t around. He needed a place to go that he could stay in human form.

The smell of humans tapered off but every single time that he thought that he was safe, Elian came across another trail of human. After three miles without the scent of humans, Elian stopped at the base of a large hill. It was covered in trees and looked like it was uninhabited at the top. He started up the hill and as soon as he reached the top the smell of roses and cinnamon washed over him. He stopped as he looked around. It wasn’t uninhabited. There was a small building at the top. It wasn’t a house. There was a light flashing in the corner of one of the windows but it wasn’t a regular light. It looked like an open flame. He carefully moved closer and another smell mixed with the smell of Raven. Hay and earth, Elian had only smelled that once before. In Ralph Helian. What was the Court member doing on a remote hill in Athens County?

The door opened and Elian braced himself but it wasn’t Ralph that standing there. No, leaning in the doorway was a female. The wind picked up and the smell of hay and earth wrapped around Elian like a blanket. It was all he could smell. She was dressed in a pair of black jeans and her hair was long and full, whipping around her in the breeze. She smiled at him and took a step closer.

“This just won’t do,” she said as she crouched in front of him. She was treating him like a dog, reaching her hand out with the palm down and the fingers spread out. Elian took a step back and the woman laughed. “That is no way to treat me, Lord Darkan. You’ll learn the ways of our people one day.”

Before Elian could react, she was shifting in front of him. Her fur was longer and full looking, wild like her hair had been. She dodged forward, biting at his leg and Elian didn’t know what to do. She chuffed and turned around, running into the woods. Elian wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do but he followed her. She was running fast as soon as she hit the trees. Elian had to run at his fastest just to keep up with her. He wasn’t sure but she was leading him around. Twelve miles later, he knew that they had just run a giant circle around the base of the hill and had ended back up at the building. As soon as he hit the clearing, the woman turned and she was on him.

The woman shifted into her human form and Elian followed after. She pinned his arms above his head and leaned her head down to whisper in his ear. “My name is Rose, Lord Darkan. Rose Helian.”

“Daughter of Ralph?”

“One and the same. Now you have trespassed on land that you are not allowed on. I can punish you in one of two ways. One you’ll enjoy.” Rose ground down with her hips and the dug into Elian’s crotch. “One you won’t.”

Elian’s blood started to pump even harder through his veins and it was going into one place. Rose was dressed in just a pair of thin short shorts and a half tank top. It was strange for a human during the spring weather but for a wolf, he had seen women from other packs. He’d seen married women from other packs who looked like that. It was normal dress year round. It still didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to touch.

Surging up, Elian broke her hold. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. “You kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“No, I kiss my father with this mouth and then I turn around and suck the cock of whatever man has my fancy for the moment. Right now it’s you. Do you have an issue with that?” Rose caught his mouth with hers before he could answer. Her tongue was in his mouth and her hands under his shirt in seconds. She drug her nails down his back and Elian arched into her body. She pulled from his grasp and she was gone. Shifted into wolf form and gone from sight. He could only follow her by scent and he took the challenge as it was meant to be.

Caleb had warned him of women wolves who adored the thrill of the chase and the capture. He said that some of them never really get over that and some don’t ever really settle down. What he had learned of the Helians since he had met Ralph was that the wolf only had this daughter but it didn’t mean that she would never sire an heir.

Rose howled and Elian found where she was. She had been a wolf longer than he had but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t be able to catch her. The run had shown him some of her movements and since he had trailed her, he knew them and she didn’t know his. Ten minutes into the chase, Elian found what he was looking for. She moved to not run into a small tight copse of trees and Elian ran on the other side of it and as soon as he saw her he jumped. He landed on her and they rolled until he landed on top of her and both were in their human forms.

“You win, Lord Darkan,” Rose’s voice and words cut through him and Elian found that he was hard as rock when she called him Lord. “Now the question is, my place is just about a three minutes jog up the hill over there or we can do it here on the ground like the animals we are. I don’t care but do you?”

“I say bed.”

“I never said bed. I sleep on the floor in the place. I’m kind of squatting right now.”

“Still where I don’t get leaves in my ass crack would be wonderful.” Elian stood up, pulling her up at the same time. Elian turned, still holding her hand but she gave a small chuckle and pulled him back. Rose jumped up into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. Elian braced himself and then he started walking to the building. It took longer than the three minutes but he really didn’t care. Rose’s mouth was on his and her tongue in his and it was a wonderful time. As soon as Elian got close enough to the house, he started to jog and pushed her up against the wall of the outside of it.

Rose’s scent was fading fast and all he could smell was the smell of her wetness. It was a heady mix of musk and of hay. She was so wet that where her crotch was pressed against his own had started to soak through to his clothing. He hadn’t wanted sex with anyone as much as he did with her right now. The sound of ripping drew him out of his thinking. He pulled back and let her get her legs under herself as she let go of the pieces of his shirt that she had ripped.

Elian opened the door to the building and Elian could see what looked like an office and a few other rooms with closed doors and then he saw where Rose was squatting. She grabbed him by his belt and pulled him down on top of her. Elian went down on his knees and undid his belt but she slapped at his hand and then undid his pants. Her hand was hot on his dick and he didn’t want it to stop. He could feel the difference between this time and when he and Marie had sex.

“Who are you thinking of that has a wrinkle in your brow?” Rose asked as she pushed him back a little so that she could pull his pants off of him. She was already naked. He wasn’t sure how he had missed that.

“I don’t want to kill the mood.”

“Then don’t.”

Before he could resister what was happening, Rose had swallowed him down to the root and Elian tried not to thrust hard into her mouth. He grabbed at her to pull her back a little but she resisted and used a free hand to start playing with his balls. Elian spread his legs out and lay back, trying to force himself not to gag her. After about a minute, she spun around a little and presented him with her pussy. It was shaved. Elian had never seen a shaved pussy before. He reached up and spread her lips so that he could lick at her clit and hole. She shivered and moan and it did wonderful things to his cock.

Elian had heard the some men didn’t know what to do with a pussy when they had one other than to shove a cock in it. He figured it wasn’t that hard to figure out what to do to one. He let go of her lips and used a hand to hold her waist still while he shoved his face put against her pussy so he could shove his tongue inside her as far as he could. She let him do that up until he could feel that she was near orgasm and then she pulled her mouth off of him and pulled herself away from him as well. She turned around and before he could say a thing, she was lowering herself onto his cock. As soon as she was all the way down, she twirled her hips and little and Elian had to grab her to stop her from sending him off before he got his fill of her pussy. She chuckled wickedly and leaned forward to take his mouth in a kiss. He could taste himself on her and was sure that she could taste herself in his mouth.

“You’re fun,” Rose whispered as she pulled back and started to thrust. Her grabbed a little lower on the waist so that he could help lift her up and let her drop down. It didn’t take long at all for Rose to start to clench on him. “You have no inhibitions of someone who is recently changed from human. You are not a”

Rose spasmed all around him and Elian couldn’t hold it any longer. He pulled her down on him, buried to the hilt as he came inside of her. He thrust a couple of times and each time he rub inside of her, she moaned. Elian let go of her hips as she started to slump and she laid down beside him, cuddling.

The door opening had Elian turning to look and he saw a young woman enter. She looked mousy with brown hair and wide eyes. Elian thought that she looked impossibly young but there was something in her eyes that told him she wasn’t a push over. He tried to sit up and cover himself but Rose had him held down.

“What is going on?” Elian pushed harder at the hands holding him down. Rose was a lot stronger than she had let on before.

“What do you want me to do?” the woman asked looking at Elian and then back at Rose.

“Just remove the area. Change it to somewhere else. A cabin in the middle of the woods in Washington County somewhere.” Rose said as she finally let him go. Elian jumped up pulling his pants on, leaving his underwear and ripped shirt on the floor. His socks and shoes would just have to wait. He wasn’t going to look away long enough to let the girls do something to him. He looked at Rose. What had he done? Was this woman worse than Marie?

“Was he that fun?” the woman said. Her eyes started to glow and the door behind her slammed shut as did all the curtains on the windows in the room they were in. He wasn’t sure what was going on. “Elian Darkan, you’ve trespassed somewhere that you shouldn’t have been. I’ll be good and not remove the night from your mind, I’ll just remove the location. I’ll remove all memory of me though and this whole interlude.”

“What you are you?” Elian asked as he ran to the door. He grabbed at the handle and pulled with all his might. It didn’t budge. He turned to face the women.

“I am a witch, Lord Darkan and you’ll figure that out at a later moment in time.” The witch raised her hand and a bolt of pure white light left her hand and hit him in the head. He could feel something trying to put him to sleep and he fought it. “We have to tell Raven.”

“I will as soon as I can get into town without letting my father know that I am here. He won’t like it. He is afraid of a Matian attack. That Aurora isn’t here to protect you, I don’t want to leave.”

“I’ll be fine. The Matian’s won’t come this close while the Court is here. You’ll have to come clean about fucking him.”


The sound of movement and then Rose was looking down at him.

“Why would she care about who I fuck?”

“Because she is in love with him. She won’t let herself feel it though. Her heart needs to be unburnt and then…better to come clean than wait for it to become a problem.”

“She’s fucking Wrenwood and the Fae…”

“And Elian knows that.”


Elian let his eyes close and he knew no more.


Elian knew the second that he came to awareness that he wasn’t in his own home. He opened his eyes to darkness. There was a smell to the place that he wasn’t able to place. He sat up in the creaky bed and looked around. It looked like a cabin. There was wood everywhere and it looked like it hadn’t been lived in for a few months if not more. There was a creeping of light coming in from the eastward facing windows which told him that it was morning. He saw his ripped shirt and his underwear, socks, and shoes on the floor and lifted the blanket to see his pants on him.

The night’s memories rushed over him. He remembered the frenzied chase of Rose through the woods that ended with them having sex. The slight shame of that washed over him. He had gone running in the woods to escape from seeing Raven with Alexis but had ended up fucking a strange woman in the woods.

There was no way to save his shirt but Elian dressed in the rest of his clothes and quickly shifted forms to go home. A wolf would be less visible in the early morning light than the sight of a large shirtless man running. As soon as he was clear of the deep woods, Elian took his time making sure to stay hidden as he ran home. At the edge of town, he jumped down onto the banks of the Ohio River and made his way home that way. It was too light outside to hide anymore. He hoped no one was boating and there was no barges on the river that early in the morning.

When he saw the banks below his house, Elian shifted and made his way up as a human. His back garden door was unlocked and he was so happy. As he opened the door, the smell of a rose blasted his nose. He turned and found a fresh plant in the garden. It was March and there should be nothing newly planted but he found the rose hiding behind his gazebo. It was a rose from inside of Raven’s house. There was a note on the seat of the gazebo.

For your protection. There is a spell on it to protect it from the weather while it takes roots. Don’t worry, it’s a very hardy plant. Hard to kill. It’s called the Shadow Rose for a reason. You’ll understand when you see it bloom.

Elian sat down where the note had been and dropped his head down. There wasn’t any more running to be done. The whole reason he had run the night before. Why he had run months ago. It was all rushing into him.

He loved Raven. There was no running from it anymore. He had loved Raven when she had just been Rae and even with the changes in her since he had come back to Belpre, he still loved her. She had taken up with Alexis as soon as he had hit town and it hadn’t taken long before she had a threesome with Alexis and Bryar. She was significantly older than him but both Alexis and Bryar were way older than her so it seemed that age wasn’t as big a factor with the Mystics as it was with humans.

There had to be age though that was off limits but Elian hadn’t found one. It was probably different for each race. It couldn’t be him because Rose had sex with him easy enough and she had known who he was but she was also pretty young or so he thought. Ralph was only a little over a hundred and fifty years old. He had no clue when Rose was born.

Elian shook his head because that train of thought wasn’t helping. He felt betrayed by Raven but that was mainly because he was upset that she hadn’t saved him. He had loved her and she hadn’t saved him. It was easier to repress that emotion as it just causing him anger. Going through life jealous wasn’t a way to live either.

There was signs that Elian could find though that Raven loved or even cared for him in that fashion. She had saved his life and protected him as well as she could but she had felt bad for not being able to save Elian’s family years before. It was honor that made her protect him. Honor wasn’t love. Honor wasn’t anywhere near love.

The night at the river though was stark in his mind. When he had told her all that he had done with Marie; the ring, the keys, the proposal. He had called her jealous and a bitch but when his mind had cleared from Marie’s influence he had figured that he had been misremembering that night. He wasn’t so sure thinking back on it. There was so much about that night that had sucked. His fight with Raven and then the one with Marie about his parents and what she telling them behind his back.

He had changed some since that night. He had changed in that he had adapted to his life as a werewolf but nothing more than that. He was still the guy who ran from his problems and the guy who didn’t do what he wanted. The guy who was meek. He needed to change that. The trial with the Matians was coming up closer and he had to make sure that he won in the end.

Raven would be his but first he had to show her that he was worthy of the lineage he had and the love that he was sure that she had for him. He had to unburn the rest of her heart first. He just had to figure out how to do that.

He had to start by not hiding from her anymore.


Elian entered Raven’s house a few hours later. He had looked and Alexis’s car wasn’t there but that didn’t mean a thing. Raven’s jeep and car were there but again it didn’t mean a thing. He didn’t know what he was expecting to find but to hear a bunch of giggling and girls talking was not it. He picked out five different voices. Raven’s and Charity’s were easy to pick out but the other three were not. The sound was coming from the sitting room that was attached to Raven’s bedroom. He went up the stairs and entered the room just to step back out at the scream from two of the girls inside.

“ELIAN DARKAN!” Raven’s voice carried and Elian found himself trying to run. He hadn’t seen that much but the girls were all in robes that were thankfully shut but there was a purple looking goop all over all their faces. He had seen girls who looked kind of like that in movies over the years. It was usually green goop thought, not purple. He made it to the kitchen before there were three girls in front of him. It took him a second to figure out which was Raven and which was Charity. The third girl, he had no clue who she was but he could smell the cinnamon wafting off of her. She was a vampire. Then the smell of hay assaulted his nose and he turned to see the woman from the night before standing there.

“Hello, sailor,” Rose said as she leaned in the doorway to the kitchen.

“Really Rose?” another voice chimed in and behind Rose was another girl. She was wiping the goop from her face. She had large expressive eyes and a mousy brown hair. “Do you fuck anything that moves?”

“Like you have room to talk, Stone,” Rose said. She moved forwards and kissed Elian on the cheek before settling on the counter. The unknown Vampire moved over to Stone and settled her arms around her waist.

“Ladies, calm down,” Raven said. She took the towel that Rose tossed to her and started to wipe some of the goop from her face. “Rose always fucks any male that will have her. And Jasmyn, it’s not like Aurora is any different. You are the one that landed the great unlandable. We are all five whores and you know it.”

Jasmyn stuck her tongue out at Raven and Elian wasn’t sure but there was something else going on there. He wasn’t going to ask. He was sure that all five of them could take her. It was three Vampires, a wolf, and a Witch. He wouldn’t last long at all.

“He is a hunk,” Aurora stated as she leered at him.

Elian was finding that he was getting uncomfortable with all the women looking at him.

“Down girls. Elian, what do you need?” Raven smiled at him. There was a softness in eyes that he hadn’t seen since before the fight about Marie.

Elian swallowed and looked away from the other girls and focused on Raven. “I wanted to talk about my case with you. Talk about the Matians but it can wait until tomorrow.”

“I’ll call you, yea?” Raven asked.

Elian nodded and moved out of the kitchen passing Rose as he went. He swore that he felt her pinch his ass cheek, by the giggling of the girls, he was sure of it. The case could wait till morning because that was way too many girls and way too much staring. He was still brave, he just wasn’t an idiot.

Vampires are the most calm and collected race of the Mystics. Don’t let that fool you, that does not mean that they won’t kill you. They are slow to anger and quick to kill but once angered, they will hold a grudge against your entire family line for the rest of their lives. 

Chapter Eight

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Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Six-The Rest of Court Arrives

Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Six-The Rest of Court Arrives

Raven looked around Elian’s house. She could tell where he was updating a lot of things. It was small changes but the changes were there. He had got a security system much like hers and she didn’t have a code yet so she just stepped up and knocked on the door. Alexis and Bryar were on their up to Marietta to meet with the rest of the Court who had arrived no an hour before and had already alerted Alexis to let Elian know that he was wanted up there. Raven had asked to take that job.

The knock went unanswered for nearly two minutes before Raven even entertained that Elian wasn’t home. The noise of the traffic was blocking the sound of the inside of the house but if she concentrated she hoped that she could hear something. Raven closed her eyes and just listened. There wasn’t a noise inside the house at all. She started to pull her hearing back in when she heard the sound of a shovel in hard dirt.

Elian was around the back of the house. Raven moved quickly around the house. A little faster than a human would but it was okay, there was no one paying attention to her. The construction workers at the place across the road were busy with their jobs. Hardee’s was empty and no one driving would be looking at the house. The back gate on the garden was open and Raven could see where Elian had thrown things out the gate. Weeds and plants that had grown and he hadn’t been able to get out before he left. Raven had fought the urge to weed them.

“Hello, Raven.”

“Elian,” Raven said as she rounded the corner into the garden. Elian was in a pair of old looking ripped jeans and a tank top, even though the weather was cold. He was covered in sweat and Raven fought to urge to look him up and down. He wasn’t interested in her and she needed to move on. She was trying with Alexis. The Immortal wasn’t interested in long term with her and she understood that. She wasn’t sure she was interested in anything long term at all. She had as a child, in both looks and age, want a long term relationship but that just wasn’t in the cards for her. She had thought that it would have been possible with Elian but it just wasn’t. Charity wasn’t much better at all. She was just as flighty but she has no want to settle down. That might come later when she meets the right person but Raven didn’t see that happening anytime soon.

“What can I do for you?” Elian leaned on his shovel, pitching it into the ground.

“The Court is in Marietta.”

Elian paled at the words. He dropped the shovel and nearly fell into the dirt. He quickly corrected himself and dusted off his gloves before pulling them off. “All of them?”

“Yes. Alexis passed the word to me that they want to meet with you…and me today.”


“The Court wants to meet this Rae Smith who protected you.”

“Then you aren’t going to tell them about yourself?”

Raven shrugged and turned away from him. It was something that she was wrestling with. The world at whole wasn’t paying attention to Raven Shadow. The Matians thought she was dead but weren’t going to tell anyone about that. No, if they admitted that it was admitting guilt. No one cared about a little on their own vampire named Rae Smith who lived in small town America.

“When do they want me?”

“As soon as we can get there.”

Elian nodded and moved to the doorway of the house. “I just need to shower and change and then I’ll be ready.”

Raven nodded and reached into her purse and pulled out a pack of cigarettes as Elian went into the house. This was going to be her only saving grace. The interior of her car already smelled like cigarettes so she didn’t need to worry about that.

Twenty minutes later, they were heading out. Raven was driving mainly because she was worried that Elian would not go to Marietta. When they hit the city limits, she was insanely happy she wasn’t driving. Elian was shaking.

Raven reached over and placed a hand on top of his. His arm stopped shaking and he twisted his whole arm so that they were holding hands. Heart in her throat, Raven settled herself and drove. The Lafayette Hotel was easy to get to. Raven hadn’t stayed in it for over fifty years. That had been the first time she had been in the area. It was part of why she had come back. The area had been perfect for what she wanted. Perfect for her end plans for the Mystic races.

The parking at the Lafayette was full. Raven ended up circling the block before she found a spot. Elian pulled his hand from hers the second the car was in park. She saw there on his side the Darkan family dagger. Raven raced around the car to beat him getting out and grabbed the dagger from him sheath. She straddled him so that she could place it in the locked box under her seat. Elian leaned over and she knew that he could see the daggers she had inside there as well as the two handguns.

“I have my human conceal and carry permit. I think that we should get you one as well.”

“I need that.”

“The Court won’t attack you. The Matians won’t attack you today either. In fact there are guards everywhere in this town, human, Fae, Witch, Vampire, and Werewolf. There is no way to fool their noses and they would be able to smell anything out of the ordinary.”

“Then what about you?”

“You can’t have missed the cigarette smell? I smoked two while waiting on you and since Alexis hit the town; I smoke in my car several times a day. I don’t have to worry about my house. Alexis is the only one who would be able to tell that the roses are not the only thing making my house smell like that. My parents were very selective on who went to their house.”

“I wondered about the smell. Won’t they know you are hiding something from them?”

“No?” Raven shifted closer to him and pulled him down a little. “It’s something that many new Mystics don’t know. It takes a while to pick it up. I hadn’t shared it with you yet. I didn’t want you freaking out every time you came across someone who smelled like smoke and think they were trying to kill you.”

“When will the smell go away?”

“Enough for them to smell me? About the time I figure who if they are trustworthy enough. Alexis and Bryar fear me enough.”

“Why?” Elian looked so puzzled and Raven loved it. He looked cute.

“They know that I can ruin them. All it takes is revealing who I am and brandishing them a traitor to my family. Do you know how long it would take for their life to be ruined after that?”


“Hours.” Raven opened the door and entered the hotel. Elian stuttered in his steps and Raven knew it was because of the grandeur and elegance of the place. Alexis was waiting for them right in the atrium. He was dressed in a pair of tan slacks and a plain white dress shirt. There were seven guards stationed around the main area of the hotel. Raven didn’t even want to think about how many were stationed around the exterior of the place and just around the town. This was a high alert. She had never seen so many in once place that was open like that. The Court was scared of something.

“Welcome, Lord Darkan and Rae Smith. The Court is in the upper penthouse. I’ll escort you up there.” Alexis turned Raven let Elian enter first and then she did. There was no talking as the car moved up the building.

When the doors opened up, Raven was surprised to see Madeleine Sky standing there. The other Vampire’s eyes widen at the sight of Elian but she didn’t see Raven at all. Her eyes were on him only. Raven let a smile emerge  on her face as she moved to the side and Elian and Alexis left the elevator car.

Every single member of the Court was known to her. Madeleine Sky, who had taken over in the absence of the Shadow family. Ralph Helian who kept a tight reign on all the wolves who stepped out of line. He was a fighter first and a thinker second. Cynthia Lake was in the back in her chair. She was the only member that Raven didn’t know much about. Bryar was in the back, at the window, looking out. He didn’t even turn to look at them when they entered.

“Come, Bryar. I know the factories of the area are making you mad but delaying this only means that we are going to be here longer.”

Bryar turned and smiled at Madeleine before he looked at the three of them who were fresh from the outside world. “Your guard does you well, Lord Darkan but you do not need her. She could do little to protect you here with us.”

“And yet, I trust her. I don’t know any of you and I find that it will be keeping her here while we have a talk.”

“The nerve…” Madeleine looked from Elian to Raven for the first time. “You are Rae Smith?”

It was in that second that Raven knew that there was no way of hiding from them. Madeleine knew who she was now. There were seven guards inside the room. All stationed well enough to protect all five of the Court.

“I have a lot of nerve. You demand that I come to you. I demand that the guards leave.” Elian’s voice was large and Raven knew that he had to have learned that from Caleb. His voice sent shivers down her spine.

“The Court goes nowhere without guards,” Cynthia stated as she shifted in her chair. She looked between the two of them before she turned to look at Alexis and then back to Raven. Her eyes widened for a few seconds. She waved Bryar closer. The Fae leaned down and listened to her for a few seconds before he nodded and looked up at Raven. “We will grant this boon.”

The guards left the room with no fight. As soon as the elevator was shut and it started down, Madeleine looked at her with wide eyes.

“Darkan looks to you. Bryar is scared of you and the sight of you heightened Alexis’s sex drive. I can smell his slight arousal from here. Darkan’s reaction can be seen as normal. You have help guide him through this trying time of his life. Bryar is scared of no one that I have ever met. Alexis though…”

“The smoke hides you.” Ralph moved quickly through the room and grabbed Raven by the throat. Elian gasped but Alexis grabbed him and pinned him in place. Ralph buried his nose in her neck and inhaled. “The spice betrays you.”

Elian gasped and Raven was happy for it. He played right into her hands. Her mother had been the only person who knew how to confuse even the ones who were the bloodhounds of the Mystics. The smoke was to fool them. Raven knew how to play the game and how to trick all of them.

Raven shoved at him and Ralph just laughed. He lifted her up higher but didn’t squeeze at her throat. She stared down at him and he just looked up at her. Ralph Helian had been born in the year that the Darkan’s had been destroyed. He had never moved out of the shadow of the family. He believed that the wolves had been better in the years under the rule of the Darkan’s but had been unwilling when he had come of age to take that up. He was a good man but he was scared of making too many waves. She would have to see if his spine held up him.

“You are a very interesting woman, Miss Smith.”

“Get me naked and I will show you how interesting I truly am.” The look on Ralph’s face was worth the words. Raven chuckled and used her feet and legs to shove herself backwards from him. She landed on her back and did a kip up to land on her feet. She smiled at him and bowed. There was a divan at the edge of the room and Raven sat herself down in it. “Alexis fetch me a drink.”

Alexis moved to grab a bottle of water and handed it to her before he motioned for Elian to move to sit beside her there. Elian took the seat and the rest of the Court sat in chairs the arced around them.

Alexis took the first seat next to Raven and the rest fanned out from there. Bryar, Madeleine, Ralph, and finally Cynthia, going down in age to end with Elian beside her.

“You are Elian Darkan?” Madeleine asked.

Elian huffed. “Yes. I am Elian Darkan.”

“Why did you change your name so quickly?” Alexis asked.

“Coats was the name of my weak father  and the married name of my mother. I came to hate the name of Coats. It was a weakness. When I was Elian Coats I was human and weak. I was easy to manipulate and I was nearly killed by the woman who was fucking with my mind.”

“You hold such hatred for your mother.” Bryar was next.

“Gail Matian-Coats wanted me dead because of something that I couldn’t control. I was born Coats. I will die a Darkan.”

Madeleine looked at him and then at Raven before she settled back on him. “She betrayed you by not revealing what you were before you turned. Why don’t you hate her for it?”

“I hated her for a long time while I was on my vacation from the world. Caleb beat that out of me. I was good after that.”

Ralph laughed a little at that. “What we have found out from your lawyer is that Raven is the one who killed Marie Harper. What part did you play in that?”

“Marie attacked me after we had sex. I bit her and I started to transform. I was unsure of what was happening and Marie pulled a dagger on me to kill me. I was scared out of my mind.”

“You claim you are Rae Smith but you claim no parentage on your papers we have found for you. A vampire of seven years, turned at the age of twenty-five. Helian states that you smell of spice. Cinnamon. That means you are a born Vampire not a turned.”

“Deceit is a legitimate tool in Mystic life. I have done nothing wrong and you cannot force me to reveal anything.”

All five Court members turned to look at her. She gave them a smile that only three of them would know. Ralph and Cynthia were too young.

“Why now?” was all that Madeleine asked.

“I have plans for the future and finding Elian moved them up. The Matians are a piece of shit family that has decided that they know what is best for all Mystics. I know why the Matians killed my mother and father and I know why they killed all of the Darkans they could find.

“But you are dead,” Cynthia stated. She looked at the both of them in fear.

“That’s what the Matians think,” Raven stated. She stepped up and pulled a dagger and held it at Cynthia’s neck. “No one else thinks that I am dead just hiding away, the shame of my past too much on me.”

“What is going on?” Ralph asked.

“The Matians have tipped their hand,” Madeleine said. She stood up, moving to stand beside Raven, placing her hand over Raven’s on the dagger. Raven let go and stood back, turning as she did. The sound of metal on bone filled her ears. “The Stones are the next in line on the Court. Young Jasmyn is actually in New York right now.”

“Along with her girlfriend.” Bryar stated.

“Make sure that we give the guard enough time to clean up. Alert the Lake’s what has gone on. Let’s move to Alexis’s rooms.” Madeleine scoffed at the body on the floor, leaking blood everywhere.

“What was that?” Elian asked as he moved next to Raven.

“Cynthia worked out who I was and then gave up the knowledge that she is working for the Matians. She overplayed her hand. She had to die.” Raven placed her finger over her mouth to tell him to be quiet. They entered a room down the hall from where the other room had been. It was an empty sort of room. Mainly for sleeping and the like. There was only a single suitcase and Raven was surprised to find that it was still packed. The rest had to be at her house.

“You knew?” Madeleine asked as they entered the room. She rounded on Alexis and Bryar.

“Yes. I knew who she was the entire time that I was with her,” Bryar said as he draped himself on the bed. Raven smirked at him and sat at the head of the bed, behind him. Ralph pulled the two chairs from the table and set them down facing the bed. Madeleine took one and Elian the other. Ralph sat on the desk and turned the chair for Alexis to sit on.

“I was kept unaware of who she was.”

“But it’s why you went after the Matians. They have overstepped their bounds. The Court hearing will not go well for them.”

“We can’t let them know that though. They will never come and they will kill Elian and anyone else they want. The Matians wan to take us back to our stone age. It’s easier to rule a people who are ignorant of all things.” Raven shifted her shirt and pulled out the ring that was on the leather cord at her neck. She smiled at Ralph as she took the necklace off. He watched in wonder as she pulled the ring off and put it on her finger. It matched the others in the room. Madeleine huffed as she shifted in her seat to pull her own ring out.

“What is this? Show me yours and I’ll show you mine?” Bryar asked as he held out his own ring. He wasn’t wearing it. It was on a cord that was wrapped around his wrist.

“Then you are Raven Shadow but…” Ralph looked at Madeleine. “You told me that she was a turned.”

“It was believed that she was. Her own mother said that she was. Her mother created Charity and then Raven but wasn’t ready for a child of blood at the time. Then she was murdered and line was believed dead. Both of the Shadow ladies have been good at hiding this truth from everyone.

“The Matians would have killed me sooner if they had known. They still don’t know. The only reason they tried to kill me was that I was killing them off slowly. I was stupid and rash. I learned after that. I came here to settle down and then this pup seemingly followed me here.”

“Full blooded and born of Gwen Shadow?” Ralph asked as he looked at her. There was something in his eyes. He knew something and he wasn’t telling them about it. She would all him that as long as he wasn’t putting her in danger. If his secret seemed to be working on killing them, she would find it out or kill him.

“Yes. My blood smells of roses and cinnamon.”

“How were you able to hide that from me?”

“It’s easy. My mother taught me how and no I will not share it with you.”

Raven stood up from the bed but Bryar grabbed her from behind and pulled her back down.

“We have what we need for the Court date. Everything else can come out then. We’ve had enough serious talk for today. Alexis, Raven, and I have a date. If you wish to watch then please hang around.” Bryar’s mouth was on her neck and his hands were wandering up to her breasts. Elian blushed and nearly ran from the room. Madeleine looked like she wanted to stay but Ralph hightailed it out after Elian. Madeleine looked Raven in the eye as Bryar snaked a hand up her shirt.

“We’ll talk more later.”

“We have nothing to talk about,” Raven said and she tipped her head back to let Bryar kiss her on the mouth. The door slammed shut and Raven moaned when Alexis grabbed her legs and split them.

“You wore a skirt, you naughty ass woman,” Alexis said as he leaned more onto the bed. As the skirt fell to her hips, Alexis laughed. “Commando.”

“She is naughty.” Bryar had both his hands under her shirt. He lifted it up and Alexis immediately went to sucking on her nipple. She spread her legs farther and heard Bryar laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Raven asked, breathless.

“Should we fuck her while she is clothed, while we are clothed or all of us naked?” Bryar let go of the breast he had been fondling and then moved down to open her legs even farther.

“What am I a whore? If you fuck me with your clothes on, you won’t like what happens.”

“Then what about your clothes?” Alexis asked. He lifted up from her nipple and look her in the eye. She had been the one to talk the both of them into this. It had been a long while since she had fucked two men at the same time.

Alexis dropped his pants and shirt in a pile. Raven saw no underwear in the pile. She giggled as he moved up the bed and entered her in thrust. She shoved upward and Bryar grabbed her waist, holding her down. Bryar shifted and then he was gone from her back. She thumped backwards onto the bed and Alexis took advantage, thrusting in and out of her harder and harder. Bryar appeared at the side of the bed and was naked and purple.

Alexis pulled out of her and pulled her up and around to where he was able to get at her ass. Lubed fingers were inside of her before Bryar was on the bed and were stretching her. Bryar thrust into her and kissed her as Alexis worked to make it so that her ass would accept him.

Bryar pulled out as Alexis pulled his fingers from her. He shifted onto his back and Raven straddled him and took his cock inside her once more, thrusting her ass out so that Alexis could enter it. She was rewarded with his cock after just a few seconds.

“Fuck me,” Raven said as she buried her head in Bryar’s neck and moaned.

“That’s our plan,” Alexis whispered in her hair before he moved to lick a stripe up her back.

“Darkan was a little mad. Does he have feeling for you?” Bryar asked. Raven pulled her head up so she could look him in the eye. She saw the playfulness in his eyes. He was as asshole. She knew that. He cared nothing for anything but what he wanted.

“I think he is jealous of the fact that we were nearly fucking her in plain sight like that. He’s a little prude but he was raised human. This droll talk. We are having a torrid three way. It’s best we not talk of things like prudes.”

Alexis started to thrust harder into Raven and between the two of them, she started to lose the ability to think about anything except for hard cocks inside of her. She had no more plans for the day and wanted to stay like this. Bryar was a selfish lover but he liked to fuck so he cared a little for those he was fucking. It was what had made him so wonderful after Alexis and before she had moved to Belpre. Alexis was passionate and he would try anything once. Twice if the first time had been a fuck up of some kind.

The men looked over her shoulders at each other as they thrust in and out of her. They knew they were being used but for the moment they didn’t care.

Witches live wherever they want. Their magic is entirely their own and only those born with the power of magic understand it. There is no way to become a Witch. There is only being born a witch. If you meet an Ancient Witch, run, they will kill you for looking at them wrong. They have the power and the will. 

Chapter Seven

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Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Five-Burned Heart

Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Five-Burned Heart

Elian was at the Athens county line, running across the entire Belpre area. He wasn’t as territorial as Caleb and his pack had been but he was sure that once he started to acquire a pack, he would be. Still he liked to run the line at least once a week. It was a habit that was left over from when he was with Caleb. It wasn’t a bad habit. A little over a week ago, a drunkard had spent a while crossing back and forth across the county line at the Belpre/Coolville area. Elian had tracked him into the city just to make sure that the person had got back home safely. Elian had stopped tracking him at the center of the town.

The smells of the area were known to him. Every single smell of the area was normal. The second something different came across he knew. The smells of the Mystic races were mostly still an unknown to him. Still he wanted to  know the smells. He would learn them all. He had the time and the will.

Raven hadn’t given him a book of smells to learn it from, not yet. He knew that it existed but he hadn’t asked her about it. He knew that the smell so of a Mystic and the smell of the real item different some but being able to tell the difference meant everything. He knew that he was young and only time would fix that.

Raven, Charity, and James were still keeping him in the dark on some things but he was fairly sure that when the time came, they would tell him. James had opened up on a lot of things, Raven on some, and well Charity, she was a closed book to him.

Stopping at the edge of a small hill, Elian looked down onto the land in front of him. It was February so everything still looked dead. He could smell the plants waking up slowly though. There was life in everything around him. He couldn’t wait until there was sun and warmth and green all around him when he did his runs.

The water at in the Ohio River was muddy and brown from the rains the night before and the water was frigid but there was something about it that Elian loved to look at. It was early in the afternoon and Elian was finding that it was the best time of day outside of full dark. He was only a mile out from the edge of the river and it called to him. He could smell the fresh water and it was like a siren. He started trotting off towards it before his mind caught up with what his body was doing.

There was one spot that was near the base of his property that was his favorite spot to sit, in human or in wolf form. It was always in shade and always colder than everywhere else but it also gave him protection from sight yet he could see everything. It was a perfect place to change forms to and from wolf. He dropped into the little divot in the land and shifted. His clothes were clean and dry and his phone was still in in his pocket. What shifted with him still surprised him to this day. Caleb had tried to explain it to him but it was all about dimensions and other things that Elian had no care to know about. He knew that anything in his pockets on his clothes would shift with him. Jewelry and other things like that would change as well but would not show up on his fur as a marking. There was some kind of magic involved but he cared little for the how.

There was something on the wind and it caught even Elian’s human nose. He fought the urge to shift to smell it better. He would be able to figure it out. The wind from the river was wafting the smell over to him. It was seaweed. He knew the smell from when he had vacationed just a few years before to the Virginia Beach area. It was an odd smell for the area. He wondered what was causing it and then he smelled the blood under it. It wasn’t human blood. It was the blood that smelled like seaweed. He wasn’t sure how he knew that. It had to be instinctive.

Wanting to know more, Elian leaned a little forward to get a better view. Standing at the edge of the water was a man. He looked to be over six feet tall. The man was super skinny though. He looked sickly. Elian almost pulled back into his little cove except there was something about the man. The man reached his hand out and a spout of water rushed up and into his hand.

Barely controlling his gasp, Elian reached down to his side and pulled the dagger that was sheathed at his side out. He wasn’t sure who this was but Elian didn’t like it. As soon as this stupid court thing was done, Elian was going to assert his right with the council and Belpre and maybe father than that would be claimed as his. He would demand that those visiting would have to alert him.

The man pooled the water into an orb and he raised it to his lips. His mouth started to move and Elian heard nothing. He wanted to move closer but as soon as he started to move the man released the orb and it held it shape as it fell into the water. He watched it speed along just below the surface, against the current, picking up speed and disappearing in seconds. The man turned from the water and Elian moved from his cove to follow. This couldn’t be good.

Elian dialed Raven’s number but it went right to voicemail. It had been doing that a lot over the past week. He wasn’t sure what it was about and he hadn’t seen her in person in that week either. It wasn’t that odd but he was starting to take it personally. He opted to not leave a message at all. The man was heading somewhere near the far end of the town, away from downtown. The man knew where he was going, never once course correcting like he was following some kind of path. When the man turned to head up the bank instead of following the river, Elian knew where he was headed. Raven’s. It was the only thing that made sense. He didn’t want to jump the gun but he did want to make sure that Raven was safe.

The man stopped right on the property line and he seemed to take a deep breath. Something happened within seconds, his entire body seemed to shift and then he looked like his skin was purple. Elian rubbed at his eyes, thinking that he was seeing things until the wings sprouted from his back and then that’s when Elian knew. This man was a Fae. A water Fae. He wondered what the Fae was doing here at Raven’s. He was only left to wonder until the Fae stepped up and punched in a code in the device outside the door. He watched as it flashed and he was allowed in.

Raven would be in the sunroom reading if she was following her normal pattern. Elian moved to where he could see inside the room. He watched as the Fae moved into the room. Raven started and before she could do a thing he grabbed her and was kissing her. Elian felt his wolf form start to take over but when Raven gave in and grabbed him around the neck and pulled him on top of her in the chaise, the wolf just seemed to die.

The Fae pulled back and his face moved like he was talking and then Raven was laughing. She pulled away from him and he moved to another chair. He was grace and litheness in a way that Elian had never seen. There was an intimacy between then that Elian had never seen between her and anyone. In fact other than the interactions with co-workers at the library and the coffee house, he had never seen her with anyone but James and Charity. He knew that she had to have lovers but to see one and it be a Fae and a Fae that looked like that guy did.

“That’s a smell I haven’t smelled in years,” a voice said, making Elian spin around to face whoever it was. His hair was slightly long and brown. He was slightly shorter than Elian and the scent of him was on the breeze. It was rum. Strong rum that mad Elian’s mind cloud at the smell of it. He had smelled it once before. He had thought it was a drunkard but it had been this man. It hadn’t been a human but this Mystic, whatever it was. He was dressed in pair of faded jeans and a plain looking t-shirt but all of it looked expensive.

“Lord Darkan, I am Alexis Wrenwood.” Alexis bowed deeply and without an ounce of mocking in his voice or his demeanor.

The name shot through Elian’s mind. The one that Raven had said would be the first to arrive. He hadn’t expected the man this early and neither had Raven. It couldn’t be good that he was here this early.

Alexis stepped up and reached out his hand to shake Elian’s. As soon as he was within a foot, Elian could smell it. The smell of Raven was all over him. There was another smell on him as well. The smell of sex. Elian had his hand mostly out but pulled it back. He was sure that growl escaped his throat but he didn’t feel sorry about it.

“That’s a jealous look if I ever saw one. You know that the last time a Darkan fell in love with a Shadow…”

“Dmitry Darkan. I know and I know what happened to him and the duel that happened between him and Victor Shadow. I am not jealous.” Elian felt pride that he knew something like that. Alexis looked shocked.

“That’s…” Alexis grabbed his hand and pulled him close and stared into his eyes. “Oh, you are a Darkan all right. The smell and the eyes. The haunted, aged eyes of the visions. Oh, little wolf.”

“I am not little!” Elian said as he threw the man’s hand off of him. Alexis just laughed, the laugh came from deep in his stomach and Elian wanted to just slap him.

“The little wolf that has his hackles in a rise. Raven, Atrian, and Charity are coddling you way too much.” Alexis moved quicker than Elian could register and he was on his back with both hands pinned above him and a dagger pressed into the skin over his heart. “Think before you attack a man that is over two thousand years old.”

“What?” Elian just stared at the man. There was no way…he was an immortal.

“You and I we are going to Athens. We can talk and fight and then maybe you can fuck someone.”

“I don’t…”

“I see the fear in you.” Alexis rolled off of him and moved towards a sleek looking sports car that was parked beside Raven’s car. There was a jeep parked on the other side of her car. A jeep that he had never seen before. It was coated in mud. He looked back inside the house and then back at Alexis. A night with him sounded better than being there, even if he didn’t know the man he was going drinking with.


Elian was ensconced inside a bar within thirty minutes. It usually took that long at slightly faster than normal speeds hit the city’s edge but Alexis had taken them to the center of the city right by campus in that time. It was a little hole in the wall bar that was dark and smoky and it was loud but not too loud. Conversations could happen and it not be yelling.

Alexis was at the bar ordering drinks. He was friendly with the bartender without it seeming like they were friends. Elian wasn’t sure that they were friends.

The bar smelled of alcohol and smoke and nothing else. The smoke was from the cigarettes and Elian was surprised that they were allowed to be smoked inside. Ohio didn’t really allow that kind of stuff anymore. It wasn’t until Alexis came back to the table and set down two drinks that Elian figured it out. Alexis sat close to him, close enough to where Elian could feel the puff of each breath but all he smelled was the smoke. His distinct smell of rum was gone. Elian lifted his own arm and smelled. All he inhaled. He smelled no earth and no water.

“Smoke, a Mystic’s best friend. Cigarette smoke will cling to us for hours and no one can smell what we really smell like.”


“Raven figures that since Belpre really doesn’t have bars, there is no way for you to hide with that. If you can hit Marietta or Parkersburg or even Athens, you can get away. It something that I am sure that she has never even thought to tell you.” Alexis slide over a drink to Elian.

Elian just eyed the drink, taking a sniff before he took a tiny sip.

“And that tells me all that I need to know. Did she or he survive?”

“What?” Elian was perplexed by the question. He really had no clue what the Immortal was asking.

“You are a new wolf. There is only one way to make a new wolf like you. You fucked some girl and bit her. I know all about what it means. I also know the look of the love you feel for Raven.”

“I don’t love her.”

“No, you don’t allow yourself to love her. You were hurt by her and I can understand that. What was the name of the girl who you fucked?”

“Marie Harper and she was just a plain human, I think. She was paid off by…” Elian stopped. He wasn’t sure that he should be telling him this.

“If this relates back to the Matians, don’t worry. All will come out during the trial and I will be fair to both sides.”

“So you are on the court?” Elian asked. He took a larger drink of whatever it was that Alexis had given him. It was just sweet enough to taste nice but not sickly. The burn of the alcohol was nice. He hadn’t really drank much since he had changed.

“Yes. I have been for a while. Albin, another Immortal couldn’t take it any longer. I was chosen because I take no shit.”

“The Matians had her infiltrate my life and seduce me. I was unaware at the time but due to something…”

“Scents. Everything of the Mystics goes back to scents.” Alexis interrupted. He took a long drink of whatever it was that he was drinking. Elian wasn’t sure what it was either. It looked like wine but it didn’t smell like wine.

“I have figured that out.” Elian laughed a little. It was a little barbaric.

“I thought so. There are ways to hide scents. Me I don’t have to. Even the most seasoned hunter takes me for a drunkard when they cross my path. I have a perfect defense. I don’t think there is a single person who knows the scents of all the immortals much less more than two. What did this Marie do?”

“I guess the Matians were afraid of something and wanted me killed after she was done with me. When I bit her during sex, she freaked out.”

“I’ve traced your lines myself. If you hadn’t changed…”

“…the family would have become human. I know. Raven told me. No great family had been lost to it but there have been lower families who died off from it.”

“So you were conned into fucking her…”

“Must you be so vulgar?” Elian asked. He didn’t think he had ever heard sex referred to as fucking so much.

“I call it as I see it. I’m old enough to be allowed. I can figure how messed up in the head you were after that. I’ve met wolves that have turned that way. Usually it’s to plant the seed of a child and the mother is trying to steal the line but it never works out. What happened to her?”

“Raven slaughtered her.” Elian said. It was the first time he had really spoke about it since it had happened. At least the whole truth of it. What Raven had done could only be considered a slaughter.

“I’ve not known Raven for a long time but I know of her and I think that Marie was lucky that something worse didn’t happen to her. The Matians would have tortured her for information before killing her. Raven saved her from that.”

“She didn’t need to.” Elian had found that he hated Marie. As much love as Marie had made him think he had for her, he hated her as much now.

“No, she really did. Every single piece of information that she would have given them would have led to your death. Look at what they are doing now. They are taking it to the highest level. They are scared of the two of you. Of course, they are unaware of who exactly Rae Smith is.”

“Are you going to tell the rest of the Court?”

“Raven will be. Bryar knows who she is and I am pretty sure that Madeleine does.”

“Bryar?” Elian latched onto the name. It sounded like a girl’s name but not at the same time.

“The Fae part of the council and the man who locked lips with Raven back there.”

“And you aren’t jealous? I can smell her on you.”

“I fell in love with Amelia Cork nearly a hundred years ago. I was content to live my life with her. That she was a Vampire didn’t really matter to me. Then she was killed in front of me. I avenged her legally over the past one hundred years. Imagine my surprise when I arrive in this small town on the order of the court and standing there with black hair is Amelia. If it hadn’t been for the Vampire smell on her I would have thought that she had been reincarnated. When she is not working on your case or at the coffee shop, she and I are fucking but the love for Amelia. Raven is not Amelia. The body is the same and it responds the same but the mind…”

“So does she sleep with all the guys?”

“I have no clue on that. She told me about a Fae that she had told the truth to but it wasn’t until Bryar entered her house that I figured out who the Fae was. She is over a half a century old. Take a life time for a human and let’s put it at fifty years to compensate for fact that humans live longer now but lived shorter before. That’s nearly eleven lifetimes. Eleven lovers, if she was a human and didn’t sleep around. I know of myself and I know of Bryar, that’s a very low number.”

“When I was with Marie she seemed to be jealous but now…”

“You broke her heart, which is a feat to do let me tell you.”

“No, there is…” Elian shook his head. Raven wasn’t into him. His small love for her was for saving him and for protecting him. It had to be.

“Raven has shadows in her eyes. She has been hurt recently. I didn’t ask because let me tell you I am not turning down hot as fuck sex with her on any day.”

“Yes, thank you. Please continue with the part that interests me.” Elian took another drink of his drink and found that it was empty. He frowned a little at the drink and within seconds another was set down by a waitress. There was also another drink for Alexis who tipped his up and drained the dregs before setting it at the edge of the table.

“Sorry. There is a status of the heart that the Mystics call a burned heart. I can see in your eyes that she has burned you.”

“Burned me?” Elian asked as he took a long draw of his drink. It wasn’t affecting him that much. He would be able to drink several of them before starting to feel any effects. “What do you mean burned me?”

“A burned heart can affect any Mystic but it’s more common in wolves and vamps. Immortals and Fae not so much. It’s most common in witches but those witches rarely live long. They are the ones that become dark. Witches are the closest to human. They feel that kind of stuff more than the rest of us Mystics.”


“Betrayal. When the Darkan’s were killed, it broke Raven’s heart but it wasn’t that bad. She could have got over it in about fifty years but the death of her parents at the same hand? It burned her heart. Her love for Charity, it’s still there but it’s jaded now. Her heart is so full of anger and vengeance that there is no room for any other new emotion. She will as easily fuck or kill you if she doesn’t like you. Psychopath doesn’t cover what she can turn into.”

“Will she…drink human blood?” Elian asked. He watched as Alexis’s face contorted into a mock outrage at the notion.

“No, she’s not suicidal. She wants to live. She wants to live to kill all the people who have harmed her. She would never drink human blood. She’s too attached to life.”

Elian nodded and drank again from his drink. He was near the end of his second one. A third was placed in front of him and he just looked at it. He could feel the effects of it now and he wasn’t sure that he should drink the one placed in front of him.

“I’ll protect your virtue, Lord Darkan. Unwind. You’re so stressed that I think a night of fun would be good for you. You’ve not hung around many Mystics your age and I think a night of fun with some our ages would be fun.”

“Our ages?” Elian asked. He could feel the slowness of his body and hear the slight slur to his words. “What is in this?”

“Fae wine. The Fae are good at making things to intoxicate people. You’ll stay at about this drunkenness for the rest of the night. Stop drinking and it will go away.”

“Are you trying to kill me?” Elian asked. He wondered if this was the Matians way of getting rid of him. He felt bed for Raven; she would have to kill him.

Alexis leaned close and Elian could feel his wet breath on his ear and Elian wasn’t sure why but it made him excited. He had never felt aroused by a man before. He blamed the wine. “I wouldn’t have to get you drunk to kill you, little wolf. I am the reason why other Mystics flee Immortals. I am the fighter that forced the other four to join in the fight. I may be the youngest of them but I am the most ruthless and I have spent my entire life getting better at killing so do you want me to show you what I mean?”

Elian could hear more than just the threat in all of that. He could hear the truth and he was sure that he would die if he tried to fight the man. He wasn’t stupid and the alcohol wasn’t effecting him that much. He was fine right where he was at and he was happy to just sit and watch.

“No, Alexis Wrenwood. I think that I am fine where I am.”

The Fae live in their trees and among the other Mystics. There are those, though, that like to live among humans. Humans pass off seeing a Fae as a trick of the eye. Even seen someone with purple skin walking down the street? Turn back and find that it’s just a skinny, tall human? That was a Fae hiding among the humans. Run from them at all cost.

Chapter Six

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Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Four-Invaded

Elian’s Awakening-Chapter Four-Invaded

Raven always slept with a dagger under her pillow and a gun under her mattress but when one woke with a dagger to their throat, there is little that can be done. She hadn’t moved yet but she could feel the dagger. The smell that entered her nose from her breathing contained only the smell of lavender. It was someone who knew what they were doing. They were masking their smell well.

Rolling like she was turning in her sleep, she felt the dagger move with her and she struck out. A curse from the man standing above her had Raven diving off the bed, careful not to catch her turned hand on the bed. She grabbed her dagger with her free hand from under the pillow. The room was so dark that she couldn’t see anything. Whoever he was had pulled the curtains in the room so that she had no light to see by. Her night vision was good but it wasn’t that great.

The smell of blood was one the air now. She had cut him with her half turned paw. If she had been anyone else the smell of rum on the air would have had her thinking that it was a drunkard in the room but she wasn’t anyone else. The sound of ringing steel drew her gaze in closer. She wasn’t trying to see him at all. She could hear the whistle of the blade cutting the air. She reached out and caught the sword in her hand. She could smell her own blood on the sword and reached up with her hand and felt at her throat a small razor thin cut was.

The light in the room flared on and her eyes adjusted to the brightness. Raven didn’t even look down at the sword in her hand. She tossed her dagger onto the bed and stared at Alexis Wrenwood.

“Do you take me for an idiot?” Alexis asked as he sat down in the armchair near her bed. He was dressed finely in a pair of black slacks and a pale orange dress shirt. It was unbuttoned down to the fourth button. His hair was messed up like he hadn’t slept at all. “Do you Rae Smith?”

“No,” Raven answered simply. She looked around the room and found the sheath for the sword on the trunk at the foot of her bed. She grabbed it and sheathed the weapon. She was out of practice if she hadn’t been able to tell the difference between a dagger and a sword at her throat. It would have meant the difference between life and death he had been trying to kill her.

“Have you taken up with a woman now?” Alexis hadn’t taken his eyes off of her and for a few seconds, Raven was unsure of what he was talking about but then the smell of Charity hit her nose. She had been making herself smell like Charity as well. There was no way to trace Raven Shadow through the city. She sat down on the edge of the bed away from where Alexis was sitting.

“No. I am not living with a lover, Alexis. I…”

“I don’t think it coincidence that you are here. The Court sent me here on a mission and when I arrive, what do I see but a black haired Amelia Cork. I followed you for two days. I left town on something else and I just got back. I couldn’t…” Alexis leaned forward in the chair and locked his eyes with you. “I mourned you. I…”

“There are a lot of things about me that you don’t know. I…”

“I have killed thirty Matians in the past nearly hundred years. After they killed you, I tracked them to Russia. There is a small group of them that live there. I take the Matians to court for their wrongdoings and then I get to execute them. All to avenge a woman who isn’t dead.”

“Amelia Cork is dead.”

“But Rae Smith isn’t.”

“Rae Smith doesn’t exist.” Raven stood up and moved over to a picture on the wall. “Rae Smith only exists as a way for me to move around.”

Out of the safe came a single picture frame. She heard the slam of the door and hoped that it was Charity and not Elian coming into the house. Hell, she’d take James over Elian.

“Alexis Wrenwood, to what do Rae and I owe this pleasure?” Charity asked as she stood in the doorway to the room. Raven saw her dagger was peeking out of its sheath. She had prepared it.

“Charity Shadow…that was not what I was expecting.” Alexis stood up and moved over to shake Charity’s hand.

Charity had slipped into calling her Rae quickly, thankfully but Raven knew that she needed to tell him.

“So what does Charity Shadow had to do with a little girl like Rae Smith. Especially since I know that Rae has something to do with the little Darkan.” Alexis turned to face Raven again and it was then that she knew. He knew who she was. He was playing with her. She turned back and placed the picture back in the safe and shut it. When she turned back and faced Alexis and Charity, Charity was looking at her in shock.

“Imagine my shock when I entered this house and found a way to bypass the security. Don’t worry, there are few who can. I entered the living room and looked around. It was the sunroom that gave it away. I entered it and found the roses planted there. I remember Gwen smell and I knew the bush. The Shadows have always cultivated the rose that they get their smell from. To have a cutting of it growing in some young thing’s sunroom… The Shadows are the only one with access to that rose. Seeing Charity enter almost threw me off but she looked to you. There was no way that Charity would look to anyone but another sibling. I knew I was in the home of the recluse Raven Shadow. The secondary child of the Shadows. How could I have not known it? I remember seeing you as a five year old when they turned you. I…”

Alexis stopped and then moved over to the window and opened the curtain. The sun was just starting to peek above the horizon and it was starting to lighten up enough outside.

“Of course, you almost had me. The smell of the roses is everywhere but I can tell the difference between the smells.”

Raven’s blood ran cold.

“Charity…” Raven started.

“I’ll be outside. I have some work to do with James. You know the…” Charity dropped the words and she nodded at Raven before she slipped from the room.

“I spent an hour watching you sleep. I tried to figure it out. It was so simple and I don’t know how I never noticed. You move like Gwen. You have Victor’s intelligence. You look like the both of them.”

“You can’t tell the Court, Alexis. Please.”

“No, I have to. I can’t let them be blindsided with this. Shadow and Darkan alive here in this town…Amel…Raven.”

“You don’t understand.” Raven felt the fear constrict her heart. She was going to start to fidget and she knew it if she didn’t sit down. She moved to the chair that Alexis had been in and sat down. “The Courts ruled that my mother and father had been killed by a marauding group of turned Vampires.”


“No. I know who killed my parents. I was the first to arrive on the scene. I smelled what I smelled. The Matians had a good excuse but I know what I smelled.”

“I wasn’t on the Court for that one. I know that it was locked.” Alexis looked ashamed to be admitting that and Raven knew why.

“What?” Raven turned and looked at Alexis. Jumping from her chair, she shoved him back against a wall. “What do you mean locked? All Court decisions are available for all Court members and all Mystics to read.”

“It’s why Albin left the Court. I have tried to find the file but unless one was on the Court then, the file is hidden. Whichever witch was in control then hide the file well.”


“Just Lenora?” Alexis asked.

“All witches are stripped of family names when they turn dark. She turned dark about ten years after my parents were killed.”

“Interesting.” Alexis reached out with a hand and trailed the back of it down Raven’s face. “God, you are like the sun. I am so pissed at you but…”

Raven leaned up and let Alexis kiss her. The shutting of the front door told Raven that Charity had left. She wondered if Charity had any idea what Raven was contemplating. Sex with Alexis had always been wonderful. Sex with a Vampire or a Werewolf was easy. There was no need to pull back when all one wanted to do was push. Humans, Witches, and Fae were weak and fragile. Immortals though were strong, not as strong as Vampires or wolves but close enough to where Raven didn’t have to worry about hurting him that much.

The kiss curled her toes just like it used to nearly a hundred years ago. Of course, she had lied about who and what she was and just how old she was. Grabbing Alexis by the throat of his shirt, she spun and tossed him onto the bed. A little bit of concentration and the door to the bedroom was shutting and locking. Alexis looked at the door.

“What about…”

“Charity left a few minutes ago.” Raven dipped her head and let her fangs pop out. As if he could hear them come out of her gums, Alexis shivered long before the fangs touched her throat. “It’s just you and I.”

“Against my better judgment.” Alexis tilted his head so that he could take her mouth in a kiss. He flipped the both of them easy and laughed when Raven huffed. “Too many clothes.”

Raven laughed as she wiggled out of her sleeping pants and underwear while Alexis worked on unbuttoning her shirt. She had slept braless and as soon as Alexis had flesh revealed, he dipped his head and sucked on her nipple. She gasped and it was like time had never gone forward. Alexis could play her body like a musical instrument and it was like he had never stopped playing. Her body remembered him and it ached for him. She could feel herself getting wet.

Alexis’s shirt was hard to get off. Her hands were shaking from the pleasure of Alexis mouth on her breast and his fingers in her folds. After two failed attempts to get the first button open, she just ripped the shirt off of him. It shredded at the shoulders and flew in tatters around the room.


“No, just determined and you were giving me issues and I found the quickest way to what I wanted. Are you that upset?” It hadn’t been the expensive of a shirt.

“No, just…it’s been so long.” Switching breasts, Alexis started on the other one. “Do you…”

“I’m fine. There is nothing to worry about there.”

Alexis’s only answer was to nod and enter her.

Raven’s entire body froze but Alexis was gentle. He could feel how tight she was and took his time. When he was inside of her as far as he could get, he stretched up and offered his neck to her. She didn’t sink herself into him that second. She was afraid of injuring him. She had never lost control of herself to where she injured someone but it had been several years since she had trusted enough to have sex with a man. It wasn’t trust of the man but trust of the situation. The one off with Jasmyn had been just that a one off.

No one would have come to the Darkan Castle. It wasn’t a travel destination and since the massacre of the Darkan’s many Mystics stayed away just because of the stigma of the place. She had been safe there.

As soon as she had control of her body, Raven dipped and thrust her fangs in his neck. Alexis stuttered in his rhythm he was pounding into her body. She timed each small draw of blood with a thrust from his hips. She knew how to make the taking of blood sensual and it always felt wonderful for her partner but she didn’t drink from all of them. It all came back to trust issues. When she fed, she was weak. The hunger and the feeding narrowed her focus. One quick stab in her heart and she was dead.

Raven felt her climax rush up upon her. It was a long gasp and a squeezing of her muscles was the only warning she gave to Alexis but that wasn’t the end of it. She knew that he had orgasmed. Alexis pulled out of her and she was pretty sure that she knew what he wanted. As he lifted off of her, Raven grabbed the glass of whiskey that she had left at the side of her bed to wash the blood from her mouth. Alexis had kissed her before after she had drank his blood but it had been a while and for those who weren’t Vampires, it was off putting. Alexis held out his hand and Raven handed it over with just a little left in it. Alexis downed it quickly and grimaced.

“You’ve gotten too used to the finer things.”

Grabbing her by the waist, Alexis fell back onto the bed with her on top of him. His hands settled on her waist and the shifted her to where her pussy was aligned over his cock and had thrust a little. Taking the hint, Raven raised up a little and helped him align his cock to shove inside of her. He settled his hands at her waist and helped her thrust up and down. It was his favored position and Raven knew it. The position was one that she liked. There really wasn’t a position that she didn’t like, at least of the ones that she had tried. There had to be many that she had never heard of. She wasn’t that interesting in looking into them either. She was happy with what she knew.

Raven smiled at Alexis and leaned forward to kill him. The faint taste of the whiskey lingered in his mouth. She hoped for a brief second that she had drank enough to get rid of the taste of blood. Alexis thrust his tongue in her mouth and didn’t let her pull back. The thrusting of his tongue in her mouth and her thrusting up and down on his cock created a sensation all over his body. His hands weren’t still either. As soon as he was sure she wasn’t going to pull back, his hand went to her breast to fondle and squeeze. His other hand was on her ass and she knew what was coming longer before the slap connected.

“AHH!” Raven felt her whole body give as she was propelled to another orgasm with the help of a second hit from his hand. Alexis laughed into her mouth and then he was griping her hips to roll them both over. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders so that he could pound into her.

Alexis had never had this much stamina before, not in the entire six months they had been fucking at the turn of the previous century. He almost always lasted through her first orgasm but he always came on her second orgasm or just seconds after. He was still going strong though and she wasn’t going to complain.

“God, Alexis! Please harder.” Raven screamed as he pounded harder and harder into her. The smell of him, of rum, was surrounding her and then the smell of cinnamon gave it a spice while the roses made it smell enchanting. A human walking into her house would only think that a weird candle was being burning but Charity was going to know what had happened, if she had figured it out before and that was why she had left.

A pinch to her nipples had Raven’s mind going back to Alexis.

“Eyes forward and your mind on fucking please,” Alexis said as he twisted her other nipple just a little. Raven thrust up at the intoxicating swirl of pain and pleasure. Her body was its own thing now. She wasn’t sure where it came from but all of her muscles tensed as she came again and this time she pulled Alexis with her, finally.

Alexis collapsed beside her on the bed, his sweat soaked hair plastered to his forehead while he breathed heavy.

“I swear that you try to kill me.”

“Me? I haven’t had three orgasms that close together in years. Thankfully I had no plans for the day. I’m going to be worthless.” Raven laughed as she rolled onto her side of that she could look him in the face. There was something shadowed there but she wasn’t sure what it was. She reached out again but he pulled her in for a kiss. Her body stiffened in pleasure but she knew that she needed to shower. She pulled away from him and got off the bed, crooking a finger at him as she entered her bathroom. He got up off the bed and followed her into the shower. He was treated to the sight of her naked backside as she entered the large shower room. She made sure to shake her hips at him as she stepped out of sight to turn the water on. Talking could some after they showered and had wet shower sex.

It was an hour later when Raven exited the bathroom with a silk robe wrapped around her. Alexis was behind her with a robe she kept on hand for Mystics who visited Charity. It was little short on his frame but since neither of them had body secrets from each other; she knew that he didn’t care.

“Now that my brain is barely functioning and I think you broke my dick, please enlighten me about your parents.” Alexis draped himself on her bed, on his side so that he could look at her in the chair at the edge of the room.

“The Matians did good on killing my parents and killing Elian’s ancestors. I have no clue who the baby that was killed was. I had never actually seen the baby. Dmitry smuggled him out of the country and hid him here among humans at an orphanage. The Court ‘found’ no evidence to connect them to the murders and since it was only my word about the scents and no one else smelled them and there was no evidence, it was my word against them. I killed all Matians I could under circumstance I could manipulate. They laughed at me at first and then when I started to take down their best, then they started to think of me as an adversary.”

“They knew who they were killing when they tried to take you out as Amelia.”

Raven nodded and looked past Alexis to the window. It had to be afternoon by that point in time. It had been forever she had really had a lazy day and she was looking forward to it.

“How did you fake your death, I was there. I picked you up and carried you to the pyre and burned your body.”

“That is where a witch comes in handy. I knew that the Matians were getting close to me. A close friend froze time with a  spell and we swapped me for a fresh dead body that had been spelled to look like me. I slipped from Zain Matian’s grasp and then exchanged the bodies. He daggered me in the heart and everyone thought that it was me.”

“I mourned you. I knew that we weren’t going to be forever. I knew that from the second I touched you but, I loved you and you were gone.”

“I had hoped to never run into you again. Then word started to get to me that you were on the Court. I knew it was only a matter of time.” Raven shuddered in fear. Elian’s case was becoming something that she wasn’t sure she could deal with anymore. Every day it got closer, it became more apparent that she was going to have to reveal who she was. The Matians feared the Darkans and the Shadows and she had no clue why. There was no historical reason at all.

“I’ll protect you, Raven.”

Raven moved to the bed, settling down on the bed with Alexis at her back. As soon as she was settled he pulled the robe down a little and looked at the tattoo on her back. His fingers started to trace the outline of the moon and then moved to the star on the inside.

“What is this?”

“I went to one of the those witches who does tattoos. She read me and then she started on this. When she pulled out of her trance, she looked scared but I never really questioned. I’ve never found it in anything. I was too scared to ask her why she was scared. It was not long after Amelia that I got it…”

“It’s beautiful.” Alexis replaced his fingers with his tongue.

After a minute or two, Raven shifted so that she could remove her robe and let Alexis’s hands wander all over her body. The connection that was between them flared up and instantly Raven was wet. Her body had never not responded to him. That was never the issue. It was her heart.

Alexis rolled her over and slipped inside of her in just a few seconds. He held her close and thrust in and out of her a few times before his mouth sought hers out. She let herself get lost in him and not worry about anything else other than feeling him inside her and all around her. She was immortal, she would find the one for her at some point.

Hours later, Alexis was napping in between rounds when she was standing at the back window looking out. Alexis was the first to arrive. The rest of the court would come next. She had no clue if the other four would arrive as one or one at a time. She had to get something of a story figured out before they arrived. The room smelled like a bad candle and Chinese food. Alexis had gone to pick that up just down the block when Charity had called to relay a message from James about the upcoming case.

“What’s got you thinking so hard?” Alexis asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist and separated her robe so that he could touch bare skin.

“The future, the close and the far away.”

“Then I am not doing my job right.” Alexis pulled her robe down to puddle onto the floor before he kicked it away. He used a leg to spread her legs and then pressed her hands onto the wall on either side of the window in front of her. Raven gasped as she felt cold, wet fingers probe at her add. She hadn’t had sex that way in a long time. Thinking about it, it was with him the last time just before her alias had been killed.

Relaxing into what he was doing, Raven let her mind drift into a haze of feeling. It wasn’t until the fingers pulled away that she even thought about how tight she really was. One hand on her hip, Alexis guided his cock to her hole. She thrust back a little but a small slap on her ass her stilling as he leaned forward. He bit down on her neck as he thrust inside of her. The pain was brief and then her body was humming.

Today was going to be a one off at the start but she didn’t know why she needed to limit herself to just today. She was an adult and he already knew that she didn’t love him. What was the use in using him if he was okay with using her as well.

Tomorrow was back to the real world. Today was all about pleasure.

When any one Immortal choose to come out, it’s never good. Not any time in the last two hundred years at least. Having more than two of them meet with the advances of letters and how quick those words can go from country to country, means something is up. A Mystic who sees two Immortals, turns and runs. The Immortals were born on the battle field and they will die on the battlefield, no one knows when though and no one wants to be around for it.

Chapter Five

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