Elian’s Awakening-Prologue-Return

17 Aug

The castle loomed in front of me. It threw my failures in my face and it doesn’t even have the ability to talk or move.  I turn to the side and look at the tree. I take a step towards the castle but I have to stop. Instead I turn to the tree. The gravestones become more apparent as I walk towards them. I crouch in front of Dmitry’s grave and lay my hand on the ground above where his heart would roughly be.

“He’s as safe as I can make him, Dmitry. Elian has the Darkan stubbornness. He left Belpre and struck out on his own but I track him a little. He took up with a pack of wanderers.” I lay down to feel the earth and I hear something that makes me look up at the tree. I see that the trunk of the dead part is alive now. The leaves are still orange and red but it’s alive. The feel the magic in the tree and I reach out to touch the trunk.

“As soon as the young Darkan turned, the tree came back to life. The half dead section turned a living white and the leaves grew with more fervor.”

The woman behind me was an unknown so I crouched and hissed. My fangs came out and I lunged at her a little. She squeaked and turned to run. The wind caught the smell and I knew it. The smell of over steeped tea and old paper overwhelmed my nose as she started to sweat. I quickly ran and got in front of the witch.

“Stone,” I grab her and make her look at me. “Where is your grandmother?”

“Grams is dead. She finally passed this last year. I was given the dominion of the Darkan and Shadow properties as per the agreement between Raven Shadow and the Stone line of witches.”

I look at her and smile. This could work. Witches are smart and quick and having a young one on my side is something that I can do. I turn back to the castle and see that it has started to snow while I was focused on young Stone. Taking her face in my hands, I lean close and let my fangs trace her neck. I feel the shudder and the quickening of her pulse.

“Why don’t we take this inside?”

“I can’t. I am not allowed to allow anyone but the Darkan or Raven Shadow inside.”

“Did your grams show you the rings of rule?” I hold my hand up to show her that I wear the Shadow ring on my finger. Her eyes widen as I pull the ring down. I let my hand brush across her breast and I hear the intake of breath. So the elder Stone was correct in that her granddaughter is at least bisexual if not a lesbian. I pull her closer and let my breath ghost across her neck and she becomes putty in my arms. It’s nothing to pull her up and wrap her legs around me. It’s been years since I have eaten any pussy and I think it’s time for me to do it again.

Stone mutters under her breath and I feel the wards around the house drop down. As soon as the wards are down, I fly us both up to the room that I used as a child. I reach into her mind to get her given name and not her family name. Jasmyn. The name startles me. I had never seen it spelled like that. I shrug it off as I drop her to the bed. No dust pops up and I silently thank Jasmyn’s grandmother. She had promised the spell would preserve the house and allow no buildup of dust.

“I…” Jasmyn swallows as I hover above her. “I’ve never…”

“With a vampire? With vampire royalty? With any royalty?” I smirk as I drop onto of her. Her coat is quickly thrown to the side and I see that she dressed nicely for meeting the Shadow heir for the first time. The buttons holding the shirt together hold no resistance as I rip the shirt open. The silk rips and flutters in several pieces to her sides.

“With a vampire.” Jasmyn reaches up and pulls me down to her. I let myself get pulled. She had no chance of overpowering me. Her nipples are hard before I even get my mouth to them. She gasps as I trace the outline of her areola with my tongue. She jumps and I giggle. It’s been years since I giggled. Hell, it’s been years since I’ve had sex. “My grandmother frowned on witches having sex with vampires.”

“Your grandmother felt that mixing the races was going to be the end of the races. She was rather old fashioned but she was old.”

“Not as old as you, Lady Shadow.”

The name runs through me like a wave. I feel a wave of emotion that I haven’t felt in a long time. The title is something that I haven’t heard in a while. I don’t let my ministrations to her breasts stop while I think. She is responsive and happy that I am paying attention to her. I feel like her former lovers were rather selfish.

“She also warned me that even lady vampires will drain you and leave you for dead during sex.” Jasmyn was shifting underneath me.

As Jasmyn shifted, I could smell her sex as she became wet. I move down her body, kissing as I go. It’s easy to pull her pants and underwear down and kiss at the top of her sex. She keeps herself shaved and I adore that. She cants her legs up and I am rewarded with a full view of her sex. I can see how wet she is. I lean forward take an experimental lick at her folds. She shivers and I lick again. I slip my tongue into her next.

“Please, Lady Shadow. Let me taste you as well,” Jasmyn begs as she reaches down to pull at me. I stand up from the bed and strip off my own clothes. I’ve not been naked in front of someone for years. I’m not self-conscious but I know that I still have healing wounds from my last training with Atrian. I move up the bed and straddle Jasmyn’s face. She reaches out as I grab the headboard. Jasmyn is definitely a lesbian. No one else can eat pussy like that and not be a lesbian. My legs go weak as she gets as much of tongue inside of me that she can.

The moan escapes me unwillingly but it makes Jasmyn spread my own folds out farther and she starts to basically French my opening. When she pulls back to breath I release the headboard and then spin around, dropping as I do. I curl my arm around her leg and two of my fingers so inside her as I start to flick at her clit with my tongue. Her wetness spreads to my fingers and I use it get another inside of her, spreading her more. I can feel that she is close but trying to hold on until I have come. She has her tongue inside of me again and two fingers are pleasuring my own clit.

My fangs lower on their own. I know that I am hungry and the last person I had sex with was a human and that’s a no for drinking. I graze the tender inside of her thigh and I can feel her clamp down so that she doesn’t orgasm.

“Please, Lady Shadow.”

Jasmyn whimpers when I graze her leg with my fangs again. I sink them in her leg and take a long draw of blood. She crests as I take my second draw and I taste the rush in her blood in the third draw. I can feel the magic in her blood and it gives me a high. That was the reason why her grandmother warned her away from vampires. Vampires loved to feed on the rest of the Mystics. The rush of what make them Mystics is wonderful.

Jasmyn started to flick at my clit and it was seconds before I crest as well. I wait for it and she starts to relax, the rush of the orgasm finally starts to make her sleepy. Between the sex and then the blood I took, she’ll sleep for about an hour.

The book of paper I used for leaving notes for Dmitry is still where I kept it. I reach into the small backpack I have with me and pull out a pen. I scratch down a note to Jasmyn. I leave it on the bed beside her and cover her up. I move to the edge of the room to the hidden bookshelf and pull out the book that opens the hidden area. There are only a few books there but I knew there was going to be. I pull out the two I am looking for. I place them inside my backpack and sling it back over my shoulder. With a casual swipe across the activator, the backpack disappears from my back. I can still feel it but it’s slightly shifted, as the witch who did the work explained. I turn back to Jasmyn and see that she is curled on the bed.

I move to the bed and brush back a lock of hair from her face.

“I hope you find what you are looking for, Little One.”

Then I am gone.

I’ve been to the castles, getting books from each. The wilds of England for my ancestral home to the highlands of Scotland for my own castle. Darkan Castle is my last stop before I head home. Jasmyn will erect the wards again when she wakes. I dig through her pants and find her cell phone and get inside to get her phone number. It will be so much easier to use a cell to contact her. I input my own number and list it under Rae Smith. Just like I asked her to call me in the note.

I need to head home. Home to Belpre just in case Elian decides to come home before Christmas.

Chapter One

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