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Raven’s Shadow-Epilogue-Time

Elian Darkan will be the future of me. He will be the future of the Mystics. I don’t know why he is hunted so much by the Matians but I will find out. I have plans and I have plots and I will get what I want out of them. Elian has such a long learning curve that I don’t know how long before he will come out of it. The Matians are looking for me. They are looking for Raven Shadow and it’s only a matter of time until they find me. I don’t know what they will do when they figure out that Rae Smith and Raven Shadow are the same. I am sure that then that they will try and kill me.

This journal started as the time of my life that at one point I know that I will want to forget. It will serve to prove that I can do what I need to do. No matter the cost to me. I have killed and I have schemed. I have found redemption and I will protect him.

The Matians will get neither of us. They still don’t see me for what I am. They will be surprised at what they have awoken. The key to our future is in the past and I have to uncover it. The Darkan and Shadow lines have always been twisted around each other. We keep them calm and they keep us human. We are forever linked. I don’t fear the future any longer. I am no longer alone. While he stabs around blindly, he also pulls me closer. I am his shield and I will be his sword.

I had no use for the immortals and the faes and the witches over the past years. They held no will to help me kill the Matians. It wasn’t out of not wanting to get involved but that they had their own families to look after. The Matians had become the boogey men. I was at a weak point. I was unable to protect them. Now I am strong. I have what I need and I will take what I want.

I close this journal as I look out onto the sunrise. Elian is asleep upstairs and I sit in his garden. I have found a home with him. I will teach him what I learned at the feet of my parents and his ancestors. He will become what the Darkans were.

We will be two beams of light in the darkness and we will pull the others into our light.

The next phase of my life is starting and I am unsure for the first time in my life what the future will fully hold for me. 

The End

Will Be Continued in Elian’s Awakening during the April 2014 Rough Trade Event


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Raven’s Shadow-Chapter 12-Lineage

“No?” Elian asked as he stared at her. Rae was sitting there looking at him with pain in her eyes. Elian didn’t care about the pain in her eyes. He needed to find Raven and if she wouldn’t help him find her then he would find her himself. He stood to tower over her. He could feel the strength rushing through his veins. He’d had a chance to relax and rest and now he could feel all of the differences in his body. He didn’t know if he would be able to take her but he figured that he could get away from her if she tried to keep him there. “Why won’t you help me?”

“You’ve not given me a reason to help you find her. Raven Shadow is a legend among the vampires. She is a sacred person. To reveal her position to a feral wolf is asking for trouble.”

Elian stopped at those words. He had never thought of it in that way before. She was exactly correct. The Matians had to be looking for her. They had killed her parents the same that they had killed his. Her entire world had been shook to the core. Elian thought back to the journal in his hand. He set the letter aside and handed her the journal. Rae looked at it with wide eyes. She stood up and moved away from him, journal in hand. He paused before following her. She moved right to the gazebo and sat down in it. Her gaze was at one of the sets of flowers just on the side of the gazebo. Elian had spent a while finding those particular flowers.

“Raven Shadow is known to all vampires who are born. She was the last to have the blood of the Shadows inside of her. She is the daughter of Lady Shadow by bite. She was not born to her, as the stories go.”

“It’s why the Matians never went after her. Her mother used scents to mask what she really was.” Elian’s voice was a soft whisper but he could see Rae react to it. “Dmitry left me a letter telling me to find her. Telling me that I needed to find her. She would help me. She would protect me.”

“What do you smell, Elian?” Rae asked as she set the journal down on her legs.

Elian closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He could smell the flowers all around him. He could smell the earth and the gazebo and the smell of wind. He took another breath and he could smell cinnamon. Cinnamon and….Elian took a deeper breath and opened his eyes as he did. Roses. The roses in the garden were not in bloom. He locked eyes with Rae. Cinnamon and roses was the smell of Raven.

“How have I never smelled that before?”

“I still use oils and things to hide the smell. It’s still dangerous for me, Elian.”

“You? You are Raven Shadow?” Elian just stared at her in shock. “But you…”

“I can tell from this garden that you are having some visions of me and my life. I have my castle in Scotland and this looks exactly like my person garden. That drawing in your kitchen that you hung up is exactly my garden. Dmitry never set foot inside of it. There are only my gardeners who do and they rarely leave Scotland. Your visions are getting stronger.”

“Is that truly what they are?”

“Visions have always guided the Darkan line. It is your curse as well as your salvation.”

Elian handed the letter over and Raven opened it up without passing the journal back over. She opened it and started to read. Elian watched as tears ran down her face.


Raven took the letter from Elian. She could smell Dmitry on it. There was the spice of his aftershave that he had always used. The letter had been well kept over the years. She opened it carefully, making sure to rip nothing. She recognized Dmitry’s writing at once.

Dear Raven,

As I write this letter to you, I look upon my sleeping wife. She sleeps, thinking that we will be safe forever. I know different. My son sleeps in the crib beside our bed.

I don’t know when the end will come but I know that it will. I know that you will be upset that I have not warned you nor asked for your help. We are not what we used to be but I know that if I ask for help, you would kill yourself to help me. You would die for me.

I don’t need help. My descendant, Elian will need your help. I need you to live.

I know why I thought that we were destined to be when I was younger. I saw visions of you and I thought that I was seeing through my own eyes but I was not. I was seeing through my descendant’s eyes. I ask now for forgiveness again for what I did as a stupid child.

Just so you know when this letter is being written, you will be arriving within the week to see my son for the first time. What you don’t know is that it will not be my son. My son will be heading tomorrow for the Colonies. He will grow and live without me and his mother.

You will usher Elian into the world of the Mystics.

                                                                                                Forever Yours,

                                                                                                Dmitry Darkan

PS-Do not hate him. Elian will be young and stupid, much like I was when I was young. In fact, he’ll be younger than I. Protect him no matter what.

Raven closed the letter back up and placed it inside her journal. She knew the look of it the second that he had handed it to her. The smell of her and the smell of him were mixed and wafting off of it. That was why he wasn’t as scared as he should have been with the transformation and the revelation of more than just humans on Earth.

“How did you get your hands on my journal?” Raven looked up at him for the first time since finishing the letter.

“A book store in Marietta. An old woman had them on her free shelf.”

The words went right through Raven. It was the shop that she frequented. The shop where she had smelled something of her’s being there. She hadn’t figured on it being her journal. Elian stood up and moved towards the house, after a few seconds Raven followed after him. He went over to a corner area and pulled up two pieces of the flooring. As soon as he did the smell of cinnamon and roses spread across the room. Raven looked down and saw her entire journal set there.

“I lost this when I had to run from the Matians back not long after I came to America.” Raven leaned and pulled the journal from her skirt. She held it out so that Elian could see it. Elian reached out and touched it but never tried to take it. He closed his eyes and Raven wondered what he was thinking of.

“You knew didn’t you?”


“Knew what?” Raven asked as she set both journals to the side near the edge of her skirt. Elian could feel anger inside of him. He had to know.

“You knew who I was from the moment you meet me didn’t you?”

“No.” Raven shook her head and reached down in her bra and pulled out a very small vial. It looked like it was enough to maybe hold five drops of something. “In the same way that I have always masked my scent because my mother promised me that I always would. I have also found that some of the smells in the new human world offend my nose. Also I work in the library. The smell of books is sometimes overpowering for me. Also the older a human is the more they smell like a human, it’s not mouthwatering but I can make some faces that are a little bit unfriendly. Also older ladies tend to wear their perfume heavy. I take a small dot of this and put it up my nose and it lasts usually my entire shift. I smell nothing. Its how I never figured out that you were a wolf.”

“I can’t tell if you are telling me the truth,” Elian said as he looked her in the eye. She stared back at him but there was little on his face. He wasn’t sure if he could ever really believe her. She had hidden that she wasn’t human so well from him. She had known that Marie had been bad for him and while she had tried to warn him and he had thrown her off. She hadn’t kept trying. He wasn’t sure how much he could truly trust her.

“Is this about your mother?” Raven stood up and moved to the back edge of the garden, taking the journals and the letter with her. “She was never going to love you, Elian. You were a means to an end for her. She wanted power and respect and having you and then killing you would give her that. When you left her home and refused to go back. The Matians had to change their plans and shove a new woman into your life. Marie was a new means to an end. She wanted life eternal and if you are born plain human, there is only two ways to do that. Become a vampire and become a werewolf. No vampire would change her so she had to give herself to the wolves. You mother is the one that told them you were fucking me. Your mother figured that was the only way you would ever leave her like that. She thought she raised a boy that would depend on her for the rest of his life. Always live at her skirt tails and beg for her affection his entire life.”

“No!” Elian stood up and took a few steps towards her. She smiled at him and in a few seconds was rising up into the air. Elian watched as she rose up to where he couldn’t reach her at all. He closed his eyes to think for a few seconds. He could feel the change as he did. As his sight shifted to the lower sight of a wolf, Elian looked around. He moved towards the gazebo and jumped on top. From there he could reach her if he jumped just right. He heard a crack of lightning and stopped to look up into the sky. There was no storm in the sky. He wasn’t sure where the lightning came from. It was then that he looked at Raven. She was bathed in small electrical arcs.

“Blood will always tell. You may have Matian blood in you but your Darkan blood was stronger. The Matian line has always been weak. They steal what they can earn with a little bit of hard work. Your mother is Matian but you are Darkan. You have visions because of this. Your mother probably sought to shove those visions from you. I am Shadow. I have the power of controlling electricity. Lightning is the form I learned to control from a young age. I can call it down in the exact area I want it. Do you want to know what getting struck by lightning feels like, Elian?”

Elian took a step back from the edge of the gazebo and sat down, staying in his wolf form. He didn’t want to know what it felt like. He chuffed a little and then laid down, looking at her with wide eyes.

“You and I. We need time. You need to process it all and I need to figure out what we need to do. I have a book that you need to look at. I will drop it off to you when I can. I’ve already quit at the library. I’ve done what I needed to do and my replacement in ready. You will need the regularity of the life right now. It is the only thing that will keep you sane. Please take care of yourself and don’t die. You know where I live. You have my number. You will need to seek me out. I will not seek you out.” With those words Raven shot outward into the trees behind the house and was gone from sight. Elian wondered how she did it. He stayed where he was and watched the sun set.


The book that Raven left for him was all about the smells of the world. At first he had been struck dumb at why he would need it. Why did he need to know what old paper and dandelions smelled like? Then he flipped forward a few pages and then found why Raven had left it for him. There was a whole section on the smells of the Mystics of the world. He flipped through just reading a few words here and there. He got to the end of the book and found a section that was entirely hand written.

The entire world is full of smells. Those smells can have many and varying effects. There is one smell or I should say many smells that have an effect on certain individuals. The born unchanged wolves have one weakness. There is a smell that links each bloodline and if a person is to carry that smell on them, the wolf thinks him or herself in love.

For the wolves of the Helian family line, the smell is that of burnt grass. A smell that in small doses is fine but in larger it is not. I knew a Helian who almost destroyed his chance at the line because of this smell. Research is being done on what the smells are for the rest of the wolves but it’s hard. There was so many smells and not many wolves who are not changed.

While the wolf is under the control of the scent, he or she will do things to make the person they are ‘in love with’ happy. They will sacrifice themselves if need be. Life a candle being blown out though, the second the unchanged is finally a wolf, the scent stops working and it’s like he or she was never in love to begin with. All feelings are gone.

Elian closed the book and sat back. He had been wondering in the days that had been going by why he had not felt a thing for Marie now. He had known that she had been drugging him of sorts but he didn’t know that it was something that he had no control over. He figured that it was something that he had done wrong. Something he had eaten or drunk that she had given him. To find it was biological.

The slap to the face could not have come harder. Elian found that he couldn’t breathe. He slid out of the chair and dropped to the floor. Closing his eyes he tried to think on it all. He went back as far as his memory went with his parents. Every single interaction between his mother and father had been one sided. His father pushing away from her only happened at times of great stress. His connection with his father had been at his mother’s discretion. It all made sense now.

Elian grabbed his phone from where he had set it on a small end table. He opened up his messaging program and started to type.

Rae, I am so sorry for how I acted. I AM SO SORRY. Elian sent the message and waited, staring at the phone. It was then that he noticed the time. It was nearly three a.m. There was no way that she was awake. She no longer worked midnights. He was getting ready to set his phone back down on the table when it vibrated.

You were forgiven the moment that I figured out what was happening. I am just sorry that I never figured it out sooner and saved you from her grasp. I need sleep and so do you.

Elian grasped the phone to his chest as he started to go up the stairs to his bedroom. He laid himself down and was asleep in seconds.


The letter arrived with little fanfare. It was taped to his front door and he found it one night after he had got back from running on the island. He could smell the rotten milk from the street. If it wasn’t for the streets that were a little busy in the predawn hours, Elian would have shifted. As it was he approached the porch with caution. Afraid that the Matians were waiting on him.

The smell of rotten milk was stronger the closer he got. He almost missed the smell of roses and cinnamon wafting from behind him. It wasn’t until he heard a twig snap and he spun into a crouch, ready for a fight. It was Raven.

“Raven?” Elian looked at her. She was human looking.

“I was waking the town and smelled them; I tracked them here and then out of town.”

“There is a note on my door.”

“Let’s go see what they have to say.” Raven took point and that’s when Elian saw the dagger in her hand. He stopped when she cut the letter from the door instead of touching it. Elian was about to reach down for it but halted in his motion. Raven used the dagger to open the letter that had just been folded in half and taped on the door. She stepped back and waved at him.

“What’s it say?” Elian asked as he crouched down to read it himself.

“I am not going to read the letter until you tell me I can.”

Elian nodded and started to read, taking a page out of her book and not touching the letter at all.

Dear Elian Darkan,

You think yourself safe? We will find you. You are a mistake and you will be corrected. Your mother chose to carry you to term when she wasn’t supposed to. She was supposed to kill your father after he and her had sex.

Rae Smith can only protect you so much. We will learn the mistakes the both of you make and we will learn them quick.

You WILL die!

                                                                                                The Matians

Waving at the letter, Elian stood up and let Raven read it. She huffed about twelve seconds and she pulled a lighter from her pocket. She carefully set the edge of the paper on fire and stepped back pulling Elian back about five feet with her. The paper caught fire completely after about two seconds and then a yellow smoke started to rise from it. Raven pulled him to her side and up they went and back. It was seconds and then they were at the far end of the property.

“Poison. My research has told me that they are allied with dark witches. If anything ever smells different than what it should, don’t touch it at all unless you are using something metal. Metal negates all witch poison.”

“Now I have to worry about poison?” Elian asked as he sighed and started to walk back up to the house.

“You’ve always had to worry about poison, you just didn’t know it. Atrian has some more books for you. Books that I’ve had him pull from my hidden house. Well he’s sent someone to pull them.”

“Hidden house?”

“Elian you are forgetting that the Matians wiped out my line as well.” Raven shoved opened the front door and let Elian go inside first. He quickly turned off the security system and turned to look at her. “I am the last Shadow and the only reason that I was able to live was because they thought that I was a turned vampire. They believed that I was not a threat. Now they are searching for a Shadow to be alive somewhere.”

“You’ve killed so many of their kind. Why haven’t they killed you?”

“Those that I have killed are the cannon fodder. As long as I play with them, I am not going after the true group of Matians.”

“True Matians?”

“Most of the ancients only have one child. If for some reason that child is killed another is made. There has been too many times in the past where more than one sibling causes too much strife. The Matians were always the odd family. What we didn’t know until it was too late was that they were creating an army of bitten wolves. There is a small family of themselves that are pure blooded but the bitten ones are cannon fodder.”

“There is so much to this world.”

“Yes, there is. You have a lot of catching up to do.”

“How do bittens and turned do it?”

“They don’t have to know most of this. You do. You are royalty.”

Elian nodded and moved to the back of the house. Raven followed him quietly. He almost couldn’t hear her at all. His whole world had shifted. His whole world was still shifting. He wasn’t sure that he was ready for it all.

Grabbing Raven, Elian pulled her close for a hug. He had missed her and he didn’t want the distance to grow anymore. After a few seconds, Raven hugged him back fiercely. Elian didn’t want to let her go.

“There is so much for you to learn, Elian but you will learn it.”

“I need help. The lawyer is still working on mom and dad’s estates. The coffee shop has already been put through since it’s a business and it has been released totally to me. I never wanted to run it but I am finding that I am enjoying it.”

“What do you need help with?”

“I need help running it. I hate going in there every single morning and working it but I find that I am having trust issues on letting other people run it. We do our best business in the morning and late in the evening. I want to open it up for twenty four hours at some point. I think with the college we can do it. My mother had Wi-Fi installed not long ago. It’s been a huge draw.”

“Are you offering me a job?”

“Yes.” Elian pulled back from her and he saw happiness there. She was happy and he found that for the first time in a while he was happy as well.


I watch him from afar for a long while. He is the one person in this situation that needs to survive. Elian learns from the books that I make sure that he gets from the Shadow library. The books from the Darkan library that I saved will come later. His family history is something that he needs to learn but not that the moment.

I am happy at the turn of events. The path that I had chosen could have blown up in my face. It would have been horrible and it would have not worked out in anyone’s favor.

I had planned to trick Elian into having sex with Marie. I knew that he was a virgin and I know how the wolf blood works. He was in love with her and I knew it was only a matter of time before she wanted to have sex with him. Sex was the cement that held his parents. Sex is the thing that takes down nations.

Marie’s mistake had been thinking that he had sex before meeting her and not confirming. I had the plant to slip in information about biting and werewolves into Elian’s life. It would not have taken long for him to have sex and bite her while he did it.

I am glad for the way it happened. This worked out better in the end.



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Raven’s Shadow-Chapter 11-Death

Elian relaxed back into the chair beside Officer Self’s desk. He had given his statement and the Officer said that it matched up with what they had figured out form the CSUs and the witness reports. Elian was just waiting to sign the statement when another cop came running into the room.

“Shots fired. All available.”

“Elian, stay here. I’ll be back as soon as I can,” Officer Self said as he ran out of the room. Elian pulled out his phone and opened up the Kindle reading app. He had been reading a book on it when he had the time. Just as he started reading his phone started to ring. He looked at the caller ID and it was the library.


“Elian. It’s Jess. Rae got a hold of us to notify us and so did the Belpre Police. I wanted to let you know that when you feel you are up to coming back in, just let me know. Rae is donating vacation time to you for covering.”

“Thanks Jess. I’m at the station right now giving my statement. I don’t know what I am going to do about getting a hold of her family and giving her a funeral.”

“Like I said, just let me know.” The line clicked and Elian knew that she had hung up. He looked at the phone in surprise and then shook his head. He opened the reading app again and set to read.

“Elian?” a voice asked what felt like hours later. Elian looked up from his phone and saw an officer that he didn’t know. The man was in a regular civilian suit. He flashed out a badge and Elian saw that it was the Marietta Sheriff’s office. “Elian Coats?”

“Yes?” Elian set his phone down on the desk beside him and stood up. The detective looked a little upset.

“Officer Self told me that I would find you here. The entire Belpre Police responded to a call of shots fired in a residential home. It’s been a while since the cops here in town have had a call like that. Marietta was called in as well. I was just getting ready to head to work so I responded first.”


“Two intruders entered a house to rob it and startled the married couple inside. The intruders killed the residents and when they went to flee opened fire on the officers who had arrived.”

“Was anyone inured?”

“No injuries on the police side.” The officer looked away from Elian and Elian knew then who had been killed. He dropped back into the chair and there was nothing.


Raven was sitting on her back porch watching the day go by. In her hand was a cup of iced tea. She had seen all of the cops going to the far end of town but that wasn’t that unusual. People wrecked all the time. She heard the sirens and barely paid attention to it at all. It wasn’t until James Atrian came running onto her property that she sat up at attention.

“The Matians invaded town today. I caught their smell and traced it to Elian’s parents. Edward and Gail are dead. The police are calling it a home invasion.”

“Where’s Elian?” Raven asked. She grabbed the glass of tea and started into the house. She had to get dressed as Rae quickly. She looked at James for a few seconds before she beckoned him to follow her. She went right to her bedroom and started to change. James looked away as she stripped her dress off.

“He’s at the police station. I figured that me arriving would not be good. I’ll stay here and wait for updates. You are the better fighter.”

Raven snorted and moved to her closet to grab a pair of jeans and a shirt to wear. As she was putting her jeans on, James grabbed her arm to stop her. He had in his hand a small bottle. Raven sighed and grabbed the bottle. Taking the oil that was inside and spread it all over her body. She hadn’t done it yet that morning. “Thanks.”

“Always.” James was silent the rest of the time she was dressing and putting on her wig. Her contacts were last. She stood up and spun in a circle for James before he nodded and took hand, linking it with his arm. “Where is your dagger?”

“I am going into a police station, James. I have all my weapons in the car. I date not wear any on myself. Of course I am always a weapon.”

James laughed and smiled. He stopped when he reached the door. Rae moved to her car and paused before entering the care. She looked up at him. “What is he going to do when he finds out that I am not Rae Smith a regular born vampire and he figures out that I am Raven Shadow last of the Shadow line to be born?”

“I don’t know but I wouldn’t wait much longer before telling him. The longer you wait the madder he is going to be. Darkans are ruled by emotion. You need to not be.”

Raven got into the car and drove the short distance to the police station. She was standing outside and a dispatcher came out to talk to her.

“I’m here for Elian Coats.”

“Come with me,” the dispatcher said and she showed Rae through a door into a small hallway that led to two different doors. The first door had a window and she could see the regular police station. The second door had a window she could only see shapes through. “He’s in here.” She opened the door and Raven saw Elian lying on a couch with an EMT checking his pulse and vitals. There was a detective in the room that smelled of woodsmoke and trees. A bitten wolf then. He must have something to block the smell of blood if he worked at a detective. Raven used an essential oil solution when she worked to make sure that she never smelled a great deal of the smells inside a library. She looked and Elian and saw that he was moving, waking.


Elian opened his eyes and stared up at the light above him. He could hear the noises of people talking and moving around. He let his eyes adjust before he turned his head to see who was there. Rae was talking to the detective.

“So he was here when it was happening?” Rae was asking him.

“Yes. The two men who were killed by the cops are wanted in a string of robberies in Nelsonville. It was the first time that they broke into a house when people were inside. It’s an open and shut case. The poor guy. His girlfriend killed yesterday by a panther and now his parents. If the panther hadn’t been seen so much in the area before hand, I would be calling bullshit but I’ve been on one of the hunting parties for it. I’ve seen the damage it’s done. That it attacked humans was a surprise but not that much of one.”

“I know. I’ve contacted our work.”

“I was worried about the fainting but the EMT said that it was nothing serious just brain overload.”

“He’s had a time of it. Listen I know that you have a great deal to do. I have the contact for his lawyer who I am sure will handle all of the legalities of getting the house taken care of. His mother owns her own coffee shop in Parkersburg. I will take care of alerting the night manager to her death and them getting a schedule set up for someone to open tomorrow.”

“You are on top of this.”

“My parents were killed when I was in college. Drunk driver ran them off a bridge. I know how to close down a parents’ estate.”

“He’s lucky to have you.”

Rae didn’t answer him instead she looked over at Elian. “Elian!” Rae moved over to him quickly. Elian wondered at why she looked like the human instead of the vampire but he figured that she was just trying to stay hidden as a vampire in the human world.

“I want to go home,” Elian said. He hated that he couldn’t go to his home since the cops were treating it as a crime scene.

“Actually, we’ve been told to open it back up. We covered the upstairs window with a board, you can go home, Elian.” The detective handed over a sheet of paper that declared the crime scene at his house closed. “You know though, one would think that if we were in a crime drama novel, there would be some kind of link like the robbers bought the panther and turned it loose and you’ve been training it to attack Miss Harper for months using her scent. That you set up the robbers to kill your parents.”

“What about having him identify the bodies?” Rae asked. Elian looked at her in shock. He hadn’t even thought of that yet. Rae sat down on the edge of the couch. She placed her hand on his shoulder and rubbed a little. He closed his eyes and let himself relax. He could feel the wolf there just under his skin. If he wasn’t careful, he was going to change right there in the station.”

“You know I think that I know you from somewhere,” the detective said as he looked at Rae. Elian sat up quickly at that. The detective just stared at the both of them. He looked hard for a few seconds and then moved his hand up to his face. It looked like he was picking his nose but after a few seconds two little plugs came out. He inhaled deeply and then centered his gaze right on Rae.

“A born vampire…how interesting and a wolf…” He inhaled again and this time he looked at Elian in shock. “I’ll make sure that everything is dealt with quickly on this end, My Lord. You have my word on it.”

“Thank you.” Rae’s voice was careful and the detective looked at Elian and Rae both before he bowed and left. The EMT was in the hallway waiting for him. He shut the door and Elian wasn’t sure what just happened. He took a deep breath and all he could smell was smoke and trees. He took another breath and smelled not just smoke but it was like a burning tree.

“What was that?” Elian asked his voice pitched low.

“The rumors of a Darkan heir have been spreading through the wolf ranks for a while. He was a changed wolf. He was human before he was bit. James and I need to get you trained up on smells.”


“Each family of the twenty five has a smell to them. Technically two but one is indicative of the breed. I smell of cinnamon meaning that I am a born vampire. You smell of water and fresh turned earth. Earth is the smell of all born wolves; water is the smell of the Darkan family line. HE smelled of woodsmoke and trees. He basically smells like a forest that just had a fire. Before you were changed you smelled of crushed leaves and water. A born wolf that hasn’t changed will just smell of crushed leaves, only the ancient bloodlines smell of their bloodline smell as well.”

“What about the immortals, faes, and the witches?”

“They are easy. None can be made those so it’s just the simple smells. The only thing is that there are only five immortal families and no immortals that are not them. The rest are humans and they smell like…”

“Decay and almost like perfume.”

“Yes.” Rae smiled at him. A sound from her pockets alerted her that she had a text. She pulled the phone from her pocket and opened the message.

“Your lawyer has already gotten in touch with your parents lawyers. Once the death certificates are obtained the entire estate will be handled. Since you are the only living child, there is little that needs to be done by you. He’ll contact you.”

“How did you know that he was my lawyer?”

“The Atrians are in control of the Darkan trust. It’s known by a great deal of people. I was able to let them know that I knew who you were and where you were and that I wasn’t a threat. I am sure that I was looked into with great depth before James returned my call.”

“Why do you look so scared?” Elian could see the fear in her eyes when she thought that he was looking at her. He didn’t like her looking scared. He didn’t like it at all.

“James followed the smell of a Matian into town and he traced it to you parents. The Matians killed their own when she proved she couldn’t stop you from turning.”

“They were sure that I had already had sex before. Sex with you. Why couldn’t my mother have smelled that I wasn’t a human?”

“You would have still smelled like an unchanged wolf. The smell would stick with you until the end. You would be human yes but still smell like a wolf. It would have been your children, if you had them that would have smelled human.”

Elian just let the fact that his parents had been killed by the Matians go for now. He would talk it over with Rae at a later point in time; when he was settled in his house. Rae was typing away on her phone. Elian was tired and worn out. He didn’t care what she was doing.

“Will you drive?”

“I can yes. How did you get here?” Rae looked up from her phone at him. She had weak smile on her face.

“Walked. It’s not that far from my house.”

“Good. I drove in anticipation of that. We are free to go and James has a contractor coming to replace the glass in your house and to outfit it with an alarm system.”

“I don’t…” Elian stopped. Would a regular alarm system even work? “I don’t need one.”

“Yes, you do. Until you have control over your wolf form you will have trouble shifting to and from it. When you are settled, you can shift in seconds at the drop of a hat. Before that it will take time to start the shift.”

Elian stood up and started towards the door. Rae followed right after him, not touching him to help him at all. He was thankful for that. He was sure that if she touched him now he would start to cry. He didn’t want to cry in front of her. He wanted to cry in the solace that was his bedroom. The passenger side door of her car was open when he noticed he was beside it. He dropped into the car and found Rae already in the other side of it. She started her car with little fanfare and started to pull out of the parking spot. He tried not to think at all while they drove to his house. He saw that there was a car parked there in front of the house but not in front of the garage.

“I’ll check out the grounds and get all locked up. The people to fix the glass will be here in half an hour. I’ll take care of them. Elian you look like you got little sleep which I know you did. Go take a nap. You’ll find you are going to sleep a lot over the next few days and at odd hours. I’ll take care of everything.”

“I shouldn’t trust you as much as I do.” Elian stated. Rea just shrugged at him and shut off the car. Elian looked up and saw James sitting on his front porch. He was writing with one hand and using the other to hold up a glass to drink some water. He was talking and Elian couldn’t see anyone that he was talking to. Then he noticed the ear piece on his left ear and cell phone lying on the little table beside him. He waved at the both of them but went right back to writing. Elian barely made it up the stairs onto the porch. He entered the house when Rae opened the door. He entered the house and found no smell at all. There was no smell from Marie. No smell from the humans. He was intrigued but tired. He moved to the stairs that would take him upstairs but had second thoughts. Someone was coming to repair the window. He didn’t want to be bothered while sleeping. He turned and moved to the guest room on the ground floor.

Rae watched him as he opened the door and moved inside the room never saying a world. Elian dropped to the bed and closed his eyes, willing sleep to come.


Raven moved around the house fixing what the police had moved around. She waited until his breathing evened out and she was sure that he was asleep before she moved out to wait on the repair people. There was a small group of business men in Athens who did repairs and installs on Mystic houses. It was the same people who did everything on her house. She had given James their name and the man had arranged it all. Rae trusted the men with it all.

“The lawyers are being assholes.” James set down the notepad he had on the table and relaxed back a little.

“All lawyers are assholes. You are no different.”

“It’s going to take weeks to get the estate settled which I figured would happen but then if Elian wants to sell the house, the lawyers would handle that and then give him the money.”

“What about the coffee shop?”

“That will take a few weeks to figure out as well but they are starting the paperwork to change it all over into his name. Until it’s changed over all the money made each day needs to be put in the bank. All employees need to be paid and all bills paid. The bank has been notified and all forms are taken care of. I’ll be getting them in a few hours for Elian to sign. I have a notary bringing them, so that she can witness the signatures.”

“I’ll get ahold of the college. My replacement on the college level has been trained and able to take everything over. I’m done at the Belpre Library, their hours will be going back to normal effectively now. If need be I can take over for Elian at the coffee shop.”

“Good. I’ll go over everything with you before we talk to Elian.”

Rae nodded and pulled her phone from her pocket. She had a lot of texts to make over the next while. Elian was going to sleep and Rae would watch over him. She grabbed a chair and set it outside his room so that she wouldn’t have to focus that much on him as she worked. She silenced her phone and set about getting her life in order.


Elian knew that he was in a dream. He was standing beneath the half burnt tree. He could see the gravestones. The stones were cared for well. There was little age on them and the grass was taken care of. He looked around and saw no one but there was the castle. He started towards the castle and the smell of blood assaulted his nose as he went. It got stronger and he wasn’t able to smell anything but it.

Shoving the front doors open, Elian saw the destruction all around him. There were dead bodies all around. He looked back and saw that the tree looked normal and there were no graves below it. He started to wander around. He knew what night this was. He found the room. He found Darius lying dead in the crib with his father dead above him.

The smell of smoke drew him over to where a window looked out over the area where the tree was. Half of the tree was on fire and as it burned the leaves turned orange and stayed looking that color. The bark darkened and didn’t drop. Instead when the entire half of the tree was lit up, the fire disappeared and the tree was left looking like it had been. He stared at the tree and saw a woman with long flowing black hair staring up at him. She was too far away and he could only really pick out her hair. Her dress though was a deep blue color. As he watched her, she held out her hand and lightning struck all around the tree. He watched in fascination until she turned and pointed at him. A bolt of lightning arced right at him.

Elian woke up with a jerk. He looked around and saw that it was nightfall. There was no noise inside the house. He quickly got out of bed and opened the door to see that the house was dark. He padded around the living room looking outside. Rae’s car was still there but James’ wasn’t. He moved then to the back and found the back door shut. He just caught movement of Rae in the backyard though.

Watching her for a few seconds Elian made up his mind on what he was going to do. He moved to the dining room and pulled out the letter for Raven and the journal. If anyone would help him find her it would be her. She would help him find her. She would protect him. He trusted that Rae would protect him and James but Raven Shadow was his family’s friend. She had been hunting down the Matians for a while now. She would know best how to protect him.

The door sliding open had Rae looking back at him. She tucked something in at her side and shifted her skirt to cover it. Elian then noticed that she had changed into new clothes. These clothes were something that Elian would have probably seen on Rae the human but there was something that screamed Vampire to him.

“I need you to help me find someone,” Elian said as he sat down on the bench beside her. He worried at the letter a little before he sighed and showed it to her. There was no writing on it at all. There was only the smell of Earth and water. Her eyes widened at that. It was a strong scent like it had been around a Darkan wolf for a long while. She took the letter from him and held it up to her nose. “I need you to help me find who that letter belongs to. I need to find Raven Shadow.”

“Why do you need to find her?”

“I have to talk to her. I have to understand everything about my family. I need to understand why the Matians want me dead.” Elian looked at her and saw the look on her face. He couldn’t place it at all. “Will you help me find her?”



I cared for Elian today. I watched him while he slept and made sure that his house was safe; as safe as could be without witch enhancements. He is going to be so lost. He is going to be so vulnerable for a long while. I will be stuck with him for years. The Matians are still out there and after him. They have proven that they will kill innocents to get what they want. They will do whatever needs to be done. I will do whatever needs to be done.

Elian’s life was not served by him turning. If he had stayed human, his life would have been easier. I spent so long worrying about my redemption when I should have just left and never looked for him.

Who knows what would have happened if I had done that. He was obviously having visions of at least my garden. Who knows what else he has seen. He’s not called my Raven yet. He’s not even asked if my name is really Rae Smith. I’ve already made the decision to tell him who I am when he wakes up.

I just hope he don’t hate me too much for it.

Chapter Twelve


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Raven’s Shadow-Chapter 10-Feral

Elian woke up in his garden. He didn’t know what actually woke him until he heard the pounding on the door. Getting to his feet; pain arced over his body and he cried out.

“He’s in the back!” a voice called out and what seemed like seconds later, a cop entered the back gate door. The officer stopped and moved a hand to his radio. “I need the squad at 1811 Washington Blvd. I have a mid-twenties male attacked by panther.”

“Panther?” Elian asked and then the night came back to him. Marie lying dead by attack with her arm ripped from her body. Rae shifting to and from the panther form.

“Elian just relax.”

“Officer Self, what happened?”

“We responded to a call from a citizen and found a dead body in the sand hollow. Searching through it we finally found the body of…”

“Marie,” Elian whispered.

“Yes. We contacted her boss and he told us that she had no family but that she was dating you.”

“Damian!” a new voice called from inside the house. Officer Self turned to look. Elian looked as well. The officer was in Elian’s bedroom, leaning out the broken window. “There is evidence of the panther here in the house.”

“Elian can you tell me what happened?”

“I don’t remember.” Elian wasn’t sure what he was going to tell them. He knew that if he told them the truth, they would throw him in a hospital. He just wasn’t sure what had happened.

“ELIAN!” Rae’s voice rang out from the front of the house. Every single officer that Elian could see turned to look as she came running through the house. She was dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She looked exactly as Rae always did. Not like she had the night before. If it had been her. He wasn’t sure. She landed on top of him hugging him so tight. “I was so worried.”

“Ma’am?” Officer Self asked trying to pull her back but she had such a grip on him that the officer couldn’t pull her off.

“Rae, its fine. I am safe.” Elian patted her on the back and she finally pulled back.

“Who are you?”

“Rae Smith. I work with Elian at the library. I heard the news that a body had been found. I heard the name and was worried that Elian had been injured. When I got here and the cops cars were all over…”

“Ma’am, you need to leave.”


“I’ll be fine, Rae.” Elian looked at her and saw when the look on her face changed from fake concern about him to real concern. It had been her the night before. He looked at her and he could see the contact lens in her eyes now. He could see the edge of the wig. He was seeing her for what she was and not what she wanted everyone to see. He wondered why the officers were not seeing her for what she was. She leaned close to him and gave him a hug.

“They are all human. They know nothing of our world.”

Elian nodded as she leaned back. The officers didn’t react to the words at all. She must not have spoken them loud enough for them to hear. Rae stood with a grace that Elian had never noticed before. He held fast that she was a wolf now. She was out during the day. The officers all walked away from him and into the house. He was being left alone while they tried to figure everything out. It gave him time to take his story and turn it into something that they would all believe. It was then that he figured out that he needed to call into work. He was sure that while it was morning, he wouldn’t be able to go to work that night. He wasn’t sure he wanted to go to work at all.

He watched as his house was cordoned off and then Officer Self asked if he wanted to go to the hospital or just let the squad look at him there. He didn’t want to go to the hospital. The two EMTs looked him over and cleaned and dressed his cuts and scrapes.

“He wasn’t attacked. This was all from the glass up top and then if you look at his feet, he looked around the woods for her.”

Elian drowned them out. He had more important things to worry about. Marie was dead and he didn’t seem to care. Yesterday he had been in love with her. Today, he didn’t care that she was dead. He sat there on the ground of his garden, thinking about what had really changed over the past day.

“Excuse me?” a voice asked. Elian looked up to see his lawyer standing in the garden. He had a briefcase in his hand and was dressed in suit even though it was too early for work. “I am James Atrian. I am Mister Coats’ lawyer. I know that you are not charging him with anything. I think though that he does need a change of clothes and some shoes. His feet are torn up and you can’t be expecting him to walk around in those ripped clothes all day are you?”

Elian looked down at himself and saw that he was indeed a wreck. He wondered how his clothes had even survived the shifting but then he remembered that Rae’s had shifted with her as well. It was like the clothes became the fur that covered them as animals.

“We are having the CSUs looking over everything and as soon as they clear some clothes, we were going to give them to him.”

“Good. I would like a few minutes to talk to my client. It will be up to him whether he speaks to you alone.”

“We don’t even have our eye on him. Marie Harper was killed by the panther that has been loose in the area for a long while now. We just want to know the progression of events that left her dead nearly a mile from here and he passed out in his gardens covered in scratches and his feet torn up. It’s obvious that he went looking and we would like to know why he went looking for a panther that had just dragged off his girlfriend.”

Elian looked at Atrian in shock. He hadn’t called the lawyer and he lived in Columbus. It was the lawyer that over saw his trust and all of his inheritance. Elian hadn’t spoken to him in a while. How could he have got to Belpre so quickly and knew what was going on?

“Then I can talk to him alone?”

Officer Self just waved his hand and started to walk away. Atrian moved over to sit beside Elian on one of the benches. Elian shifted and stood up, moving to sit beside him on the bench.

“Elian, I am sorry.”

“Thank you…”

“No. Not for her,” Atrian spat as he looked at the house where the cops were crawling all over it. “I’ll never be sorry for her death?”

“What?” Elian turned to look Atrian fully in the face. How could he not be sorry for the death of another human being? “How are you not sorry for death?”

“I became a lawyer very late in life.”

That stopped Elian cold. Atrian looked young. Like he had only been practicing a few months when Elian had meet with him and it was then that he noticed that Atrian hadn’t aged past that. Before Elian could say a word, one of the officers came over and handed Elian an open backpack with clothes inside of it.

“Come by the station tomorrow morning at nine to meet with the officers and they will take your statement.” Before Elian could reply, the officer walked away and Elian was alone with the lawyer.

“Good. Rae has consented to let us use her house.”

“Rae?” Elian asked and then it all clicked. Rae knew who is lawyer was somehow and she had called him last night. It was the only thing that made sense. How she knew who his lawyer was still eluded him. He had never told her about him. Atrian pulled shoes from the bag and helped Elian get into them before he helped Elian to the limo that was waiting. Elian had never been inside of a limo. The lawyer opened the door and ushered Elian inside before he crawled into the seat across from him.

“All questions need to wait until we reach Miss Smith’s house in a few minutes.”

Elian nodded and looked out the window as the limo drove towards the library. At the light that was nearly in front of the library, the limo turned to the left and pulled down a road that Elian had never really gone down before. It was a side street that had nothing on it that interested Elian. A sharper turn had Elian looking at where they were going in interest for the first time. There was a mansion of sorts that sat in behind trees. Elian had noticed it once before but had paid it no mind. It hadn’t interested him. Now it did. Rae was standing there on the front porch in a gown of deep green. She looked like she had last night with the black hair and purple eyes.

Atrian got out of the limo when it stopped and then leaned in and talked to the driver through the window. Elian heard the whispers of their talk but his eyes were on Rae. She was the woman from his dreams. Something in his dreams stopped him from seeing her like that until after he had seen her like that in person. He wandered up the walkway to meet her on the porch. Elian didn’t know what to say and he didn’t know what to do so he just stuck his hand inside his pockets. His finger brushed against something and he pulled it out. It was his ring. He hadn’t gotten used to wearing it so he sometimes put it in his pocket. He had done it the day before when he had been cooking.

Rae locked her eyes on the ring and they widened in surprise. Elian placed the ring on his finger and he heard a gasp from behind him. He turned and Atrian looked at the ring. Elian looked at the man’s hands as his moved to touch a ring on the man’s middle finger. It looked exactly like the one that Elian had on his finger.

“What is going on?” Elian asked as he turned to look at Rae. He pulled the ring off his finger. “What does this ring mean?”

“These are questions best asked inside the house, My Lord,” Rae said as she turned to start into the house. Atrian didn’t move at all. Elian almost followed her but her words whispered across his mind. He wasn’t a lord of anything. After a few seconds, Elian thought about that fact that she had turned into a panther and not a wolf. Could she be a vampire and did he want to go into her house.

“Lord Elian, I know that you have to not trust her. I am sure you have figured out what you are and I know what humans think about wolves and vampires but I assure you that they are friendly.”

“I know that,” Elian said as he threw off the hand that Atrian put on his shoulder. Elian turned and looked at the lawyer. “I know that Dmitry Darkan and Raven Shadow were wonderful friends.”

“You have more knowledge than you should, My Lord.” Rae’s voice was soft and Elian wasn’t sure why. He turned back and saw that she was not visible in the house at all. Curiosity got the best of him and he quickly moved into the house. He followed the fresh smell of cinnamon and then moved to what he figured was a solarium. The room was brilliantly lit and caught most of the morning sun.

“What are you both?” Elian asked as he sat down in a chair. Rae sat in a much larger chair that afforded her the ability to pull her legs up and tuck them under herself.

“My name is James Atrian and I am the current Atrian Lord. It’s what this ring signifies. It is passed down from father to son or daughter depending on the child born.”

“Then whose ring do I wear?”

“Your own,” Rae said in a whisper. She shifted a little and pulled from inside the pillows on her chair a picture. She handed it to Atrian and he passed it to Elian. “That is Dmitry Darkan and his wife Adriana.”

“Before they had Darius?” Elian asked.

“Yes. I could smell something on you and I started to search. That led me to Mr. Atrian. When you shifted last night, I placed a call to him and told him of your change from human to feral wolf.”

“Feral wolf?”

“It’s a wolf that changed without knowledge of what he or she is beforehand. It’s been a long while since a feral wolf was found in the world.”

“How am I a Darkan if the entire line was wiped out?”

“Why do you think you are a Darkan?” Atrian asked as he started to pull papers from his briefcase.

“So you both knew I was a wolf?” Elian asked he looked at both of them.

“I knew you were a wolf but I also knew that you were on the fringe of stopping being a wolf.” Rae sounded sorry about it at least. Keeping the truth from him.

“Why did I change?”

“The bite of a werewolf can change those who are human. If one is already a wolf by blood. It all comes down to sex. A virgin wolf has to bit someone and draw blood the first time they have sex. Being in a wolf family that knowledge is common. A wolf that’s been cut off and raised as human…it’s rare.”

“Why was I on the fringe of being human?” Elian wanted all the information. He wanted to know it all. He didn’t want to be left in the dark at all.

Rae looked over at Atrian and Atrian nodded. Rae sighed and shifted again in her seat. She spun the chair a little so that she was fully facing Elian. You are the sixth generation of Darkan wolves that hasn’t changed. You would have turned fully human the second you had sex and didn’t bite anyone. I think that it’s what the Matian were hoping had happened to you.”

“Who are the Matians?”

“The Matians are an ancient bloodline of wolves that didn’t like the power the Darkans and Shadows were holding over the rest of the wolves and the vampires.” Atrian looked through the papers he pulled out and picked out one. There were names scattered all over the page. Elian grabbed the paper and read them all.

Vampire: Shadow, Sky, Copper, Ice, Star. Witch: Lake, Fern, Wind, Light, Stone. Immortal: Wrenwood, Rosewood, Ironwood, Elkwood, Birdwood. Fae: Oak, Birch, Alder, Ash, Elm. Werewolf: Darkan, Helian, Verdan, Atrian, Matian.

“What is this?” Elian asked. He knew four of the names on the list but there was no way there were faeries and witches wandering around out there were there? Immortals he could understand. It seemed that Vampire and Werewolves lived forever, why not regular humans?

“Our nation was shaped by those fifteen families listed on the page. None of them theoretically held more power than the other. As the world around us shrunk and the humans expanded, the mystics as we call ourselves, governed themselves more and more. A vampire knew what happened if a human saw us.”

“How are you able to go out in the light?” Elian asked.

“That is why the vampires hide.” Rae stood up and moved over to the light. She turned back to look at Elian. “We don’t look different in daylight or in moonlight. Unless you look on a DNA level there is no way to tell us from a human, just like it is with witches, wolves, and immortals. Faeries if they are not careful can be because their blood is green. Blood vessels in the body still look that bluish purple but when the blood is spilled…green.”

“Why did you start the rumor of not being able to walk in day?”

“See that’s where it gets interesting. Vampires do need blood to live. I can eat food just the same as a human and my body reacts to it like food but it can’t get enough from the food to live. There are the crazies as they had been called lately. Crazies drink the blood of humans. This induces insanity. Once insane they begin to fear the sunlight and never go out in it. They can never live off of animal blood again.”

“Vampires live off of animal blood?” Elian asked.

“Yes. It is what we hunted long before humans walked this Earth and what we will eat long after they are gone.”

“Before?” Elian looked at the two of them.

“There is something else that I need to discuss with you, Elian,” Atrian said as he pulled another piece of paper free from the stack and handed it over to Elian. Elian folded up the other piece of paper and stuck it in his pants. He figured when neither the vampire nor the wolf told him no it was okay that he was taking the paper with him. Elian looked down at the new piece of paper in shock.

“This can’t be right. There is ten million in my trust account.”

“No.” Atrian pulled a new piece of paper from the stack. This piece was old and had lamination all around it. Elian took it and recognized the writing on the paper. It was Dmitry Darkan’s writing, his many great grandfather.

Only ten million is to go to Elian upon his age of majority. If he turns to a wolf, then he is allowed access to all of it. If Elian does not turn a wolf or is killed before the age of majority, then the money is to go to Raven Shadow so that she can destroy the traitorous wolves who have cursed this world.

Elian looked back at the other paper. There was over two hundred million dollars now listed as being in his accounts. The transfer was started that morning. Elian closed his eyes and took a few calming breathes. This was way too much. He couldn’t handle all of this. He knew that he had wanted to know all of it but now it was too much. He wanted to go to his parents and not think about a thing. He wanted to feel safe in his mother’s arms. He wanted to know that his father would stop anything from hurting him. He dropped the papers and took off at a near run to the door. He didn’t hear anyone following him. He was happy about that. He got to Washington Boulevard and didn’t know where he wanted to go. His house probably had cops still crawling all over it. His parents wouldn’t be home yet but he could at least stay there until they got home.

Decision made, Elian turned towards their house. He was running and he noticed that he was running faster than he ever had before. He wasn’t even running at his fastest. Deciding not to push himself he kept at that pace. It wasn’t long before he was on his parents’ street. He stopped when he saw that his parents were home. Both cars were still there. Just as he got to the front door and his father flung the door open.

“Elian!” His father grabbed him and hugged him. As he did, the smell of crushed leaves, water, and rotten milk washed over him. He nearly gagged at the smell of rotten milk. He forced himself from his father’s arms and took a step back. The entire house smelled like that. He looked up and saw this mother standing behind his father.

“Which one of you is it?” Elian demanded as he tried to calm down. He didn’t like the feeling that was washing over him. He didn’t know how he had never smelled the smell before.

“Which one of us is what?” his father asked as he tried to take another step towards him. Elian held his hand up and took another step back. His heel went over the back of the step and Elian almost tumbled down the steps. He grabbed out at the banister and stopped himself. When he looked up he saw the look of concern on his father’s face and the look of hatred on his mother’s. Every single things she ever did over his childhood now made sense. The smell of rotten milk was the smell of the Matians and for her to smell like that it meant that she was a Matian. He could tell the difference between what Marie and smelled like and what she smelled like. There was no smell of perfume and decay. He wasn’t sure what the crushed leaves meant but he didn’t care. Grabbing his father’s hand and pulling him close, Elian hugged him. He tucked his nose into his father’s neck and took a deep breath through his nose. There was the smell of water and crushed leaves. He figured the water was the smell of the Darkan line of wolves.

He let go of his father and stepped closer to his mother who held her arms out for a hug but Elian just shoved her hands away.

“Elian!” his father said.

“No. Don’t father. This is between her and I.” Elian turned to look her in the eye after he glared his father down. “Who sent Marie to me? Where are they living at?”

“Elian, I don’t understand what you want.” His mother’s voice sounded concerned but her face was not. Elian wondered how she ever slept with his father if she hated the Darkans so much.

“You know exactly what I want. Marie is dead, Mother. Marie died at the hands of a vampire just last night. She was killed and I don’t care.” His mother’s eyes widened at that statement but Elian went on. She had to know why he wasn’t in love with her anymore. “If father had bit you when you had sex the first time, would he still love you?”

His mother’s eyes widened even more. That sealed it for him. Elian knew that his mother knew every single thing. She had raised him knowing that one day, he would be killed. Did she even love him in any way?

“When you were born there was hope that you would smell like me. If you had, you wouldn’t have met Marie at all. You would have been my child and you would have been turned. It would have meant that the Darkans were no longer powerful. The blood that is the strongest wins the war of which family the child belongs to. You still smelled like water. Even now at the sixth generation of unturned and the Darkans are powerful. You had better make your peace with the world. Your vampire protector can’t protect your forever. It’s not like you have the protection of the Shadows. They are dead as well.”

Elian turned and started to run. He almost knocked his father down the stairs but he didn’t care. Running at full speed, Elian didn’t stop until he was nearly five miles outside of Belpre. He wasn’t sure at first where he was but he noticed signs that meant he was on his way to Little Hocking. He turned towards the woods and away from the road and as soon as he was lost in the woods, he felt himself shift. He let the wind on his fur and the sun that was playing hide and seek with the trees calm him down as he ran.

The sounds of the animals and the sounds of nature were more calming to him than anything else. When night fell, Elian thought that he might want to head home. Surely the cops were finished with it. He set off at a run, staying in his wolf form and quickly made his way to his house. It was still cordoned off with police tape so Elian curled up in the woods outside his house and went to sleep. He would see how well he slept in his wolf form.


Neither Atrian or I expected Elian to run like that. He seemed to be okay and then he just freaked out and ran. I kept track of him as he confronted his mother and then fled to Little Hocking. I stayed in my human form but kept an ear on his as he ran about the woods, getting used to his new form.

Atrian took a hotel room in Parkersburg to give Elian space. I would be giving him space as well if I wasn’t worried he would get himself into trouble. Emotions run strong in the Darkan family and I see that it still holds true. I remember my mother and father keeping Denton from trouble as I grew up. I remember every single thing that Dmitry did as a child that got him into trouble and I very much remember him fighting my father.

Elian wasn’t ready for the changes to his life. No one who grows up a human is ever ready for the changes. It’s part of what wolves and vampires rarely change humans to our kind unless the human knows of our kind and lives with them.

The Shadow vampires have protected the Darkan wolves for countless thousands of years. I will protect Elian to the death if I have to. 

Chapter Eleven


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Raven’s Shadow-Chapter 9-Change

Elian wanted the night to be perfect. He was going to propose to Marie. He had been able to hold out for their sixth month anniversary. The entire house had been cleaned. He’d dusted the entire thing from top to bottom; even the rooms that he wasn’t going to use. There were LED lights that went up the walkway to the house. The house looked wonderful with the lights leading up to it and the blue tinged lights that Elian had put in the porch light sockets.

It was under an hour before Marie was going to be coming over. Dinner was in the oven and finishing cooking. Elian made a simple pot roast so that he wouldn’t have to do as much as far as the cooking went so that he wasn’t tired or worn out from the cooking. Tonight was going to be special. As he moved around the dining room making sure that everything looked fine on the table he stepped on the floorboard that hid the journals and the letters. He had one entry left to read.

Deciding that tonight was the perfect night to finish reading the journal; Elian dropped to his knees and pulled up the board. Quickly opening it, he started to read.


I’ve searched the older half of the world over and found most of the wolves. They were butchered in the best manner befitting the dogs they were but they held no knowledge of what the plans were. What the aim of killing the two families meant. They are going to never forget what they did to my family; I will make sure of that.

I wonder again why they never tried to kill me. Why was I not fit to be murdered? Why was I left alive and able to kill them?

Last night, I found out why. I was considered weak. Not a threat. Not even now that I have killed nearly fifteen of their members. The last member I had found laughed when I sunk my hand into his chest. He said that his family was safe, where even I couldn’t touch them. That meant the Colonies. It was the only place that I had never gone before. The Colonies; where humans rarely saw the likes of the Mystics.

I am ready to go. I have very little in the way of possessions and I can pick up and move easy. My new life in the United States of America awaits me. This journal, while only halfway full, I am leaving it as it is. So ends this part of my life. Raven Shadow is dead. Who knows who is going to be born in her place?

Elian looked at the next page and at every single page after. There was nothing. He moved back to the hidey hole and placed the journal back in its box. Raven had to have taken the second journal book with her. It was somewhere, wherever she was. Elian wanted to get his hands on it to know that she was alive and fine. He felt a connection to her somehow. There was something there that intrigued him. He wanted to meet Raven. He wanted to get to know her.

The sound of a key in the lock surprised Elian. He quickly put up the journal and replaced the flooring. He stood up and started to straighten things on the table that didn’t need straightened. Marie came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling him close to her.


Elian turned in her arms to give her a kiss. “Hello to you too.”

“Dinner smells wonderful and the house is beautiful.” Marie spared a glance around the room before she turned back to look Elian in the face. “You went all out.”

“Yes, I did. I thought you would like it.”

“Well I do but I am afraid that dinner is going to have to wait. I know that we decided to take things slow but Elian, I want you so bad. I ache to have you inside of me.” Marie’s hand dropped down and cupped Elian. It was then that Elian noticed her clothing. She was dressed in clothing that she never would have worn to work. Her tits were nearly hanging out of her bra and the shirt barely held them in. She was wearing a skirt that if she bent over, her ass and pussy would be showing. Elian liked where this was going.

“Let me shut off the oven and I’ll join you upstairs,” Elian said as he let go of her. She gave him a wicked smirk and then she was going up the stairs. Elian moved quickly to the kitchen and shut off the oven. It should be cooked all the way by the time the oven cooled down. They would have to heat it up again to eat it. Once he was sure the kitchen was safe he quickly moved to the upstairs. He took the steps two at a time until he reached the landing at the top.

The bedroom door was mostly closed, Elian walked normal until he reached it. Now he was getting nervous. Pausing outside the door he listened. There was no noise from inside the room. Getting up the courage he opened the door.

Marie was lying on his bed in just her underwear and bra. Both were the red, lacy, silky kind. She looked up at him and Elian lost all the moisture in his mouth. The room was full of the smell of burnt sugar and it was getting to Elian. He had never smelled it so much before. The smell was making him hot. He stripped off his shirt and pants quickly before Marie crooked a finger at him. He went willingly to the bed. When he got to the edge of it, he stopped. Marie got up onto her knees and inched towards him.

Elian was unsure of what to do. He hoped that Marie wouldn’t mind him fumbling around a little. Reaching out, he pulled her close so that he could kiss her. He immediately traced her tongue with his lips and waited for her to open her mouth. This part he knew. Letting himself get lost in her mouth, he missed her arms leaving his sides and going down farther until one of them had reached inside of his boxers. Her hand curled around his flesh. Elian jerked in surprise but closed his eyes. He let the sensations of her hand all over him wake his cock up to full hardness. After a few minutes, he pulled back from her lips and shoved her back so that she landed on the bed. He crawled on top of her. She giggled as she wrapped her legs around him. Elian started to kiss her again as she ground against him.

Lost in the sensations Elian just moved with the flow. The sensation of Marie mouth was the only thing holding him on the world. A breeze from his open window carried the smell of crushed leaves on the wind. It brought Elian back to the moment. Marie was naked underneath him. He was also naked. He didn’t remember taking his boxers off much less hers.

“What’s wrong?” Marie asked as she ground up against him. The smell of burnt sugar came back to him and he leaned down to start kissing her again. He fumbled for a few seconds before he found a position where he could get inside of her. Marie shifted her hips and then he was inside of her. It was then that Elian started to wonder about why she was so easy to get inside of. Elian let all thoughts flee his mind and he quickly started to thrust. He knew that since this was his first time, it was going to go quickly but not as quick as it normally would have been with someone else who it seemed didn’t have sex as much as Marie did.

He was there thrusting in and out of her and was figuring out every single thing that she had told him was a lie. Their entire relationship was a lie. The rush of release started low in his balls and he leaned closer to her. He orgasmed as he leaned over and bit Marie on the neck. He felt his release empty into Marie and she was just staring up at him.

“What have you done?”


Raven was leaving work early for the first time ever. She had switched with another worker who had been happy to do it. Raven followed her normal path to her house. She wanted to change out of her human disguise and look like Raven. After that she would go check on the wolf boy at his house like she tried to do every single nigh.

When she arrived the first thing that she noticed was the lights leading up to the house. Those were new. The second was that that only the bedroom light was on. The third was that both his and the girlfriends cars were in the driveway.

Blood running cold, Raven moved up to the house and when she found the front door unlocked, she entered. The house smelled of food, wine, and sex. It was too late. She moved up the stairs and found that she needn’t worry about getting caught. The bedroom door was mostly closed and the people inside were talking.

Raven could barely hear them. The smells coming from the room were making her react. She knew that smell. She had smelled it before. Underneath the smell of human and rotten milk was the smell of crushed leaves and water. That she was expecting. What she wasn’t expecting was the smell of fresh turned earth. He had bit her.


Elian looked at Marie’s neck in shock. She had nearly thrown him off of her when he had bit her. His knees had been like jelly and she had tossed him off the bed in her rush to get to the bathroom.

“I’m sorry,” Elian said as he watched her in the mirror as she checked the wound. There was only a little bit of blood on her neck, like it came from a cat scratch or a thorn catching skin. There wasn’t anything to be worried about, it was just a scratch.

Marie was standing in the bathroom with a shocked look on her face where she had seen the mark on her neck. Elian wasn’t sure what was wrong. He had heard of other guys biting girls during sex in high school and college.

“You aren’t a virgin at least.” The words came from her mouth with a sound of pure relief. He wasn’t sure what was so bad about him being a virgin and biting her. It wasn’t like it was out of the norm.

“Not anymore,” Elian said simply as he reached out to trace the teeth marks on her neck. Marie jerked around to look at him without using the mirror. Elian took a step from the bathroom from the seriousness of her gaze. He had never seen such anger. It was the only emotion on her face.

“You mean you were a virgin before tonight?” Marie took a few steps towards him and then stopped. “They assured me that you were not a virgin. That you had sex before. That you had sex with her…”

“Her? Who are you talking about?” Elian didn’t like this.

“That red headed bitch that you work with.” Marie grabbed her clothes and started to get dressed. Elian just stared as she dressed. She had to be talking about Rae but there was no way that anyone would have thought the two of them were having sex.

The smell of rotten milk entered his nose as he breathed, the wind had picked up again. The smell of burnt sugar was gone. It was like it had never existed. In its place was the smell of perfume and decay laced heavily with rotten milk. Elian reached down for his boxers. Marie was already dressed in her bra and underwear. She moved fully into the room and started to put on her jeans. Her hands were shaking and Elian wasn’t sure what had changed. He wasn’t sure what he had done but he was sure of one thing, Marie had gone nuts.

“Just stay away, creature.” Marie looked frightened. He didn’t like that he had put that look on her face no matter what. He didn’t like that he scared anyone like that much less the woman that he loved.

“Creature?” Elian repeated. He started to reach out to touch her but as soon as she saw the hand, she reached out and slapped his hand away. “Marie, please tell me what is going on?”

“You are going to die. I don’t want to be here when you are destroyed for the mutt you are.” Marie rushed past him and into the bedroom, clothes in her hand as she went.

“Marie?” Elian started forward but as soon as he took a step, he felt a rip in his stomach. The pain dropped him to his knees and he bit back a scream. He could feel something shifting under his skin. He crawled onto the bed and sat there on his knees. He looked down at his skin where it was like something was crawling underneath it.

Elian closed his eyes and concentrated. He would do what he always did as a child to try and chase away the nightmares. The mantra spilled over his mind like it had so long ago. He was normal. He was normal. That’s all he said to himself as he felt the pain and the change. Marie was looking at him like he was a monster but the glint of metal in her hand showed that she wasn’t that scared. She had a weapon in her hand. Elian shoved himself backward off the bed and he scrambled as far from her as he could get. The smell of earth and trees was strong as was the other smell…the smell of rotten milk. That smell sent all the hair on his body standing on end.

Something shifting on the other side of the room had him looking over to the main doorway. He turned and there she was but she wasn’t covered blood like his dreams. She stood there and for a few seconds Elian thought it was Rae, his new friend from work but she was wrong…she looked all wrong. The hair and the skin tone were different but what set them apart were the eyes. The purple eyes.

“Rae?” Elian didn’t know what had him speaking and he almost regretted it because when he did speak, she took her eyes from Marie and turned to look at him. It was then that the smell hit him, cinnamon. Cinnamon like Raven in the books but there was no smell of roses. Just cinnamon.

“Vampire,” Marie hissed as she turned to face both Rae and him.

“Run, Elian!” Rae yelled as she picked up a lamp and threw it at the window. The shattering of the glass reminded Elian of his visions. The voice was the same. This had to be Rae but the voice and the look but the face. The face was exactly the same. Rae looked at him and when he didn’t move she was there at his side and grabbing him. “She’ll alert them. They are going to kill you.”

Elian was drug to the window and shoved almost through it. Rae was stronger than he thought she could be. She was so small. Marie had called her a vampire but Elian had seen her out during the day. There was no way that she could be a vampire. She had to be a werewolf and Marie didn’t know the difference. It was then that Marie’s words washed over him. Creature. Mutt. She thought he was turning into a wolf. He hadn’t been bit. There was no way that he was turning into a wolf. There was something else happening.

Pain shot all over his body and Elian felt like someone was trying to pull him apart limb by limb. Rae grabbed his arm again and shoved, this time he went right out the window to the upper deck. He landed on the glass and felt the cuts all over but there was no pain from the cuts. He turned to look in the window while trying to stand but the pain worsened and he fell. Rae was there and she picked him up and threw him to the ground a story down. Elian was expecting pain and broken limbs but there was nothing.

The only thing there was darkness.


Raven entered the room at the same time that Elian looked up at her. She could see recognition and then confusion wash over his face. She looked at the woman, Marie. Marie had her hand in her jeans. She had to have alerted those who sent her to the fact that it was all going downhill.

“Vampire,” the woman hissed at Raven. There had been no shock at seeing her enter but there was shock at the vampire. Raven knew that her fangs were visible. Elian wasn’t concentrating so he probably didn’t see them.

“Run, Elian!” Raven picked up a lamp and when Elian didn’t move she went to his side to pull him up and shove him towards the window. The smell of earth was getting stronger and Raven could barely contain herself.

The foolish boy wasn’t leaving so Raven had to shove him out the window and even then he didn’t move. Raven had to pick him up and toss him to the ground. He landed on the ground and then blacked out. Raven cussed. He had been too ready for the change. His instinct knew of the danger and knew he needed to change.

“Who are you?” Marie asked as she held the dagger in her hand. Raven laughed at that. There was no way it was taking her head off and Marie would be hard pressed to destroy her heart with that.

“Who am I? You mean that they sent you to destroy the Darkan line and didn’t tell you all of the facts?”

“Darkan? No, I was told to seduce him and then set him up to be killed once we had access to all the familial things that he was left.”

“They sent you in and didn’t tell you anything?” Raven looked at her with a smile on her face. Raven took a step towards the human and another when Marie hit the wall. She reached out her hand and grabbed her pants from her. She flung the pants hard and next came the dagger. There was so much fear on Marie’s face that Raven could taste it in the air. “You fucked with the wrong wolf, Marie. The Matians have left you alone. They are afraid that a vampire or wolf in the area will smell them out. I smelled you on Elian the first time that he came to work after having a date with you. I wasn’t worried until the smell became stronger.

“For the first time in a very long time, I was unsure what I wanted to do. You fixed that for me. You jumped into bed with him to solidify a bond and didn’t check to see if he was a virgin. Thanks for that. You just resurrected a powerful line that your bosses wanted dead.”

Raven grabbed Marie by the neck and walked her over to the window and threw her out of it onto the deck. Raven followed out and before Marie could get her feet under her, Raven had her by the throat again and was lifting her up. The smell of blood was getting stronger so she knew that Marie had cut herself on the glass on the deck. It would all help with her plans. Marie didn’t notice when they rose higher. It wasn’t until the light started to fade from the area that she looked around. Raven had her nearly a quarter of a mile up in the air.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“I’m using you to send a message.” Raven said nothing else until they landed in a small wooded area. The locals called it a hollow. It was perfect because people rarely entered it unless an animal was lost. Marie was so scared that she couldn’t talk. Raven loved it. She hadn’t killed a human in a very long time. It had mostly been wolves for a long while. She forgot what a human looked and smelled like when they were scared. She could understand why the crazies drank human blood.

“Elian will be blamed if you kill me.”

Marie was dropped from a height of about ten feet and she landed very badly on her leg. Raven could hear the snap of the ankle bone and she smiled. Marie immediately started to crawl away.

“Are you not going to scream?”

“There is no one around. No matter what happens to me, the cops will go after Elian. You won’t drink my blood.”

“No. No, I won’t. I have other methods of killing.” Raven made sure that Marie was watching her when she shifted. The form of the panther had been one that Dmitry had said fit her perfectly. Marie screamed so loud that she was sure that someone heard the scream. The hollow had many houses along it. Someone was going to come soon.

Leaping, Raven landed on top of Marie in a single bound. Marie looked up at her the fear in her eyes so great that Raven was sure she would pass out soon. The first rake of claws over Marie’s face squirted blood all over Raven. She knew that she would be covered in blood. She was going to use that in her favor. Losing herself in the feel of killing the woman, Raven didn’t hear the footfalls behind her. She grabbed an arm in her mouth and jerked until the arm came free from the body.

The sound of a cuff of surprise had her turning to face a wolf standing there. Dropping the arm, Raven started to turn around to face Elian. As she turned she shifted forms; until she was standing in front of him dressed as Raven. She looked down and saw that her dress was covered in blood. Her white dress that she had bought not too long before. It was ruined but Raven was used to that.



Elian woke up in on the ground of his garden. He heard a scream in the distance and quick made towards it. It sounded like Marie. Through the fence door, Elian started off towards the far end of town, where the scream had come from. He passed trees and houses and cared not for anyone seeing him. As he neared the hollow, he heard a crack and he wasn’t sure what that sound was. He turned to head right towards it.

As he entered a clearing lit by moonlight, he slowed down. He was never happier that he had than the second when he saw the panther sitting in the clearing hold a human arm in its mouth. Exhaling, Elian started to back up but the panther turned to look at him. He stopped hoping that the panther would be happy with its current prey. As he looked the panther in the eye, it started to change. The short hair on its head grew out a few inches and the fur on the rest of its body turned a near white. The person stood as her form shifted. It was Rae looking exactly as she did in his dreams except she was no longer holding the arm.


It was then that Elian noticed whose body it was. It was Marie’s. Elian started over towards her but Rae grabbed him and pulled him back she went to yell at her and it only came out as a snarl. That stopped him and Elian looked down at himself. Instead of seeing arms, torso, and feet, all he saw was the legs of a wolf. A large wolf but still a wolf. He backpedaled from her and she let him go.

“Elian, calm down. You don’t want to hurt yourself.”

Anger flushed over him. He lunged at her; attacking. It took only seconds and she was a panther again. Up a tree she went, using her claws to climb while Elian was stuck at the bottom, watching her go from tree to tree. Elian chased her until he lost sight of her. After that he stalked around the woods trying to find her.


The smell of a werewolf’s first turn is something that lets every single vampire in nearly a three mile radius knows is happening. The smell can travel that far in these modern times. Before that it was up to twenty miles when the smell had only nature to contend with. The drive to hunt and feed is at its strongest when that smell reaches a vampire.

I have never been able to control my thirst when I smell the change of a werewolf. While the wolf gives into his urge to rip and shred and kill, so do all vampires, including myself.

Stopping myself from killing the human and eating it when Elian changed for the first time was the hardest urge ever. I did not want to become another crazy and that was what stopped me from feeding on her.

Her life was not forfeit though. I ripped her limb from limb. While I was holding one of her arms in my hands, I heard Elian come up behind me. I turn to face him, my fangs out, blood all over my face and front. He just stood there in his wolf form, looking at me. He saw me for what I was.

Chapter Ten


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Raven’s Shadow-Chapter 8-Rage

Elian entered the library. It’s nearly eleven and Rae would be getting off her shift in just over an hour. He wanted to have dinner with her. He was finding that if he went to sleep after one in the morning, he would wake after about five hours and be fine for the rest of the day. He tried to do that daily now. Rae looked up at him and smiled. She waved at him and looked genuinely pleased to see him even though he had left work only three hours before. She had been staring at the screen typing away so Elian knew that she had been busy.

“What brings you back” Rae asked as she shifted back from her computer to face him. He moved over to his normal computer and sat down. Rae turned to face him.

“I was just going to see if you wanted to have dinner with me at Hardee’s when you get off?” Elian felt a stab in his heart. He and Marie had been fighting a little about how much he hung out with Rae after he got off of work. Marie held that when he hung out with a woman by himself was cheating. Elian didn’t think so. Rae was a friend and a good friend. She listened and talked to him and he never felt that she judged him. He had needed that when he had separated from his parents’ home. She was his first friend. She was the balm to his soul. He wouldn’t stop hanging out with her just because his girlfriend said so. She would just have to learn to understand that he loved her but he liked hanging out with Rae.

“Sounds wonderful. I don’t have any other plans. I can meet you there after I close up here.” Rae turned right back to the computer and started to type again.

“That sounds wonderful. I’ll wait for you then.”

Elian smiled and waved as he left the library. He hadn’t taken his car to the library because he figured that he would just drive over with Rae but she didn’t seem to want company at work or she wouldn’t have said she would meet him. He knew that her job with the college library was getting more and more demanding during her library working time so he didn’t hold it against her. He jogged across the street and started to walk to Hardee’s. He took his time and walked the five minutes to his house. He kept an eye out for the panther. There had been a few sightings at the edge of town but no more inside of the city limits. Elian liked that. He hadn’t been able to run for nearly a week because of the panther but now that it had been nearly a week since the last sighting, the cops had been relaxed and he could run without the cops practically following him around the town. He liked having his life back to normal.

Instead of stopping at the deck at the back of Hardee’s, Elian moved to the stairs and went down to sit at the boat dock and watch the river. He had never lived in a sea town in his entire life but he loved water. The Ohio River at this junction was way too nasty looking for Elian to even want to go for a swim in.

Tonight was the night that he was going to tell Rae that he was going to propose to Marie. He had wanted to wait but he couldn’t any longer. He wanted to see her with his ring on her finger. He wanted to see her waking up in his bed with the sunlight illuminating her face. He wanted her with him all the time.

He was so focused on the waves and thinking of Marie that when a hand touched his shoulder, he jumped in surprise and growled, landing on his feet crouched. Rae jumped back from him a look of fear on her face. Elian felt so bad that he had scared her that much. Rae was a recluse almost as bad as him. Her family wasn’t around and she cared not for most people. He had figured out that she didn’t like to talk to people that much at all from working at the library. She never volunteered information at all. Instead she would listen and comment on other’s stories instead. Elian was the only one who had been able to pull her out of her shell.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. I thought that you heard me. I wasn’t being that quiet. I kicked up quite a few rocks.” Rae gave him a very weak smile. He knew that smile. She was going to run soon if he didn’t let her know that he wasn’t upset or mad.

“No, I was just lost in my thoughts. I don’t think I would have heard anything at all that came up behind me.”

“What were you thinking about?” Rae asked as she moved to the dock to sit down. Elian followed suit and sat down beside her. Now that she was here he was finding the words hard to find. He just stared out into the river for a few more minutes.

“Whatever you have to say, Elian say it. I don’t know why you are afraid of me all of a sudden.”

Elian started to talk but the words choked in his mouth. He wasn’t sure why he couldn’t talk. Rae was his best friend. There wasn’t any more to it than that. He had no reason to worry about telling her. He loved Marie. There was nothing more to it than that.

“I told Marie that I love her.”

“Wow,” Rae said with a voice that Elian had never heard before. There was an accent that Elian had never heard in her voice. Elian tried to place it but it slipped from his mind before he could even think on it.

“I gave a set of keys for my house. She was happy.”

“Did she give you a set back?” Rae asked.

Elian opened his mouth and then closed it. He had no clue what that had to do with anything. He had told her that he loved her and given her a set of keys to his house. There was nothing more or less to it than that. He had no idea why she would ask a question like that. He turned to stare at her.

“No. I didn’t ask her to and I am not going to. She will give me a set when she feels like it.”

“You gave her keys and she didn’t even mention getting a set for you and she hasn’t even invited over to her house…Elian that is not a relationship, not an even one that is.” The words were like a slap to the face. He stood up and Rae followed. “Are you crazy? You’ve only known her a few months and you already think you are in love?”

“Don’t you even tell me that I am not in love, you have no clue how I feel and you have never been open enough to even become friends with anyone but me. You have no clue what it’s like to love anyone.”

Rae stared at him in shock. She opened her mouth and closed it several time before she turned her back to him to stare out into the water. Elian felt a shock of pain that radiated from his heart to his head. He reached out to touch her but she just stepped away from him so that he couldn’t reach.

“You don’t see how much being with her has changed you. Your life revolves around her being happy. You sacrifice your own happiness to make her happy. You give and give and give and she gives you nothing back in return. You made up with your parents to make her happy because she wanted to meet them. You’ve not talked about your garden in weeks. You’ve changed Elian and you can’t see it!” Rae turned to face him and there were tears in her eyes.

Elian couldn’t look at her. He jerked his eyes away from her face and behind her he saw the black haired woman. She was standing there staring at him with no blood on herself and no arm in her hands. If looks could kill, he would have been dead many times over from her look.

“I think that this was a mistake.”

“If you think that then you are not the man I thought you were. She is not any good for you and she will lead you to ruin. You are so blinded by the chance of pussy that you won’t even see the way you are changing. I think that making friends with you was a mistake. I won’t be quitting at work so you either need to get your act together and be civil or I will make sure that you are the one who leaves and not me.”

“You’re a vindictive little bitch aren’t you?” Elian asked as he took a step towards Rae. He expected her to back up away from him but she didn’t move. Elian felt a heat on his face and Rae gasped as she looked at him.

“Call me bitch all you want, Elian Coats. You’ve not met the bitch yet.” Rae turned from him and jumped down off the dock into the water. Elian rushed forward but she was nowhere in sight. About a minute later he saw her come up a good distance away. She had to be swimming towards the Kraton area of the river. He knew from their talks that she was a good swimmer but he would have never gone into the river if it had been his choice.

The numbness started to spread all over his body. He had no clue why he felt like that. He turned towards the stairs to head home. He was kind of glad that he hadn’t drove. He was in no condition to drive after the fight. He was kind of happy he was off the next day. It would give the both of them a chance to cool down.

When he crested his porch, he found a letter attached to his front door. He opened it up and found that it was from his parents.

Dear Elian,

I know that you are enjoying living alone but with all that is happening around town with the panther and Marie told us of your sensory spikes, we feel that you need to move back in with us. You are alone in your house and even though you have given Marie a key, she does not live with you. We worry about you constantly. You are our only child and we would fee horrible if something happened to you. Please Elian, move back home with us. We would stop pushing you to get a different job and we would not ask for rent or anything like that. Please son, we miss you.


                                                                                    Mom & Dad

Elian wasn’t sure what to think of the letter except that he was never moving back into his parents’ house. He loved his parents but he didn’t think that he could stand to live with them again. He liked living alone and while his parents worried about him that wasn’t his problem. He needed to stay living on his own for his own minds sake if for anything.


The knock on the door surprised Elian. He never got visitors and Marie just let herself in when she came over. He wasn’t expecting her. For a few seconds before the person at the door came into view, Elian let himself hope that it was Rae. He missed hanging out with her after work. He missed texting with her and he just missed her. She had been his first friend who had become friends with her after seeing the real him. Marie had been so happy when she had found out that Elian and her were no longer friends and barely spoke to each other.

Jess had been the first to notice that they were not as friendly as they used to be. Both of them acted friendly at work. There was no cause for concern about them being able to work together. When Elian worked to eight and Rae closed after that, they just barely spoke but when they did, it was respectful. Patrons had commented but neither of them said anything was wrong.

The dreams of the black haired, purple eyed woman were back and they were getting worse. He was seeing her more and more during the waking hours as well. He wasn’t as happy with his life as he had been but being with Marie made it all better.

The lady at the door was dressed to impress. He had seen women dressed like her in big business offices in Columbus. She had her back to the door was looking out onto Washington Boulevard. When Elian opened the door, she turned around to face him.

“Elian Coats?” the woman asked as she looked down at a piece of paper. “Child of Edward Coats? Descendant of Edmond Coats?”


“May we speak?” She looked around him into the house and Elian pulled the door shut as he stepped out onto the porch. Marie was at work and not inside the house.

“We can speak out here.”

“That’s fine with me.” The lady turned and moved to the chairs on the right hand side of the porch. She pulled out a clipboard and on it were several pieces of paper. “My name is Daphne Stein and I am with Stein & Stein in New York City. In Eighteen Forty Eight we were just a starting out law firm and a man with a very thick English accent came to the firm and handed over a thousand dollars and instructed us to deliver these two letters to an Elian Coats on this day, in this city, at this house. We’ve watched the house over the years and some of the higher up partners have had a bet going for years on the fact that this house would never have a person named Elian living in it. I, of course, never doubted that it would happen. I believe in the mystics that surround our lives. It’s why I volunteered to take this letter to you years before. Months ago when we did the property search as we always did on the final day of the month. Here you were. A great deal of money exchanged hands on that day and much of it entered my wallet, so thank you.”

“You’re welcome?” Elian said. He looked at the woman and tried to figure her out. Was she pulling his leg? Was this something that his parents cooked up? He then thought of all that he had figured out. Vampires and werewolves were things that were real. They were things that went bump in the night. Things that killed.

“Thanks. Anyway.” The woman reached into her briefcase and pulled out a sealed envelope. It looked new. There was no way it was one of the ones that had been given to the law firm all those years ago. She opened the envelope and pulled out two yellowed envelopes. “Here they are. There is one with your name and…”

Daphne flipped back a page on the clipboard and looked at something on the page. “Yes. There is one with your name and one is blank. The man who brought the envelopes to use said that you would know who to give the letter to when the time came. He also stated that you would not want to open the other one because it would not go good with your plans for the future with…Marie.”

Elian took the two letters as Daphne handed them over. The one on top was blank and he shifted the both of them so he could see the other and there in big, bold handprint was his name. The way the ink spread on the page reminded him of old time writing with a feather and ink. He ached to open it but he didn’t want to with her there. He knew where he would put both of the letters when the time came. It was the same place that he had the journals. There was a floorboard in the dining room that had been loose and he had gone to fix it but found that he wanted to hide the journals underneath of it. The letters would be safe there.

“I really must get home. Thank you, Mr. Coats for being here. I really didn’t want to have to stay the night. I don’t like sleeping away from my bed and my dogs. Have a wonderful day and a wonderful life.” Daphne gave him a small bow and then started off the porch, putting up the clipboard as she went. It was then that Elian noticed her car that was parked at the edge of his driveway. She had pulled all the way through his horseshoe and had walked the distance to his house.

Moving into the house, Elian sat down on the couch and opened up the envelope, taking care to make sure he didn’t damage the letter inside. It was then that he realized that Daphne had never told him the name of the man who had brought the letter to the lawyers. Shrugging to himself, Elian started to read the letter.

Dear Elian

Trust Raven. Those are the only words that I can give to you. She will protect you. By now you have seen that things are not what they seem. Your waking should have started and you need help. When you need that help, Raven will come to you. Trust in your instincts. Trust in your sense of smell. Remember everything.

Raven Shadow will be the only person in the world who smells of Roses and Cinnamon.



Dmitry…Dmitry Darkan, father of Darius and wife to Adriana; the graves that he was dreaming about. The people he was having waking dreams about. He wanted to know about these people and he needed to do the research but he hadn’t been taking the time. He knew the names but he didn’t know places and that was where he was getting into problems. Having that the man had a strong English accent meant he had either traveled to America to give the letter or he had recently moved to America. Either one would help him. He had to find more on Raven Shadow. If she was still around. That would mean reading the journal more. He had just a few entries left to read. It wasn’t going to be that hard to just sit down and read the both of them. There was something though about the journals that still scared him. Reading him would mean that he believed what was in the journals. Believing that meant that his life wasn’t normal because of them. Seeking out Raven Shadow for any reason meant that he was going to take his life and give it a twist. Did he want that in his life? Did he want to worry Marie and go and search for a woman who would over four hundred years old if the journal was correct?

His life was going to change no matter what he did. He had to talk to Marie first. That was the first thing that he needed to do. She would help him make sense of everything. He would help her sort it all out. It was what he needed to do…he just didn’t want to do it. He loved her, he knew that but there was something that was holding him back from telling her about all of this. She had never once seen the journals. He had never told her about the dreams and the visions. She knew a little about the sensory spikes but that was it. She didn’t know how much he could smell things.

Grabbing the envelope, Elian put the letter back inside it. He grabbed the unopened letter and looked at it. He assumed the letter was for Raven. That was another thing. Did he want to open it? Did he want to chance losing Marie over what was in the letter? He knew enough with the visions that he was having that it could happen. Entering the dining room, he pulled the two floorboards up that he needed to access the hidden area where he kept the journals. He opened the box and placed the letter underneath the journal that he still had to read. Rocking back on his heels, he sat down to read the journal entry that was next. His hands started to shake. The last time that he had read and entry, his whole life had changed. What would this entry hold for him


I write in this journal even though I feel like I should be out ripping the heads off of wolves. I came home for a visit. With Dmitry and his family gone, my closest friend gone. I have little that binds me to England. My parents visit me often in Scotland so I have little reason to visit them but I decided to on a whim. Finding quick passage had been tricky but I had managed it. I didn’t want to run the entire way, that wouldn’t have done for a lady of my stature.

I arrived at dusk and found it odd that there was no one around. It was then that it hit me. This was the same thing the night that I had found the Darkan family slaughtered. I rushed forward, going faster than I should have and found the servants all dead. I found my mother in the entryway to the house, her heart ripped from her chest. I found my father not far from where she was, his heart ripped out by his own hand. My father loved my mother so much that he couldn’t think of living his life without her.

The Darkans and the Shadows were gone. The pseudo-royalty that had been the shining light for the vampires and werewolves was gone. The same weak strain of wolves had wiped them out. I have no clue why but they made an error that I will not give them the chance to repeat.

I vowed twenty five years before to kill those who killed Dmitry. The smell of the wolves surrounds my nose. Every time I smell this smell I will think of those who killed my friend and his family, as well as my family. The entire house smells of rotten milk. Other than in a rank kitchen, I had only ever smelled it the night that at the Darkan house. It was something horrible, the smell of rotten milk. To match the horribleness of what they were.

Elian closed the journal and felt a tear streak down his face. Raven’s story was making him cry. He hadn’t read a story that had made him cry in a while. He put the journal back in the floor and closed it all up. He had a lot of thinking and working to do.


I fear for the young wolf. I don’t know what he knows of the world that truly exists. I fear that coming to him and trying to give him help might just scare him away. I have to watch from afar as he makes decisions that he is not capable of making. I can smell something that he gives off. The smell of burnt sugar. I had only smelled it once before and the woman who smelled like it had been killed by the Darkan servants. Dmitry had been young and I had never been given the reason she had been killed. Now I wish I knew.

I left Dmitry. I might have been able to save him and his family if I had just stayed around. I won’t make that mistake again.

I will redeem myself but saving him from the things that he can’t save himself from. Even if it means that I have to let him stay human. Even if the Darkans have to leave the world forever.

Chapter Nine


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Raven’s Shadow-Chapter 7-Love

Elian woke up soaked in sweat. He threw the covers off of himself and moved to the window. It was still dark outside and he could tell that by the position of the moon, he hadn’t got much sleep at all. He’d not been getting much sleep at all for nearly a week. He was worried about professing his love for Marie to her. It was the first time ever that he could not remember his dreams the next morning. He was a little worried by that.

Looking at the clock, he was it was nearly five a.m. It wasn’t a time that he should be awake at all. Elian got up out of bed and moved to change into his running clothes. He grabbed his MP3 player off the charging cord and turned it on. A song with a nice hard beat started up and he put the ear buds in his ear before he started out of his room and out of the house. The city was dead.

Runs always started at his house and moved to the downtown area of town before he cut across and then ran the back ways back to his house. It was normal and easy. He could run for hours without ever thinking about where he was going. He would just make loop after loop until he was less excited.

Crossing onto Main Street, Elian saw there were several cop cars blocking the path he normally took on his run. One of the cops spotted him and used his flashlight to wave him over. Elian pulled the buds from his ear and started over to him.

“Elian, I’m going to call an officer to take you home.”

“Officer Self?” Elian looked around the officer and saw Animal Control vehicles, a great deal of Sheriff’s cars, and what looked like a few hunters. “What’s going on?”

“We had a call about a wild animal fight. When the first officers arrived on the scene before the warden got here, they thought it was a coyote fight but it turned out to be a panther.”

Elian’s blood ran cold at the man’s words. He moved around so that he was closer to the cop cars and more away from the darker areas. He didn’t want to come up against a panther in the city limits. Officer Self gave a small chuckle and opened the front seat of the car. Elian gladly moved to sit in it.

“We had been hoping you weren’t going to run. We just sent a car to you house to try and intercept you just in case. You must have missed him my minutes. I’ll have him come straight here to take you home.”

“I can just stay here. You don’t need to have a cop do anything special.”

“He’s going to be on patrol after this. Stopping others. We’ve contacted the school and they are contacting all the parents of kids in school. All kids are going to be waiting inside their houses until they see the bus coming. We are pulling in Marietta and all surrounding areas officers to give the buses escorts just in case.

“How did a panther get loose inside the city?”

“We are unsure of that.”

The Officer’s radio crackled and he wandered away from the car, shutting the door as he did so. Elian relaxed back and waited for the other officer to arrive to take him home. He had the dinner party with his parents and Marie to get ready for. He hoped that the whole city wasn’t going to be shut down all day long. He wondered what the cops were doing about people who worked early, long before the news started.

By evening, there had been no more sightings of the panther and while the city has relaxed some, there were still cops patrolling over. Marie arrived when she got off work to help him start to prepare the final parts of the meal.

“Marie?” Elian called from the kitchen. Marie was in the dining room finishing getting it all set up. Elian turned the fire down on the food on the stove. It would be about twenty minutes before his parents got there. He wanted to talk to her before then.

Marie entered the kitchen with a smile on her face. Elian reached into his pocket and pulled out the key ring. He handed it over to her. She looked at the ring with a look of confusion on her face.

“What’s this?” Marie held the keys up to an eye level.

“Those are keys to my house.” Elian pointed to each key and told her what they were. When it all sunk in, she shrieked and threw her hands around him, kissing him soundly on the mouth. Elian lost his footing a little and shifted back so that he was leaning against the counter. He let himself go and get lost in her mouth. She giggled when he grabbed her ass and lifted her, spinning as he did to set her down on the counter. She looped her legs around his waist.

After a few minutes, the timer on the over went off and Elian jerked backwards from her. He looked around and then looked at the oven.

“You need to get back to cooking and I need to finish dinner. We can talk about that more later.”

Elian pulled her back to him when she started to walk off. “I love you, you know that right?”

Marie looked at him shocked again but this time she smiled and leaned over to give him a quick peck on the lips. She sashayed from the room and Elian watched her every single step of the way. Elian reached down to adjust himself but found that he wasn’t horny at all. It had to be the stress of the dinner that was causing him to not be. Marie was a very hot woman and he didn’t figure that it had anything to do with her at all. It had to be him.

Shaking his head to clear it, Elian moved to the over to open it up. The turkey inside was cooked to perfection. He closed the oven back up and turned it off. He got out everything needed to slice up the meat and only then did he pull the bird from the oven. Plugging in the electric knife, Elian started to carve. He placed each piece on the platter carefully, keeping the white and dark meat separate. His mother liked dark while his father liked white. Elian could eat either one and he wasn’t sure which Marie would like to eat.

The stuffing on the stove was ready and he fluffed it before putting it in the over to crisp up the top a little. The potatoes were ready to be mashed and the gravy just needed warmed a little just before serving. So far the meal was going perfectly but his parents weren’t there to mess it up yet. When the meal was as ready as he was willing to get it before his parents arrived, Elian stepped from the kitchen to check to make sure Marie didn’t need any help. She was standing at a window that looked into the garden. She looked so beautiful in the light.

The light was so bright that Elian had to blink. When he opened his eyes, there standing in front of him was a black haired lady. It was the same lady from his dreams. He took a step back and blinked his eyes again. When he opened them back up, it was just Marie standing there. Elian shook his head and moved to the kitchen again. He didn’t know why he had seen her. Pushing her from his mind, he set up getting some of the serving plates ready. Nothing was going to make this a bad night. Nothing.


Elian was sitting in the gazebo when the urge to draw hit him. He went into the kitchen and grabbed his things. He moved to the small table that was on the porch of the garden and sat down to draw. He sat there for nearly three hours drawing a garden. He looked down at the page and dropped his pencil. It was a near copy of his garden. There were differences, he could tell that but the wall of the garden in the drawing was made of stone. The stone had signs of age that were so old; Elian would have put it as several hundred years old. The roses that had climbed those fences showed their age as well. There were other differences. The gazebo was different; again the one in the drawing was older. The flowers in the drawing were mostly exactly the same. There were a few that Elian had never seen before and some that he knew of and knew the flowers didn’t grow in this climate or area. He didn’t think much on it but he did pull the paper from the pad and took it into the kitchen. The garden was beautiful and he was going to color it in. The light outside was fading so he grabbed his colored pencils and sat down at the kitchen table to start coloring in.

As he colored he thought about the woman in the garden. He grabbed his pencils from outside and started to etch in a woman sitting on one of the benches with her back to him. Her hair was so black that it shined blue in the sunlight. She was wearing a dress. When Elian finished coloring it all in, he really looked at the woman. The woman was the same woman from his dreams. He hadn’t had the dream about her in a while. He signed the page and grabbed one of his empty picture frames and put the picture inside of it before hanging it one the wall beside the sliding glass door. Smiling at the picture, he touched the glass with his hand.


Elian entered the small hardware store so that he could get a set of keys made for his house for Marie. He wanted her to be able to come as go as she pleased. She was a huge part of his life and even though they decided to wait a little while before they did anything permanent with their life together, he wanted her to know that he was serious about her. He had three keys that needed to be made. There was the one for the door, the deadbolt and another that was the lock on the side of garage.

“How many I help you?” the older man behind the counter asked as he set down the paper he had been reading.

“I need a set of keys copied.” Elian handed over the three keys that he had pulled of the ring before heading to the store.

“Any particular color or do you want just regular keys?” the old man pointed at the revolving rack of uncut keys and Elian saw that there were many different colors and some that even had scenes painted on them. He found one that was pink with little hearts on them. He grabbed one of them. He then grabbed on that was pink and one that was red. He would use the one with hearts as the front door lock and the pink one as the deadbolt. The red would serve as the garage door key. He handed the keys over and told the man what he wanted.

In less than five minutes, Elian had been handed back all six keys. He handed the money over to the man and quickly made his way out of the store. He had a store he wanted to go to in Marietta. It was a place that sold new and old jewelry. He’d been in there before looking at necklaces for his mother. He’d ended up going someone else and getting her a ring but there had been things in there that he remembered liking in general. He didn’t have to work that day so he had planned to take the entire day to shop for an engagement ring for Marie.

He had grand plans to propose to her on their sixth month anniversary. The two of them had started dating over three months ago. Time had flown by and he was surprised by that. Time had gone by quicker than it ever had in his life. He was enjoying his life more with Marie than before he had met Marie. She made his life worth living. Even with the strange things going on with his sense of smell, Elian was finding it hard to worry about anything at all.

Elian turned down the street that would take him to the cross street that the shop was on. He was looking around when he noticed the book shop where he had got the journals. The old woman was sitting out front with knitting in her hand. Elian stopped at the light that was nearly in front of the shop and looked over at the lady more. The windows in his car were down so he felt when the breeze picked up. The smell of mushrooms and dandelions wafted into the car. The old lady looked up at him and smiled before she turned back to her knitting. When the light changed, Elian took off. The old lady and her store still wigged him out. He looked in his rearview mirror to watch the bookstore get smaller and smaller until he couldn’t see the store at all. Only then did he relax and breathe easy.

It was just another few minutes of travel before he arrived at the small shop. There was only a few parking spots in front of the building but there really didn’t need to be more parking than that. This wasn’t a store that many people would flock to at once. Elian got out of his car and checked his wallet before he entered the store. He had his card that was needed for a larger purchase that meant he was set.

At first, when he opened the door to the shop, he thought it was empty but the old man stepped back from behind bookshelf and smiled at Elian before he disappeared back to the same place. Elian moved to the cases where the rings were and started to look at them. He looked down and saw that there were many engagement rings inside. He started at the bottom of the case and worked left to right going up as he did. There was nothing inside of it that screamed out that Marie would like it.

“Sir?” Elian asked turning to face the older man. The man popped his head around the shelf and looked at Elian; saying nothing. “Are there anymore engagement rings?”

“I have some of the nicer ones in the back. Do you want to come and look at them?” The old man placed something on the shelf he was behind and then started around to head into the back room. Elian followed him, his eyes in front of him to see where the old man was going. Behind the black curtain that blocked the front from the back. Behind was a room with a smaller case but it was still full of about a hundred pieces of jewelry. “Have a look. See if what you are looking for is in here.”

Elian stepped up to the case and looked inside. There was once piece of jewelry that caught his eye before any of the others. It was a black band with a gold inlay. It looked to be man’s ring. What really caught his eye were the red stones that ringed it. There were five stones and while they looked to be rubies, there was something about them that didn’t look right. He pointed at the ring. “What is this?”

“That ring has been inside of this shop for a very long time. I’ve had this shop in several different cities over my long life and while people have looked at it, no one has wanted to buy it.” The man looked at the ring like it was a sibling to him. Something that he hated and loved at the same time.

“What is it made of?”

“See this is where it gets interesting. It was found in the basement of a house that was being torn down. It was in the wall inside a box. The box was nearly all deteriorated but the ring was just fine inside. The box was put at over a hundred years old but the ring seemed to be older than that. The black is tungsten. The gold is gold. The real kicker is the gems. I thought the gems were rubies. When I had it appraised, no one could figure out what the stones were. Harder than diamonds. No scraping could be made of it and looking at it under microscope, it looks like nothing that had ever been discovered. I took it to a scientist, he tried to look into it more but when he looked at the stones under a microscope, he got scared and told me to leave and never come back. I let it go and just tried to sell it. Thirty years of trying to sell it.”

“How much for it?”

The man pulled the ring from the case and handed it to Elian. He put tried to put the ring on his right hand but it didn’t quite fit on any of the fingers. He moved it to his middle finger on his left hand and it fit perfectly.

“It fits you. That’s good. I paid five hundred for it so many years ago. To make a profit, I’ll say a thousand.”

“I’ll take it.” Elian started to remove it but the old man laid his hand on his own.

“Leave it on. It looks good on you. Now you want an engagement ring. What kind are you looking for?”

“I want something pretty and special. A nice big diamond.”

“I have just the thing. It’s a new acquisition. I was getting ready to put it in the case.” The old man moved to a safe on the other side of the room and opened it up. He pulled out a ring box. He handed it over to Elian.

Elian opened the box and stared at the ring in wonder. It was a perfect and beautiful ring. It was small and looked like it wouldn’t need too much sizing to fit on her hand. There was a large diamond in a setting and below it was a ring of diamonds that were surrounding it. The band and settings were gold. It was so perfect for Marie and would look so wonderful on her hand. It looked like it was old. Like something from at least four or five decades before.

“It’s seven thousand and I have the documentation from the original jeweler. Its seventy years old. I had the settings tightened so that the diamonds wouldn’t fall out. It’s a beautiful ring. I got it at an estate sale about a month back.”

“I’ll take the both of them.”

“You don’t want to know the price?”

“I don’t care about the price.”

“For the both of them, it’s going to be eight thousand before tax. It will be somewhere around eight and a half after tax.”

“I don’t know the size of Marie’s finger but I can have it sized after right?” Elian wait for the old man to nod before he handed the ring back over. “Good. Can I have the name of the jeweler you took it to for tightening?”

“Of course,” the old man said as he took the ring back in its box and grabbed another small box. He started up to the register and Elian followed. Elian was excited. Marie was going to love the ring. For the first time in a while, Elian was looking forward to the future.


The journal was sitting on the bar in the kitchen. Beckoning him to read it. He had been putting off reading because there were only a few entries left.  He was enjoying the tales that he was reading about even if the entries were short and was read in a matter of minutes. He grabbed the journal and leaned against the wall by the fridge. He opened the book and found the last entry he had read and went to the next one.


When I came back to London for the first time in nearly a decade, a quarter of a century after the duel, Dmitry has had a child. I need to see him and his family. His last letter had not been like his old self. He was worried for the child. I would be as well. I know that over the past twenty five years that we have been letter friends, he has been having visions of darkness. A darkness that claims his sons’ life and many others. Dmitry had settled into a love with his wife. They were happy and the love he bore for me was settled into the deep friendship that it had been before his madness. He ached to see me and for me to hold his son.

What I found when I entered the Darkan estate…I will never lose that. The horror of that night will live on inside of me forever. I smelled the blood the moment I stepped on the estate but that was a given if any of them had hunted recently. When I got to the front door and it was wide open, that was when I got worried. I dropped the presents for the child and ran inside. The staff of the house was all dead, lying around the rooms. It looked like a massacre had happened inside of the house. All of them had their throats slashed if they were human and hearts ripped out if they were Weres. I ran to the room that had been Dmitry’s nursery when he had been young. I found Dmitry’s wife, Adriana, lying in a pool of blood in the hall outside. I entered the nursery fully and found Dmitry lying over the cradle where the child, Darius should be. Dmitry’s throat was ripped out; his heart ripped from his chest. It was Werewolves who had killed them. I could smell their scent. It was a scent that I had smelled before but had never placed to a certain family of Weres.

I found Darius dead in his crib, his tiny neck snapped and his tiny heart lying beside him. On display like it was a stuffed animal. My scream must have alerted someone because Vampires and Werewolves from all around the surrounding miles came running, finding me holding Darius in my arms and crying. When a Vampire entered the room, I snarled and lashed out; I had to protect Dmitry and Darius. It wasn’t until my father arrived that I allowed anyone into the room. He brought news that the entire Darkan line had been killed that night. Anyone who carried the Darkan blood in them, no matter how small it was, was killed.

I vowed then and there to destroy whoever had done it.

Elian dropped the journal and quickly backed away from it. The journal hit the floor and closed itself up in the process. Elian went right out the back door and quickly made his way down to the river. He didn’t know what was going through his head. He thought back to the drawings he had done on the graves of those three that he kept hearing. There was no way that two sets of people were different. All of his visions were flooding back into his mind. All of them had to be real. The visions of the past, the hallucinations that were no longer hallucinations, all of it was real. There were vampires and werewolves in the world. The entire world had expanded more than he ever thought was possible.

He vowed to never read anymore of the journal. There were some things that he didn’t need to know. Some things that were best left in the past and not in his head.


When I finally have a chance to stake out the house that the wolf boy is living in, there is no one there. His smell is so faint around the house that I know that he rarely stays there. I sneak around the house and make my way to the backyard. I jump the fence and land in a beautiful backyard. It’s not until I have taken a few more steps that I recognize it. I’ve not set foot in my personal garden of my castle for a great many years. Dead center in the garden is an area that only my master gardener is allowed to touch. I stand and stare at the garden. Between my eyesight and the light from the moon, I am able to see all of it. I move to the gazebo. It’s the only part that isn’t exact outside of some of the flowers that won’t grow here that grow in my own garden. The gazebo looks old like it has been there for a while but it’s well cared for. I have my own gazebo in my garden. There is no way that this wolf has seen a picture of my garden. There are no pictures that exist and at the current there are only two alive who has been inside and my master gardener has never left Scotland.

I hear a noise and I shift quickly to my animal form and I hide back in the shadows. I see a woman enter the garden and I nearly gasp, which in this form would have come out as a growl. Behind her is him. He takes her hand and shows her around the garden. He pauses when he shows her the gazebo and looks around the flowers where I am hiding. I think for a second that he has seen me but he continues. The woman pulls him into the house and when I am sure that they will not see me I leap the fence still in my animal form.

Even on the other side of the fence, the smell of the woman penetrates my nose. She smells of burnt sugar and human but surrounding her is the smell of rotten milk. She is not a unchanged wolf. She is a human who spends too much time around those who killed off the Darkan family. The Matians have made a home near here. They family must be in hiding for me to not have come across them before. If they get wind of me before I can get to the wolf and save him, they will kill me.

I have to look into the woman more. I need more information before I let the world know that I live.

Chapter Eight


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